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TMCNet:  Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Quarterly Listing of Program Issuances--July Through September 2008

[December 30, 2008]

Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Quarterly Listing of Program Issuances--July Through September 2008

Dec 30, 2008 (FIND, Inc. via COMTEX) --
SUMMARY: This notice lists CMS manual instructions, substantive and interpretive regulations, and other Federal Register notices that were published from July 2008 through September 2008, relating to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. This notice provides information on national coverage determinations (NCDs) affecting specific medical and health care services under Medicare. Additionally, this notice identifies certain devices with investigational device exemption (IDE) numbers approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that potentially may be covered under Medicare. This notice also includes listings of all approval numbers from the Office of Management and Budget for collections of information in CMS regulations and a list of Medicare-approved carotid stent facilities. Included in this notice is a list of the American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data registry sites, active CMS coverage-related guidance documents, and special one-time notices regarding national coverage provisions. Also included in this notice is a list of National Oncologic Positron Emissions Tomography Registry sites, a list of Medicare-approved ventricular assist device (destination therapy) facilities, a list of Medicare-approved lung volume reduction surgery facilities, a list of Medicare-approved clinical trials for fluorodeoxyglucose positron emissions tomography for dementia, and a list of Medicare-approved bariatric surgery facilities.

Section 1871(c) of the Social Security Act requires that we publish a list of Medicare issuances in the Federal Register at least every 3 months. Although we are not mandated to do so by statute, for the sake of completeness of the listing, and to foster more open and transparent collaboration efforts, we are also including all Medicaid issuances and Medicare and Medicaid substantive and interpretive regulations (proposed and final) published during this 3-month time frame.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: It is possible that an interested party may need specific information and not be able to determine from the listed information whether the issuance or regulation would fulfill that need. Consequently, we are providing contact persons to answer general questions concerning these items. Copies are not available through the contact persons. (See Section III of this notice for how to obtain listed material.)

Questions concerning CMS manual instructions in Addendum III may be addressed to Ismael Torres, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C4-26-05, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-1864.

Questions concerning regulation documents published in the Federal Register in Addendum IV may be addressed to Gwendolyn Johnson, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C4-14-03, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-6954.

Questions concerning Medicare NCDs in Addendum V may be addressed to Patricia Brocato-Simons, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-0261.

Questions concerning FDA-approved Category B IDE numbers listed in Addendum VI may be addressed to John Manlove, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-13-04, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-6877.

Questions concerning approval numbers for collections of information in Addendum VII may be addressed to Melissa Musotto, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Regulations Development and Issuances Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C5-14-03, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-6962.

Questions concerning Medicare-approved carotid stent facilities in Addendum VIII may be addressed to Sarah J. McClain, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-2994.

Questions concerning Medicare's recognition of the American College of Cardiology--National Cardiovascular Data Registry sites in Addendum IX may be addressed to JoAnna Baldwin, MS, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-7205.

Questions concerning Medicare's active coverage-related guidance documents in Addendum X may be addressed to Beverly Lofton, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-7136.

Questions concerning one-time notices regarding national coverage provisions in Addendum XI may be addressed to Beverly Lofton, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1- 09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-7136.

Questions concerning National Oncologic Positron Emission Tomography Registry sites in Addendum XII may be addressed to Stuart Caplan, RN, MAS, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-8564.

Questions concerning Medicare-approved ventricular assist device (destination therapy) facilities in Addendum XIII may be addressed to JoAnna Baldwin, MS, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244- 1850, or you can call (410) 786-7205.

Questions concerning Medicare-approved lung volume reduction surgery facilities listed in Addendum XIV may be addressed to JoAnna Baldwin, MS, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-7205.

Questions concerning Medicare-approved bariatric surgery facilities listed in Addendum XV may be addressed to Kate Tillman, RN, MA, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786- 9252.

Questions concerning fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission
[Page Number 79983]
tomography for dementia trials listed in Addendum XVI may be addressed to Stuart Caplan, RN, MAS, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C1-09-06, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-8564.

Questions concerning all other information may be addressed to Gwendolyn Johnson, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Regulations Development Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, C5-14-03, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244-1850, or you can call (410) 786-6954.

I. Program Issuances
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for administering the Medicare and Medicaid programs. These programs pay for health care and related services for 39 million Medicare beneficiaries and 35 million Medicaid recipients. Administration of the two programs involves (1) furnishing information to Medicare beneficiaries and Medicaid recipients, health care providers, and the public and (2) maintaining effective communications with regional offices, State governments, State Medicaid agencies, State survey agencies, various providers of health care, all Medicare contractors that process claims and pay bills, and others. To implement the various statutes on which the programs are based, we issue regulations under the authority granted to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services under sections 1102, 1871, 1902, and related provisions of the Social Security Act (the Act). We also issue various manuals, memoranda, and statements necessary to administer the programs efficiently.

Section 1871(c)(1) of the Act requires that we publish a list of all Medicare manual instructions, interpretive rules, statements of policy, and guidelines of general applicability not issued as regulations at least every 3 months in the Federal Register . We published our first notice June 9, 1988 (53 FR 21730). Although we are not mandated to do so by statute, for the sake of completeness of the listing of operational and policy statements, and to foster more open and transparent collaboration, we are continuing our practice of including Medicare substantive and interpretive regulations (proposed and final) published during the respective 3-month timeframe.

II. How To Use the Addenda
This notice is organized so that a reader may review the subjects of manual issuances, memoranda, substantive and interpretive regulations, NCDs, and FDA- approved IDEs published during the subject quarter to determine whether any are of particular interest. We expect this notice to be used in concert with previously published notices. Those unfamiliar with a description of our Medicare manuals may wish to review Table I of our first three notices (53 FR 21730, 53 FR 36891, and 53 FR 50577) published in 1988, and the notice published March 31, 1993 (58 FR 16837). Those desiring information on the Medicare NCD Manual (NCDM, formerly the Medicare Coverage Issues Manual (CIM)) may wish to review the August 21, 1989, publication (54 FR 34555). Those interested in the revised process used in making NCDs under the Medicare program may review the September 26, 2003, publication (68 FR 55634).

To aid the reader, we have organized and divided this current listing into 11 addenda:
. Addendum I lists the publication dates of the most recent quarterly listings of program issuances.

. Addendum II identifies previous Federal Register documents that contain a description of all previously published CMS Medicare and Medicaid manuals and memoranda.

. Addendum III lists a unique CMS transmittal number for each instruction in our manuals or Program Memoranda and its subject matter. A transmittal may consist of a single or multiple instruction(s). Often, it is necessary to use information in a transmittal in conjunction with information currently in the manuals.

