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[March 30, 2005]

La Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz -CNFL- of Costa Rica Installs Elster Electricity's EnergyAxis System with Two-Way Communications

RALEIGH, N.C. --(Business Wire)-- March 30, 2005 -- Cost-Effective Metering Automation Solution Offers Tamper Detection and Time-of-Use Data for Residential Areas Throughout San Jose

Elster Electricity, LLC announces that La Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz S.A. (CNFL) has installed Elster's EnergyAxis(R) System with intelligent two-way communications. The EnergyAxis System is an advanced metering automation system utilizing a 900 Mhz network with Elster's single phase electronic REX(R) meters and A3 ALPHA(R) meter collectors. CNFL's initial deployment includes system meters installed in single-family residences throughout San Jose, Costa Rica in Central America. CNFL distributes electricity in the most densely populated area of the country--the central region of the Great Metropolitan Area.

CNFL selected the EnergyAxis System to improve tamper detection capabilities, to reduce the number of meter site visits for disconnecting and reconnecting service, and to offer customers flexible energy rate structures. Elster's EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server (MAS) will allow CNFL to remotely configure time-of-use rates, initiate load profile data collection at the meter and retrieve information on outage counts, on-site voltage levels, tamper indications, and meter status and warning messages.

"The EnergyAxis System is the first system of its kind in Central America to offer advanced metering technology," remarked Fabio Dominguez, international sales and marketing manager for Elster Electricity. "Its two-way communications and remote service connect/disconnect feature will help CNFL to reduce non-technical losses and respond rapidly to power outages. The system is ideal for countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, and Panama that use the same type of meter used by CNFL."

The EnergyAxis System's 900 MHz two-way radio frequency communications network uses intelligent, two-way spread spectrum frequency-hopping technology with self-registration to provide secure, reliable communications between network meters and data collectors. This technology enables individual meters to act as repeaters, creating a dynamic communications path that optimizes signal strength and reliability.

About Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, S.A. (CNFL, S.A.)

La Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, S.A., is a public government company incorporated legally as a private corporation. The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is its major shareholder holding 98.6% shares, with the remaining shares held by private national shareholders. CNFL distributes electricity in the most densely populated area of Costa Rica--the central region or Great Metropolitan Area, where most of the population resides and where commercial and institutional activities of the country are concentrated. It has a service area of 903 Km2 which represents 2% of the national territory. CNFL has the important responsibility of providing electricity to 40% of the clients of the Costa Rican electrical system grid who consume 46% of the total electricity consumed in Costa Rica. The electrical system grid from CNFL covers more than 98% of its service area, making CNFL the largest distributor of electricity in Central America.

About Elster Electricity, LLC

Elster Electricity, LLC, a subsidiary within E.ON's Ruhrgas Industries, offers integrated, cost-effective solutions including advanced electricity meters, communication solutions and metering automation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Elster Electricity (formerly ABB Electricity Metering) is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a leading provider of electricity metering products and services throughout the world. Designed to meet the diverse electricity metering requirements of a global customer base, Elster's products include advanced high accuracy ANSI and IEC electricity meters, the EnergyAxis System with intelligent two-way communications featuring the electronic REX(R) meter, and the ALPHA(R) meter line.

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