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From the SIP Trunking Experts

Gartner Says OnSIP is Cool

While some product vendors may strive for excellence in their products or customer service, others can strive just to be cool. Gartner gives them that chance for cool validation with its annual Cool Vendors list. This year, OnSIP has made it to the big time.

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Arizona City Gets Tech Award From Unify

While there are a number of places in the world that are having some issues getting ready when it comes to UC adoption, Unify, a leading company that deals with communications software and services has dubbed Scottsdale, Arizona a New Way To Work Global Ambassador. The company points to Scottsdale s…

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Unicoi Systems Enhances Fusion Voice Engine to Improve VoIP and V2IP Solutions

With mobile technology, remote working and collaboration now becoming part of the workforce, IP telephony has become an indispensable tool. Unicoi Systems, provider of Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice and Video over IP (V2IP), and networking software solutions to the embedded device market, has announced…

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SIP Trunking Week in Review: MagicJack, ThinkingPhones, Patton

There was plenty of news emerging all over the tech sector this week, and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking proved no different. Now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to take a step back and take a look at the wider week of news. That's just what we'll do with our Week in …

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ENA Picks Metaswitch to Bolster Network

Metaswitch, a network software provider, has announced that Education Networks of America (ENA), an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider for K-12 schools, has chosen Metaswitch's IP multimedia communications software.

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WOW! Business to Offer Hosted VoIP in Four Midwestern States

WOW! Business announced recently that it would begin offering its business-grade VoIP service to smaller businesses in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. The company also announced a wiring plan for businesses that still use premises networks.

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Cool Vendor NetNumber Helps Carriers Transition to IP Services

Gartner recently named NetNumber a Gartner Cool Vendor for what it's doing with TITAN, its Transactional IP Telephony Addressing and Numbering platform.

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Votacall to Deliver Hosted VoIP, Video and Data Services to giggle

Selecting a communication solutions in today's business environment is not as simple as it used to be. While in the past fax and a PBX system was as complicated as it got, today it has to include a wide range of options that allows everyone in the organization to communicate seamlessly no matter whe…

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DSP Soundware Introduces Mobile Call Audio Quality Enhancement Software

Even though mobile phones have become an important, even necessary, part of people's lives, their main function, making phone calls, often suffers due to poor audio quality. DSP Soundware is trying to change that with two new products: Acoustic Beamforming and Dereverberation.

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Mr. SBC Blog

75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs
Analysts report that 75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs, most of them supporting SIP. And for five good reasons, ranging from cost savings to preparation for Unified Communications. But SIP trunking adoption remain…
SIP Security and the Role of the SBC
Great article in this month’s Internet Telephony magazine about the need for security in SIP trunk deployments. – Steve
Webinar: 'The Changing Role of the E-SBC' now available on-demand
In case you missed our webinar with Rich Garboski of eTechHelp and Erik Linask of TMCnet on “The Changing Role of the SBC,” it’s now available on-demand: Read more on the SIP Trunking Report http://sip-tr…
Defeating Toll Fraud and Hacker Attacks
This week at Enterprise Connect we announced an installation with Nationwide Processing. It’s another great deployment with Rich Garboski of eTechHelp and one that illustrates the urgent need for security in SIP trunking installations. In…
CentralTouch Technology Using Ingate's WebRTC & SIP Companion Gateway and SIParator E-SBC for WebRTC Unified Communication Contact Center
The contact center vendor CentralTouch Technology is using Ingate’s WebRTC & SIP Companion gateway and the SIParator E-SBC for their announced WebRTC Unified Communication Contact Center (CT WebRTC UC3) product, offering browser-based…