. Addendum IV lists all substantive and interpretive Medicare and Medicaid regulations and general notices published in the Federal Register during the quarter covered by this notice. For each item, we list the--

. Date published;
. Federal Register citation;
. Parts of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that have changed (if applicable);
. Agency file code number; and
. Title of the regulation.
. Addendum V includes completed NCDs, or reconsiderations of completed NCDs, from the quarter covered by this notice. Completed decisions are identified by the section of the NCDM in which the decision appears, the title, the date the publication was issued, and the effective date of the decision.

. Addendum VI includes listings of the FDA-approved IDE categorizations, using the IDE numbers the FDA assigns. The listings are organized according to the categories to which the device numbers are assigned (that is, Category A or Category B), and identified by the IDE number.

. Addendum VII includes listings of all approval numbers from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for collections of information in CMS regulations in title 42; title 45, subchapter C; and title 20 of the CFR.

. Addendum VIII includes listings of Medicare-approved carotid stent facilities. All facilities listed meet CMS standards for performing carotid artery stenting for high risk patients.

. Addendum IX includes a list of the American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data Registry sites. We cover implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) for certain indications, as long as information about the procedures is reported to a central registry.

. Addendum X includes a list of active CMS guidance documents. As required by section 731 of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) (Pub. L. 108-173, enacted on December 8, 2003), we will begin listing the current versions of our guidance documents in each quarterly listings notice.

. Addendum XI includes a list of special one-time notices regarding national coverage provisions. We are publishing a list of issues that require public notification, such as a particular clinical trial or research study that qualifies for Medicare coverage.

. Addendum XII includes a listing of National Oncologic Positron Emission Tomography Registry (NOPR) sites. We cover positron emission tomography (PET) scans for particular oncologic indications when they are performed in a facility that participates in the NOPR.

. Addendum XIII includes a listing of Medicare-approved facitilites that receive coverage for ventricular assist devices used as destination therapy. All facilities were required to meet our standards in order to receive coverage for ventricular assist devices implanted as destination therapy.

. Addendum XIV includes a listing of Medicare-approved facilities that are eligible to receive coverage for lung volume reduction surgery. Until May 17, 2007, facilities that participated in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial are also eligible to receive coverage.

. Addendum XV includes a listing of Medicare-approved facilities that meet minimum standards for facilities modeled in part on professional society statements on competency. All facilities

[Page Number 79984]
must meet our standards in order to receive coverage for bariatric surgery procedures.
. Addendum XVI includes a listing of Medicare-approved clinical trials for fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) for dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

III. How To Obtain Listed Material
A. Manuals
Those wishing to subscribe to program manuals should contact either the Government Printing Office (GPO) or the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at the following addresses: Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Attn: New Orders, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954, Telephone (202) 512-1800, Fax number (202) 512-2250 (for credit card orders); or National Technical Information Service, Department of Commerce, 5825 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, Telephone (703) 487-4630.

In addition, individual manual transmittals and Program Memoranda listed in this notice can be purchased from NTIS. Interested parties should identify the transmittal(s) they want. GPO or NTIS can give complete details on how to obtain the publications they sell. Additionally, most manuals are available at the following Internet address:

B. Regulations and Notices
Regulations and notices are published in the daily Federal Register . Interested individuals may purchase individual copies or subscribe to the Federal Register by contacting the GPO at the address given above. When ordering individual copies, it is necessary to cite either the date of publication or the volume number and page number.

The Federal Register is also available on 24x microfiche and as an online database through GPO Access. The online database is updated by 6 a.m. each day the Federal Register is published. The database includes both text and graphics from Volume 59, Number 1 (January 2, 1994) forward. Free public access is available on a Wide Area Information Server (WAIS) through the Internet and via asynchronous dial-in. Internet users can access the database by using the World Wide Web; the Superintendent of Documents home page address is, by using local WAIS client software, or by telnet to, then log in as guest (no password required). Dial-in users should use communications software and modem to call (202) 512-1661; type swais, then log in as guest (no password required).

C. Rulings
We publish rulings on an infrequent basis. CMS Rulings are decisions of the Administrator that serve as precedent final opinions and orders and statements of policy and interpretation. They provide clarification and interpretation of complex or ambiguous provisions of the law or regulations relating to Medicare, Medicaid, Utilization and Quality Control Peer Review, private health insurance, and related matters. Interested individuals can obtain copies from the nearest CMS Regional Office or review them at the nearest regional depository library. We have, on occasion, published rulings in the Federal Register . Rulings, beginning with those released in 1995, are available online, through the CMS Home Page. The Internet address is

D. CMS' Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)
Our laws, regulations, and manuals are also available on CD-ROM and may be purchased from GPO or NTIS on a subscription or single copy basis. The Superintendent of Documents list ID is HCLRM, and the stock number is 717-139- 00000-3. The following material is on the CD-ROM disk:

. Titles XI, XVIII, and XIX of the Act.
. CMS-related regulations.
. CMS manuals and monthly revisions.
. CMS program memoranda.
The titles of the Compilation of the Social Security Laws are current as of January 1, 2005. (Updated titles of the Social Security Laws are available on the Internet at The remaining portions of CD-ROM are updated on a monthly basis.

Because of complaints about the unreadability of the Appendices (Interpretive Guidelines) in the State Operations Manual (SOM), as of March 1995, we deleted these appendices from CD-ROM. We intend to re-visit this issue in the near future and, with the aid of newer technology, we may again be able to include the appendices on CD-ROM.

Any cost report forms incorporated in the manuals are included on the CD- ROM disk as LOTUS files. LOTUS software is needed to view the reports once the files have been copied to a personal computer disk.

IV. How To Review Listed Material
Transmittals or Program Memoranda can be reviewed at a local Federal Depository Library (FDL). Under the FDL program, government publications are sent to approximately 1,400 designated libraries throughout the United States. Some FDLs may have arrangements to transfer material to a local library not designated as an FDL. Contact any library to locate the nearest FDL.

In addition, individuals may contact regional depository libraries that receive and retain at least one copy of most Federal Government publications, either in printed or microfilm form, for use by the general public. These libraries provide reference services and interlibrary loans; however, they are not sales outlets. Individuals may obtain information about the location of the nearest regional depository library from any library.

For each CMS publication listed in Addendum III, CMS publication and transmittal numbers are shown. To help FDLs locate the materials, use the CMS publication and transmittal numbers. For example, to find the Medicare Benefit Policy publication titled "Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea," use CMS-Pub. 100-03, Transmittal No. 86.

