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SIP Trunking Week in Review: Allworx, Ingate Systems, Office Technology Group

While many minds out there lightly turn to thoughts of barbecues, sports, and a little good old fashioned downtime with a holiday weekend, the session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking market this week showed more sizzle than a grill full of hot dogs.

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Airtel Uses National Superstars to Bolster Telephony Services in Growing Market

As competition among service providers becomes cut throat, and as VoIP continues to proliferate, telcos are diverting their gaze to establishing a foothold in developing markets. Nigeria, a nation of approximately 173 million, is one such market, and telecommunications company Airtel is doing everyt…

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Want VoIP But Don't Have the Bandwidth? Call in a Ringr

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service has gained plenty of ground in the last few years, and some reports suggest the VoIP services market is set for strong growth up to about 2020, when predictive capabilities start to buckle a bit. But as strong a market as this is, it depends on bandwidth, …

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Office Technology Group to Offer VoIP Service

Office Technology Group is a provider of communications services throughout the Milwaukee and Appleton, Wisconsin. areas. Its most recent announcement concerns the launch of its new hosted VoIP service which seeks to free area businesses from the struggle of setting up and maintaining on-premise har…

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VoIP Services Market Poised For 'Strong Growth' Across the Board

Casual observers of the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services market know that it's been on the rise for some time, as businesses and individual consumers alike discover the value of placing long distance and international calls over the Web at extremely cheap prices. But a new report suggest…

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Ingate Systems Unveils Big New Changes for Its Products

There's an old saying that the only real certainty is change, and for businesses, that's a particularly big point. Even businesses at the top of a particular game like Ingate Systems have to change or risk losing ground to competitors prepared to make changes. The company recently made a fairly swee…

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Allworx Introduces Third Generation IP Phone System, Allworx Connect

Allworx has officially introduced its third generation of IP phone systems, the new Connect series for small and mid-sized businesses. Connect systems incorporate a faster processor, and in combination with the company's latest System Software 8.0, can deliver functionality over and above the earlie…

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SIP Trunking Week in Review: Plivo, Excelocity, SolveForce

The call for session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking materials has never been quite so strong, and this week, we got a good look at why. With a host of new products and services emerging, there's plenty of news to keep track of. Figuring out how this news applies to everyday circumstances, though…

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StentofonBaudisch Door Stations to Work with Grandstream Video Phones

Tech manufacturers StentofonBaudisch and Grandstream Networks are teaming up to combine the power of IP door cameras and video surveillance.

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Why E-SBCs Will Be a Hot Topic at SIPNOC 2015
As the SIP trunking market continues to grow, network operators continuously need to be aware of the challenges with SIP normalization and creating continuity between their network and their customers network. To accomplish this, service …
Why Landline Phones Are Still Relevant to Enterprises
I read Gary’s Audin’s May 29, 2015 article in Telecom Reseller titled, “Landline Phones Still Important in the Enterprise.” Gary cites a Pew Research study that shows the importance of landline phones to the office worker and …
My Take on WebRTC Expo
Like most technologies, WebRTC burst onto the scene amid tremendous buzz. After a few years of hype, the industry is becoming more realistic in its expectations of where we’re going with WebRTC. And that’s a good thing: developers and, ul…
How to Tell if You're Ready to Deploy Converged Communications
This is a great article from eTechHelp about how UC can help drive your business. How can you tell if you’re ready to deploy? Check out the six surefire ways to know
75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs
Analysts report that 75% of North American companies have adopted IP-based PBXs, most of them supporting SIP. And for five good reasons, ranging from cost savings to preparation for Unified Communications. But SIP trunking adoption remain…