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From the SIP Trunking Experts

DICE Learned Through Trial and Error How to Handle VoIP Issues

There is very little doubt that the VoIP industry is only getter bigger and stronger the further we move into the 21st century. The DICE corporation is one of those firms that is seeing an increase in the use of technology as well as the ways in which that technology is used. The company recently ta…

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Strategic Group Sounds Retreat, Looks to Divest VoIP Division

Shift Networks is fairly well known in Canada's voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) market, thanks to its range of services for the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market in the region. But Shift Networks may not prove well-known so much longer as its parent company, Strategic Group, announced…

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Symbio Networks Launches iBoss Platform With Fully Integrated SIP Services

Symbio Networks, an Australasian provider of wholesale voice, VoIP, SIP managed services and colocation, has launched a fully integrated SIP solution on its enhanced iBoss platform for companies looking to develop their telco offering.

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Edgewater Networks Gets Patent for Determining Media Path

Edgewater Networks has been granted a patent for a method to determine media paths in SIP networks using information from endpoints and intermediate devices, the company announced this week.

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GL Communications Announces Updates to VQuad Voice Testing Platform

Voice network equipment testing provider GL Communications recently announced the latest update to its VQuad testing platform.

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Use a VoIP System? ProCom to Offer Automatic Bill Payment

Bills are one of those things that most hate to deal with at the end of the month, but nonetheless need to anyway. Many have discovered, however, that automatic bill payment takes a lot of teeth out of the monthly hassle of bill paying, and for those who put voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) syste…

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Birch Communications Announces Record First Quarter Organic Sales

Birch Communications, a provider of communication, network and cloud services, has announced that it has achieved record organic sales in the first quarter of 2015.

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China Witnessed a Rise in 2014 Carrier Router and Switch Market, While North America Saw a Drop

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) represent two of the more dramatic technology shifts in networking. Both will significantly alter network designs, deployments, operations and future networking and computing systems. Some of the key drivers include improve…

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The Race to Zero for Analog Voice: How SBCs Spur Innovation

The race to zero for analog voice is one factor driving the growth of SIP trunking, a market that is expected to top $8 billion by 2018 according to Infonetics. In common with many other users, I only keep my analog phone line with my cable provider because my bill will increase for video and Intern…

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Mr. SBC Blog

75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs
Analysts report that 75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs, most of them supporting SIP. And for five good reasons, ranging from cost savings to preparation for Unified Communications. But SIP trunking adoption remain…
SIP Security and the Role of the SBC
Great article in this month’s Internet Telephony magazine about the need for security in SIP trunk deployments. – Steve
Webinar: 'The Changing Role of the E-SBC' now available on-demand
In case you missed our webinar with Rich Garboski of eTechHelp and Erik Linask of TMCnet on “The Changing Role of the SBC,” it’s now available on-demand: Read more on the SIP Trunking Report http://sip-tr…
Defeating Toll Fraud and Hacker Attacks
This week at Enterprise Connect we announced an installation with Nationwide Processing. It’s another great deployment with Rich Garboski of eTechHelp and one that illustrates the urgent need for security in SIP trunking installations. In…
CentralTouch Technology Using Ingate's WebRTC & SIP Companion Gateway and SIParator E-SBC for WebRTC Unified Communication Contact Center
The contact center vendor CentralTouch Technology is using Ingate’s WebRTC & SIP Companion gateway and the SIParator E-SBC for their announced WebRTC Unified Communication Contact Center (CT WebRTC UC3) product, offering browser-based…