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Program No. 93.773, Medicare--Hospital Insurance, Program No. 93.774, Medicare--Supplementary Medical Insurance Program, and Program No. 93.714, Medical Assistance Program)

Dated: December 8, 2008.
Jacquelyn Y. White,
Director, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs.
See Addenda on Pages 79985-80021 in Original Document.
[Page Number 80022]
Addendum IX
American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data Registry Sites [July Through September 2008]

In order to obtain reimbursement, Medicare national coverage policy requires that providers implanting ICDs for primary prevention clinical indications (that is, patients without a history of cardiac arrest or spontaneous arrhythmia) report data on each primary prevention ICD procedure. This policy became effective January 27, 2005. Details of the clinical indications that are covered by Medicare and their respective data reporting requirements are available in the Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) Manual, which is on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Web site at

A provider can use either of two mechanisms to satisfy the data reporting requirement. Patients may be enrolled either in an Investigational Device Exemption trial studying ICDs as identified by the FDA or in the American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data Registry (ACC-NCDR) ICD registry. Therefore, in order for a beneficiary to receive a Medicare-covered ICD implantation for primary prevention, the beneficiary must receive the scan in a facility that participates in the ACC-NCDR ICD registry.

We maintain a list of facilities that have been enrolled in this registry. Addendum IX includes the facilities that have been designated in the quarter covered by this notice.

