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Tom Cross has three decades of experience in startups and consulting advisor with leading providers and venture capital companies in market planning and development, hardware/software design and development, project management, intellectual property in telecommunications, information technology, conferencing, teletraining, telecommuting, groupware, networks, call centers, internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. He has managed the successful development of more than 10 software, hardware and internet products to market and received industry awards for this work. He has authored 13 books including Knowledge Engineering – Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence for Simon & Shuster, wrote, produced and directed 15 commercial videos and created thousands of online e-learning tutorials on intelligent buildings, telecommuting, RFID-Radio Frequency IDentification, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol or IPT-Internet Protocol Telephony), VoIP security, artificial intelligence, networking, WiFi, WiMAX, CDMA and other wireless technologies.


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