Facility name Address 1 Address 2 City State Zip
Abbott 800 East 28th Minneapolis MN 55407
Northwestern Street (Internal
Hospital Zip 33210)
Abilene Regional 6250 Highway 83- Abilene TX 97606
Medical Center 84 Antilley Road
Abington Memorial 1200 York Road Abington PA 19446
Adena Regional 272 Hospital Chillicothe OH 45601
Medical Center Road
Adventist 120 North Oak Bolingbrook IL 60440
Bolingbrook Street
Adventist Medical 10123 SE Market Portland OR 97216
Center Street
Advocate Christ 4440 West 95th #127NOB Oak Lawn IL 60453
Medical Center Street
Advocate Good 450 W. Highway Barrington IL 60010
Shepherd Hospital 22
Advocate Illinos 836 W. Chicago IL 60657
Masonic Medical Wellington
Advocate Lutheran 1775 Dempster Park Ridge IL 60068
General Hospital Street
Advocate South 17800 S. Kedzie Hazel Crest IL 60429
Suburban Hospital Avenue
Affinity Medical 400 Austin Massillon OH 44646
Center Avenue
Aiken Regional 302 University Aiken SC 29802
Medical Center Parkway
Akron City 525 East Market Akron OH 44309-2090
Hospital Street
Akron General 400 Wabash Heart & Akron OH 44307
Medical Center Avenue Vascular
Alamance Regional PO Box 202 Burlington NC 27216
Medical Center
Alaska Regional 2801 Debarr Road Anchorage AK 99508
Albany Medical 43 New Scotland Albany NY 12208
Center Hospital Avenue
Albert Einstein 5501 Old York Philadelphia PA 19141
Medical Center Road
Alegent Health 7500 Mercy Road Omaha NE 68124
Bergan Mercy
Medical Center
Alegent Health 6828 North 72nd Suite 3000N Omaha NE 68122-1709
Immanuel Medical Street
Alegent Health 6901 North 72nd Omaha NE 68122
Mercy Hospital Street
Alexian Brothers 800 Biesterfield Elk Grove IL 60007-3311
Medical Center Road Village
Allegheny General 320 East North Pittsburg PA 15212
Hospital Avenue
Allegiance Health 205 N. East Heart Center Jackson MI 49201
(W.A. Foote Avenue 1st Floor
Memorial Hospital
Allen Memorial 1825 Logan Waterloo IA 50703
Hospital Avenue
Alpena Regional 1501 W. Chisholm Alpena MI 49707
Medical Center Street
Alta Bates 2450 Ashby Berkeley CA 94705
Medical Center Avenue
Alta Bates Summit 350 Hawthorne Oakland CA 94609
Medical Center Avenue
Alton Memorial 1 Memorial Drive Alton IL 62067
Altoona Hospital 620 Howard Altoona PA 16601
Altru Health 1200 South Grand Forks ND 58201
System Columbai Road
Alvarado Hospital 6645 Alvarado San Diego CA 92120
Anaheim Memorial 1111 W. La Palma Anaheim CA 92801
Medical Ctr. Avenue
AnMed Health 800 Fant Street Anderson SC 29621
Anna Jaques 25 Highland Newburyport MA 01950
Hospital Avenue
Anne Arundel 2001 Medical Annapolis MD 21404
Medical Center Parkway
Appleton Medical 1818 N. Meade Rm 165-B Appleton WI 54911
Center/ThedaClark Street
Medical Center
Arizona Heart 1930 East Thomas Phoenix AZ 85016
Hospital Road
Arizona Regional 4838 East Suite 109- Mesa AZ 85206
Medical Center Baseline Road 110
Arkansas Heart 1701 S. Little Rock AR 72202
Hospital Shackelford Road
Arlington 800 W. Randol Arlington TX 76012
Memorial Hospital Mill Road
Arnot-Ogden 600 Roe Avenue Elmira NY 14905
Medical Center
Arrowhead 18701 N. 67th Glendale AZ 85308
Hospital Avenue
Aspirus Wausau 333 Pine Ridge Wausau WI 54401
Hospital Boulevard
Athens Regional 1199 Prince Athens GA 30606
Medical Center Avenue
Atlanta Medical 303 Parkway Atlanta GA 30312
Center Drive NE
Atlanticare 2500 English Egg Habour NJ 08234
Regional Medical Creek Avenue Township
Atrium Medical One Medical Franklin OH 45005
Center Center
Audrain Medical 620 E. Monroe Mexico MO 65265
Center Street
Aultman Hospital 2600 Sixth Canton OH 44710
Street SW
Aurora BayCare 2845 Greenbrier Green Bay WI 54308
Medical Center Road
Aurora Medical 2900 W. Oklahoma Milwaukee WI 53132
Center-- Kenosha Avenue
Aurora Medical 1032 E. Sumner Hartford WI 53027
Center of Street
Washington County
Aurora Memorial 252 Mc Henry Burlington WI 53105
Hospital of Street
Aurora Sheboygan 2629 N. 7th Sheboygan WI 53083
Memorial Medical Street
Aurora Sinai 945 N. 12th Milwaukee WI 53233
Medical Center Street
Aurora West Allis 2900 E. Oklahoma Milwaulee WI 53215
Memorial Hospital Avenue
Aventura Hospital 20900 Biscayne Aventura FL 33180
and Medical Boulevard
Avera Heart 4500 West 69th Sioux Falls SD 57108
Hospital of South Street
Avera Sacred 501 Summit Yankton SD 57078
Heart Hospital
Avera St. Luke's 305 S. State Aberdeen SD 57401
Bakersfield Heart 3001 Sillect Bakersfield CA 93308
Hospital Avenue
Bakersfield 420 34th Street PO Box 1888 Bakersfield CA 93303-1888
Memorial Hospital
Ball Memorial 2401 University Muncie IN 47303
Hospital Avenue
Baltimore 301 Hosptial 2nd Floor Glen Burnie MD 21061
Washington Drive Cardiac Cath
Medical Center Lab
Banner Boswell 10401 W. Sun City AZ 85351
Medical Center Thunderbird
Banner Desert Banner Desert 1400 S. Mesa AZ 85202
Medical Center Medical Center, Dobson Road
Banner Estrella 9201 W. Thomas Phoenix AZ 85037
Medical Center Road
Banner Good 1111 East Phoenix AZ 85006-2612
Samaritan Med McDowell Road
Banner Heart 6750 E. Baywood Mesa AZ 85206
Hospital Avenue
Banner 5555 W. Glendale AZ 85306
Thunderbird Med Thunderbird Road
Baptist Health 9601 Interstate Little Rock AR 72205-7299
Medical Center 630 Exit 7
Baptist Health 3333 Springhill North Little AR 72117
Medical Center Drive Rock
Baptist Hospital 1000 W. Moreno Pensacola FL 32501
Baptist Hospital 4220 Harding Nashville TN 37202
Baptist Hospital 4000 Kresge Way Louisville KY 40207
Baptist Hospital 10820 Parkside Knoxville TN 37934
of East Tennessee Drive
Baptist Hospital 8900 SW 88th Miami FL 33176
of Miami Street
Baptist Hospital 137 Blount Knoxville TN 37920
West Avenue
Baptist Medical 800 Prudential Jacksonville FL 32207
Center Drive
Baptist Medical 730 North Main Suite 409 San Antonio TX 78205
Center Avenue
Baptist Memorial 2301 South Lamar Oxford MS 38655
Hospital North Boulevard
Baptist Memorial 6019 Walnut Memphis TN 38120
Hospital Grove Road
Baptist Memorial 7601 Southcrest Southaven MS 38671
Hospital-Desoto Parkway
Baptist Memorial 1201 Bishop Union City TN 38261
Hospital-Union Street
Baptist St. 1600 Wallace Amarillo TX 79106
Anthony's Health Boulevard
Barberton 155 5th Street Barberton OH 44203
Citizens Hospital NE
Barnes Jewish #1 Barnes Jewish SW Tower- Saint Louis MO 63110-9930
Hospital/Washingt Hospital Plaza Main.
on University Mailstop 90-
Barstow Community 555 South Barstow CA 92311
Hospital Seventh Street
Barstow Regional 2200 Osprey Barstow FL 33831-1050
Medical Center Boulevard, PO
Box 1050
Bassett One Atwell Road Cooperstown NY 13326
Imogene Bassett
Baton Rouge 3600 Florida Baton Rouge LA 70806
General Medical Boulevard
Battle Creek 300 North Avenue Battle Creek MI 49016
Health System
Baxter Regional 624 Hospital Mountain AR 72653
Medical Drive Home
CenterAttn: A/P
Bay Medical 615 North Bonita Panama City FL 32401
Center Avenue
Bay Regional 1900 Columbus Bay City MI 48708
Medical Center Avenue
Bayfront Medical 701 Sixth Street St. FL 33701
Center South Petersburg
Bayhealth Medical 640 S. State Dover DE 19901
Center (KGH) Street
Baylor All Saints 1400 8th Avenue Fort Worth TX 76104
Medical Center at
Fort Worth
Baylor Jack and 621 North Hall Dallas TX 75226
Jane Hamilton Street
Heart and
Vascular Hospital
Baylor Medical 2300 Marie Curie Garland TX 75042
Center at Garland Drive
Baylor Medical 1901 North Irving TX 75061
Center at Irving MacArthur
Baylor Regional 1650 West Grapevine TX 76051
Medical Center at College Street
Bayshore Medical 4000 Spencer Pasadena TX 77504
Center Highway
Baystate Medical 759 Chestnut Springfield Springfield MA 01199
Center Street 4 4558
Beauregard 600 S. Pine Deridder LA 70634
Memorial Hospital Street
Bellevue Hospital 462 First Avenue New York NY 10016
Bellin Memorial 744 S. Webster Cardiac Data Green Bay WI 54301
Hospital Avenue Center 5th
Benefis 1101 26th Street Great Falls MT 59405-5161
Healthcare South
Berkshire Medical 725 North Street Pittsfield MA 01201-4124
Center, Inc
Bert Fish Medical 401 Palmetto New Smyrna FL 32168
Center Street Beach
Beth Israel 185 Pilgrim Road Boston MA 02215
Deaconess Medical
Bethesda Memorial 2815 S. Seacrest Boynton FL 33435
Hospital Blvd Beach
Bethesda North 375 Dixmyth Cincinnati OH 45220-2489
Hospitals Avenue
Beverly Hospital 85 Herrick Beverly MA 01915
Bexar County 4502 Medical Stop 34-1 San Antonio TX 78229
Hospital District Drive
d.b.a. University
Biloxi Regional 150 Reynoir Biloxi MS 39531
Medical Center Street
Blake Medical 2020 59th Street Bradenton FL 34209
Center West
Blanchard Valley 1900 South Main HeartCare Findlay OH 45840
Hospital Street Center
Blessing Hospital 1005 Broadway PO Box 7005 Quincy IL 62305-7005
Bloomington 601 W. Second Bloomington IN 47403
Hospital Street
Blue Ridge 2201 South Morganton NC 28655
HealthCare Sterling Street
Boca Raton 12201 NW Second Coral FL 33071
Community Place Springs
Bon Secours 150 Kingsley Norfolk VA 23505
DePaul Medical Lane
Bon Secours-- 3636 High Street Portsmouth VA 23707
Maryview Medical
Bon Secours-- 5801 Bremo Road Suite 310, Richmond VA 23226
Memorial Regional North
Medical Center Medical
Bon Secours St 13701 Midlothian VA 23114
Francis Medical Centerpointe
Center Parkway
Bon Secours St. 5801 Bremo Road Suite 310, Richmond VA 23226
Marys Hospital North
Boone Hospital 1600 E. Broadway Columbia MO 65201-5897
Borgess Medical 1521 Gull Road Kalamazoo MI 49048
Boston Medical One Boston Boston MA
Center Medical Place
Botsford Hospital 28050 Grand Farmington MI 48336
River Avenue Hills
Boulder Community 1100 Balsam Boulder CO 80304
Hospital Avenue
Braddock Campus 900 Seton Drive Cumberland MD 21502-1850
Brandon Regional 119 Oakfield Brandon FL 33511
Hospital Drive
Brandon Regional 119 Oakfield Attn: CCL Brandon FL 33511
Hospital Drive
Brandywine 201 Reeceville Coatesville PA 19320
Hospital Road
Bridgeport 267 Grant Street Bridgeport CT 06610
Brigham & Womens 75 Francis L258A Boston MA 02115
Hospital Street
Bromenn Hospital PO Box 2850 Bloomington IL 61702-2850
Bronson Methodist 601 John Street Kalamazoo MI 49007-5348
Brookdale 1 Brookdale Brooklyn NY 11212
Hospital & Plaza
Medical Center
Brooklyn Hospital 121 DeKalb Brooklyn NY 11201
Center Avenue
Brooksville 17240 Cortez Brooksville FL 34601
Regional Hospital Boulevard
Brookwood Medical 2010 Brookwood Birmingham AL 35209
Center Medical Center
Brotman Medical 3828 Delmas Culver City CA 90232
Center Terrance
Broward General 1600 S. Andrews Ft. FL 33316
Medical Center Avenue Lauderdale
Brownsville 4750 N. Brownville TX 78526
Doctors Hospital Expressway
Bryan LGH Medical 1600 South 48th Lincoln NE 68526
Center Street
Bryn Mawr Suite 557 100 Wynnewood PA 19096
Hospital Lankenau MOB Lancaster
East Avenue
Buffalo General 100 High Street Buffalo NY 14203
Health Sciences
Library 4D
Cabell Huntington 1340 Hal Greer Huntington WV 25701
Hospital Boulevard
California 2330 Clay Stern San CA 94115
Pacific Medical Street, Stern Building, Francisco
Center Building, Room Room #103
CAMC Teays Valley 1400 Hospital Hurricane WI 25526
Hospital Drive
Camden-Clark 800 Garfield Parkersburg WV 26101
Memorial Hospital Avenue
Candler Hospital, 5353 Reynolds Savannah GA 31405
Inc. Street
Cape Canaveral 701 West Cocoa Cocoa Beach FL 32931
Hospital Beach Causeway
Cape Cod Hospital 40 Quinlan Way Hyannis MA 02601
Cape Fear Valley 303 Wagoner Fayetteville NC 28303-4646
Health System Drive
Capital Regional barbara.scott3@h Tallahassee FL 32308
Medical Center
Capital Regional 1125 Madison Jefferson MO 65102-1128
Medical Center Street, (PO Box City
Cardiovascular PO Box 366528 San Juan PR 00936-6528
Center of Puerto
Carilion Roanoke Att: Cardiac PO Box 13367 Roanoke VA 24033-3367
Memorial Hosp Cath Lab
Caritas Norwood 800 Washington Norwood MA 02062
Hospital Street
Caritas St. 736 Cambridge Boston MA 02135
Elizabeths Med Street
Carle Foundation 611 W. Park Urbana IL 61801
Hospital Street
Carolina Pines 1304 W BoBo Hartsville SC 29550
Regional Medical Newsom Highway
Carolinas 805 Pamplico Florence SC 29505
Hospital System Highway
Carolinas Medical 1001 Blythe Charlotte NC 28227
Center Boulevard
Carolinas Medical 2001 Vail Avenue Cath Lab Charlotte NC 28207
Carondelet Heart 1000 Carondelet Kansas City MO 64114
Institute at St. Drive
Joseph Medical
Carroll Hospital 200 Memorial Westminster MD 21157
Center Avenue
Carson Tahoe 1600 Medical Carson City NV 89706
Regional Medical Parkway
Cartersville PO Box 20008 Cartersville GA 30120
Medical Center
Casa Grande 1800 E. Florence Casa Grande AZ 85222
Regional Medical Boulevard
Castleview 300 North Price UT 84501
Hospital Hospital Drive
Catawba Valley 810 Fairgrove Hickory NC 28602
Medical Center Church Road
Catholic Medical 100 McGregor Level C Room Manchester NH 03102-3770
Center Street 248
Cayuga Medical 101 Dates Drive Ithaca NY 14850
Center at Ithaca
Cedars-Sinai 8700 Beverly MGB 901 Los Angeles CA 90048
Health Systems Boulevard
Centennial Hills 6900 N. Durango Las Vegas NV 89149-4409
Hospital Medical Drive
Centennial 12505 Lebanon Frisco TX 75035
Medical Center Boulevard
Centennial 2300 Patterson Nashville TN 37203
Medical Center Street
Centerpoint 19600 E. 39th Independence MO 64057
Medical Center Street
Centinela 555 E. Hardy Inglewood CA 90301
Hospital Medical Street
Central Baptist 1800 Lexington KY 40503
Hospital Nicholasville
Road, Suite 401
Central DuPage 25 N. Winfield Winfield IL 60190
Hospital Road
Central Florida 1401 W. Seminole Sanford FL 32771
Regional Hospital Boulevard
Central Maine 300 Main Street Lewiston ME 04240
Medical Center
Central Minnesota 1406 Sixth Ave. St. Cloud MN 56303
Heart Center at North
St. Cloud
Central 1850 Chadwick Jackson MS 39204
Mississippi Drive
Medical Center
Chandler Regional 475 S. Dobson Quality Chandler AZ 85224
Medical Center Road Management
Charleston Area 501 Morris Charleston WV 25301
Medical Center Street
Charlotte 809 East Marion Punta Gorda FL 33950
Regional Medical Avenue
Charlton Memorial 363 Highland Fall River MA 02720-3700
Hospital Avenue
Chattanooga- 975 E. Third Chattanooga TN 37403
Hamilton County Street
Chesapeake 736 Battlefield Chesapeake VA 23320
General Hospital Boulevard North
Cheshire Medical 580 Court Street Keene NH 03431
Chester County 701 East West Chester PA 19380
Hospital Marshall Street
Chester River 100 Brown Street Chestertown MD 21620
Hospital Center
Cheyenne Regional Cheyenne 214 E. 23rd Cheyenne WY 82001
Medical Center Regional Medical Street
Christian 11133 Dunn Road St Louis MO 63136
Christiana Care 4755 Ogletown- Newark DE 19718
Health System Stanton Road
Christus 3600 Gates Port Arthur TX 77642
Hospital--St. Boulevard
Christus Saint 2830 Calder Beaumont TX 77702
Elizabeth Street
Christus Santa 2827 Babcock San Antonio TX 78229
Rosa Hospital Road
Christus Spohn 600 Elizabeth Corpus TX 78404
Hospital Corpus Street Christi
Christus St. 2600 St. Michael Texarkana TX 75503
Michael Health Drive
Christus St. 524 South Ryan Lake Charles LA 70602-3401
Patrick Hospital Street
Christus-- One St. Mary Shreveport LA 71101
Schumpert Place
Highland Hospital
Christus--St. 3330 Masonic Cath Lab Alexandria LA 71301
Frances Cabrini Drive
Citrus Memorial 502 W. Highland Inverness FL 34452
Health System Boulevard
CJW Medical 7101 Jahnke Road Richmond VA 23225-4044
Clarian Health 1701 N. Senate Room A1082 Indianapolis IN 46202
Partners- Boulevard
Hospital Campus
Clarian North 11725 Illinois Carmel IN 46032
Medical Center Street B-178
Clark Memorial 1220 Missouri Jeffersonvil IN 47130
Hospital Avenue le
Clear Lake 500 Medical Webster TX 77598
Regional Medical Center Boulevard
Cleveland Clinic 3100 Weston Road Weston FL 33331
Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Cleveland OH 44195
Foundation Avenue
Coliseum Medical 350 Hospital Macon GA 31217
Centers Drive
College Station 1604 Rock College TX 77845
Medical Center Prairie Road Station
Columbia Hospital 2025 E. Newport Milwaukee WI 53211
Columbia Regional 404 Keene Street Columbia MO 65201
Columbia St. 4425 N. Port Milwaukee WI 53212
Mary's Hospital Washington Road
Columbia St. 13111 N. Port Mequon WI 53097
Mary's Hospital Washington Road
Columbus 2520 5th Street Columbus MS 39703
Cardiovascular North, PO Box
Care, PLLC 1307
Columbus Regional 2400 17th Street Columbus IN 47201
Comanche County 3401 W. Gore PO Box 129 Lawton OK 73505
Memorial Hospital Boulevard
Community Health 3700 Kolbe Road Lorain OH 44053
Community The Community 901 Munster IN 46321
Hospital Hospital MacArthur
Community 433 West High Bryan OH 43506
Hospital and Street
Wellness Center
Community Cardiovascular 1500 North Indianapolis IN 46219
Hospital East Services Ritter
Community PO Box HH Monterey CA 93942-1085
Hospital of the
Community 1500 N. Ritter Indianapolis IN 46219-3027
Hospital South Avenue
Community Medical 2827 Fort Missoula MT 59804
Center Missoula Road
Community Medical 99 Highway 37 Toms River NJ 08775
Center West
Community Medical 1800 Mulberry Scranton PA 18510
Center Street
Community Medical 2755 Herndon Clovis CA 93611
Center-Clovis Avenue
Community 147 N. Brent Ventura CA 93003
Memorial Hospital Street
Community W180 N8085 Town Menomonee WI 53052
Memorial Hospital Hall Road Falls
Concord Hospital 250 Pleasant Concord NH 03301
Condell Medical 801 S. Milwaukee Libertyville IL 60048
Center Avenue
Conroe Regional 504 Medical Conroe TX 77304
Medical Center Center Boulevard
Covenant Heart 3615 19th Street Lubbock TX 79410
Conway Regional 2302 College Conway AR 72034-6226
Medical Center Avenue
Cookeville 142 W. 5th Cookeville TN 38501-1760
Regional Medical Street
Cooley Dickinson 30 Locust Street Northampton MA 01060
Cooper University One Cooper Plaza D386B Camden NJ 08103
Coral Gables 3100 Douglas Coral Gables FL 33134
Hospital Road
Corpus Christi 7101 SPID Corpus TX 78412
Medical Center Christi
County of Santa 751 S. Bascom San Jose CA 95128
Clara Avenue
Covenant 1447 N. Harrison Saginaw MI 48602
Healthcare Street
Covenant Medical 3421 West Ninth Waterloo IA 50702
Center Street.
Cox Medical 3801 S. National Springfield MO 65807
Center South Avenue
Craven Regional 2000 Neuse PO Box 12157 New Bern NC 28560
Medical Center Boulevard
Creighton 601 N. 30th Omaha NE 68131
University Street
Medical Center
Crestwood Medical One Hospital Huntsville AL 35801-3495
CenterTriad Drive
Hospitals, Inc
Crittenton 1101 W. Rochester MI 48307-1831
Hospital Medical University Drive
Crouse Hospital 736 Irving Syracuse NY 13210
Crozer Chester 1 Medical Center Chester PA 19013-3995
Medical Center Boulevard
Cumberland 5000 US Route Prestonsburg KY 41653
Cardiology 321
CVPH Medical 75 Beekman Plattsburgh NY 12901
Center Street
Cypress Fairbanks 10655 Steepletop Houston TX 77065
Medical Center Drive
Dallas Regional 1011 N. Galloway Mesquite TX 75149
Medical Center Avenue
Dameron Hospital 525 W. Acacia Stockton CA 95203
Danbury Hospital 24 Hospital Cardiology 2 Danbury CT 06810
Avenue South
Davis Hospital 1600 West Layton UT 84041
Antelope Drive
Davis Regional 218 Old Stateville NC 28625
Medical Center Mocksville Road
Dayton Heart 707 S. Edwin C. Dayton OH 45408
Hospital Moses Boulevard
DCH Regional 809 University Tuscaloosa AL 35401-2029
Medical Center Boulevard E
Deaconess 2800 9th Avenue, Billings MT 59101
Billings Clinic North
Deaconess 311 Straight Cincinnati OH 45219
Hospital Street
Deaconess 5501 N. Portland Oklahoma OK 73112
Hospital Avenue City
Deaconess 600 Mary Street Evansville IN 47747
Deaconess Medical W. 800 Fifth Spokane WA 99204
Center Avenue
Deborah Heart & 200 Trenton Road Browns Mills NJ 08015
Lung Center
Decatur General 1201 7th Street Decatur AL 35601
Degraff Memorial 100 High Street Buffalo NY 14203
Dekalb Medical 2701 N. Decatur Decatur GA 30033
Center Road
Dekalb Regional 200 Medical Fort Payne AL 35968
Medical Center Center Drive
Del Sol Medical 10301 Gateway El Pasoq TX 79925
Center West
Delray Medical 5352 Linton Delray Beach FL 33484
Center Boulevard
Delta Regional 1400 E. Union Greenville MS 38702
Medical Center Street
Denton Regional 3535 South I-35E Denton TX 76205
Medical Center
Denver Health 777 Bannock Denver CO 80204
Medical Center Street
DePaul Health 12303 DePaul Bridgeton MO 63044
Center Drive
Des Peres 2345 Dougherty St. Louis MO 63122
Hospital Ferry Road
Desert Regional 1150 N. Indian Palm Springs CA 92262
Medical Center Canyon
Desert Springs 620 Shadow Lane Las Vegas NV 89106
Desert Valley 16850 Bear Victorville CA 92392
Hospital Valley Road
DeTar Hospital 506 E. San Victoria TX 77902
Antonio Street
Dixie Regional 1380 E. Medical St. George UT 84790
Medical Center Drive
Doctors Hospital 5000 University Miami FL 33146
Doctors Hospital 5100 West Broad Columbus OH 43228
Doctors Hospital 9440 Poppy Drive Dallas TX 75218
Doctor's Hospital 3983 I-49 S. Opelousas LA 70570
Service Road
Doctors Hospital 5501 S. McColl Edinburg TX 78539
at Renaissance Road
Doctors 3651 Wheeler Augusta GA 30909
Hospital--Augusta Drive
Doctors Hospital 10700 McPherson Laredo TX 78045
of Laredo Road
Doctors Hospital 5731 Bee Ridge Sarasota FL 34233
of Sarasota Road
Doctors 510 West Tidwell Houston TX 77091
Hospital--Tidwell Road
Doctors Medical 2000 Vale Road San Pablo CA 94806
Doctors Medical 1441 Florida Modesto CA 95350
Center Avenue
Dominican Santa 1555 Soquel Santa Cruz CA 95065
Cruz Hospital Drive
Downey Regional 11500 Brookshire Downey CA 90241
Medical Center Avenue
Doylestown 595 West State Doylestown PA 18901
Hospital Street
DuBois Regional 100 Hospital DuBois PA 15801
Medical Center Avenue
Duke Health DUMC Box 3973 Raleigh NC 27609
Raleigh Hospital (3400 Wake
Forest Road)
Duke University Erwin Road DUMC Durham NC 27710
Hospital 3943
Dunn Memorial 1600 23rd Street Bedford ID 47421
Durham Regional 3634 Roxboro Durham NC 27704
Hospital Road
East Alabama 2000 Pepperall Opelika AL 36830
Medical Center Parkway
East Georgia 1499 Fair Road, Statesboro GA 30459
Regional Medical (PO Box 1048)
East Jefferson 4200 Houma Quality Metairie LA 70006
General Hospital Boulevard Management
East Ohio 90 N. 4th Street Martins OH 43935
Regional Hospital Ferry
East Texas 1000 S. Beckham Tyler TX 75711
Medical Center Avenue
Eastern Idaho RMC 3100 Channing Idaho Falls ID 83404
Eastern Maine 489 State Street PO Box 404 Bangor ME 04402-0404
Medical Center
Easton Hospital 250 South 21st Easton PA 18042
(Northampton Street
Hospital Corp.)
Edward Hospital 120 Spalding Naperville IL 60540
Drive #205
Eisenhower 39000 Bob Hope Rancho CA 92270
Medical Center Drive Mirage
El Camino 2500 Grant Road Mountain CA 94040
Hospital View
Eliza Coffee 603 West College Florence AL 35630
Memorial Hospital Street
Elkhart General 600 East 3 South Elkhart IN 46514-2499
Hospital Boulevard Suites
Elliot Hospital 1 Elliot Way Manchester NH 03103
Ellis Hospital 1101 Nott Street Schenectady NY 12308
Elmhurst Hospital 79-01 Broadway Dept of Elmhurst NY 11373
Center Cardiology,
Suite D-54
Elmhurst Memorial 200 Berteau Elmhurst IL 60126
Hospital Avenue
Memorial Lib
EMH Regional 630 East River Elyria OH 44035
Medical Center Street
Emory Crawford 550 Peachtree Atlanta GA 30308
Long Hospital Street
Emory Dunwoody 4575 North Atlanta GA 30338
Medical Center Shallowford Road
Emory University 1364 Clifton Atlanta GA 30322
Hospital Road, NE C408
Encino-Tarzana 18321 Clark Tarzana CA 91356-3501
Regional Medical Street
Englewood 350 Engle Street Englewood NJ 07631
Hospital &
Medical Center
Enloe Medical 1600 Esplanade Chico CA 95926
Erie County 462 Grider Buffalo NY 14215
Medical Center Street
Evanston Hospital 2650 Ridge Ave Evanston IL 60201
Evergreen 12040 NE 128th Kirkland WA 98034
Healthcare Street MS21
Excela Health 532 West Greensburg PA 15601
Westmoreland Pittsburgh
Hospital Street
Exempla Good 2420 W. 26th Denver CO 80211
Samaritan Medical Avenue Building
Center D, Suite 100
Exempla Lutheran 2420 W. 26th Denver CO 80211
Medical Center Avenue Building
D, Suite 140
Exempla Saint 2420 W. 26th Denver CO 80211
Joseph Hospital Avenue Building
D, Suite 140
Exeter Hospital 5 Alumni Drive Exeter NH 03833
F.E. Lajam, MD PC 140-04 58th Road Flushing NY 11355
Fairfield Cardiac 3000 Mack Road Suite 200 Fairfield OH 45014
Cath Labs
Fairfield Medical 401 N. Ewing Lancaster OH 43130
Center Street
Fairview Hospital 18101 Lorain Cleveland OH 44111
Road, #329
Fairview Park 200 Industrial Dublin GA 31021
Hospital Boulevard
Fairview 6401 France Edina MN 55435
Southdale Avenue South
Faith Regional 2700 W. Norfolk Norfolk NE 68701
Health Services Avenue
Fawcett Memorial 21298 Olean Port FL 33949-4960
Hospital Boulevard Charlotte
Faxton--St. 1656 Champlin New Hartford NY 13413
Luke's Campus Avenue
FirstHealth Moore 155 Memorial Pinehurst NC 28374
Regional Hospital Drive
Fisher-Titus 272 Benedict Norwalk OH 44857
Medical Center Avenue
Flagler Hospital 400 Health Park St. FL 32086
Boulevard Augustine
Fletcher Allen 111 Colchester Burlington VT 05401
Health Care Avenue
Florida Hospital 7050 Gall Zephyrhills FL 33541
Zephyrhills Boulevard
Florida Hospital 601 East Rollins Box 99 Orlando FL 32803
Florida Hospital 1055 Saxon Orange City FL 32763
Fish Memorial Boulevard
Florida Hospital 875 Sterthaus Ormond Beach FL 32174
Ormond Memorial Avenue
Florida Hospital 1000 Waterman Tavares FL 32778
Waterman, Inc. Way
Florida Medical 5000 W. Oakland Lauderdale FL 33313
Center Park Boulevard Lakes
Flowers Hospital 4370 West Main Dothan AL 36305
Floyd Medical 304 Turner Rome GA 30165
Center McCall Boulevard
Forest Hills 102-01 66th Road Forest Hills NY 11375
Forrest General 6051 Highway 49 Hattiesburg MS 39404-6389
Hospital South
Forsyth Medical 3333 Silas Creek Clinical Winston- NC 27103
Center Parkway Improvement, Salem
Box 102
Fort Sanders 1901 Clinch Knoxville TN 37916-2307
Regional Medical Avenue
Fort Walton Beach 1000 Mar Walt Fort Walton FL 32547
Medical Center Drive Beach
Forum Health-- 500 Gypsy Lane Youngstown OH 44501-0240
Northside Medical
Fountain Valley 17100 Euclid Fountain CA 92708-4004
Regional Hosp Street Valley
Frankford Knights & Red Philadelphia PA 19114
Hospital Lion Roads
Frankfort 299 Kings Frankfort KY 40601
Regional Medical Daughter Drive
Franklin Square 9000 Franklin Baltimore MD 21237
Hospital Square Drive
Frederick 400 W. Seventh Frederick MD 21710
Memorial Hospital Street
Freeman Hospital 1102 W. 32nd 1102 W. 32nd Joplin MO 64804
Street Street
Freeport Health 1045 W. Freeport IL 61032
Network Stephenson
Fremont Area 450 East 23rd Fremont NE 68025
Medical Center Street
French Hospital 1911 Johnson St Luis CA 93401
Medical Center Avenue Obispo
Fresno Community 110 N. Valeria Fresno CA 93710
Hospital and Street #103
Medical Center
Fresno Heart 15 East Audubon Fresno CA 93720
Hospital Drive
Froedtert 9200 W. Milwaukee WI 53226
Hospital Wisconsin Avenue
Frye Regional 420 N. Center Hickory NC 28601
Medical Center Street
Gadsden Regional 1007 Goodyear Gadsden AL 35903
Medical Center Avenue
Galichia Heart 2610 N. Woodlawn Wichita KS 67220
Hospital Boulevard
Garden City 6245 Inkster Garden City MI 48135
Hospital Road
Garden Grove 12601 Garden Garden Grove CA 92843
Hospital Grove Boulevard
Gaston Memorial 2525 Court Drive Gastonia NC 28054
Gateway Medical 651 Dunlap Lane Clarksville TN 37043
Center Gateway
Health System
Gateway Regional 2100 Madison Granite City IL 62040
Medical Center Avenue
Geisinger Medical 100 North Danville PA 17822-2160
Center Academy Avenue
Geisinger Wyoming 100 North Danville PA 17822-2160
Valley Medical Academy Avenue
Genesis Medical 1236 East Suite 190 Davenport IA 52803-2459
Center Rusholme Street
Genesis Medical 801 Illini Drive Silvis IL 61282
Center, Illini
Genesys Regional One Genesys Grand Blanc MI 48439
Medical Center Parkway
Georgetown 3800 Reservoir Washington DC 20007
University Road NW
Gerald Champion 2669 North Alamogordo NM 88310
Reginal Medical Scenic Drive
Glenbrook 2100 Pfingsten Evanston IL 60026
Hospital Road
Glendale 1509 Wilson Glendale CA 91206
Adventist Medical Terrace
Glendale Memorial 1420 S. Central Glendale CA 91204
Hospital and Avenue
Health Center
Glens Falls 100 Park Street Glens Falls NY 12801
Glenwood Regional 503 McMillan West Monroe LA 71291
Medical Center Road
Good Samaritan 520 South 7th Vincennes IN 47591
Heart Center Street
Good Samaritan 2222 Dayton OH 45406
Hospital and Philadelphia
Health Center Drive
Good Samaritan 2425 Samaritan 2425 San Jose CA 95124
Hospital Drive Samaritan
Good Samaritan 605 N. 12th Mount Vernon IL 62864
Hospital Street
Good Samaritan 3815 Highland Downers IL 60515
Hospital Avenue Grove
Good Samaritan 375 Dixmyth Cincinnati OH 45220-2489
Hospital Avenue
Good Samaritan 1225 Wilshire Los Angelos CA 90017
Hospital Boulevard
Good Samaritan 10 East 31 Kearney NE 68848
Hospital Street
Good Samaritan 255 Lafayette Suffern NY 10901
Hospital Avenue
Good Samaritan 1000 Montauk West Islip NY 11795
Hospital Highway
Good Samaritan 5601 Loch Raven Baltimore MD 21239
Hospital of Boulevard
Good Samaritan 1309 North West Palm FL 33401
Medical Center Flagler Drive Beach
Good Samaritan 3600 NW Corvallis OR 97330
Regional Medical Samaritan Drive
Good Shepherd 700 East Longview TX 75601
Medical Center Marshall Avenue
Governor Juan F. 4007 Estate Christianste VI 00820
Luis Hospital & Diamond Ruby d
Medical Center
Graduate Hospital 1800 Lombard Philadelphia PA 19146
Grady Memorial 561 West Central Delaware OH 43015-1489
Hospital Avenue
Grand Strand 809 82nd Parkway Myrtle Beach SC 29572
Regional Medical
Grandview Medical 405 Grand Avenue Dayton OH 45405
Grant Medical 111 S. Grant Columbus OH 43215
Center Avenue
Great Plains Box 2339 Elk City OK 73648
Regional Medical
Greater Baltimore GBMC--Cardiac 6701 N. Towson MD 21204
Medical Center Cath Lab Charles
Greene Memorial 1141 N. Monroe Xenia OH 45385
Hospital Drive
Greenview 1801 Ashley Bowling KY 42104
Regional Hospital Circle Green
Greenville 701 Grove Road Greenville SC 29605
Memorial Hospital
Greenwich 5 Perryridge Greenwich CT 06830
Hospital Road
Gulf Coast 449 W. 23rd Panama City FL 32406-5309
Medical Center Street
Gulf Coast 1400 Highway 59 Wharton TX 77488
Medical Center
Gundersen 1900 South H06-004 LaCrosse WI 54601
Lutheran Medical Avenue
Center, Inc
Gwinnett Hospital 1000 Medical Lawrencevill GA 30045
System Center Boulevard e
Hackensack 30 Prospect Hackensack NJ 07601
University Avenue
Medical Center
Hackley Hospital 1700 Clinton Muskegon MI 49443
General Fund Street
Hahnemann 230 N. Broad Philadelphia PA 19102
University Street
Halifax Medical 303 N. Clyde Daytona FL 32114-2732
Center Morris Boulevard Beach
Halifax Regional 2204 Wilborn South Boston VA 24592
Hospital Avenue
Hamilton Medical 1200 Memorial Dalton GA 30720
Center Drive
Hamot Medical 201 State Street Erie PA 16550
Hannibal Regional 6000 Hospital Hannibal MO 63401
Hospital Drive
Harbor Hospital 3001 S. Hanover Baltimore MD 21225
Center Street
Hardin Memorial 913 N Dixie Elizabethtow KY 42701
Hospital Avenue n
Harlingen Medical 5501 South Harlingen TX 78550
Expressway 77
Harper University 3990 John R. Detroit MI 48201
Hospital Street
Harris Methodist 1301 Fort Worth TX 76104
Fort Worth Pennsylvania
Harris Methodist 1600 Hospital Bedford TX 76022
HEB Parkway
Harrison Medical 2520 Cherry Bremerton WA 98310
Center Avenue
Hartford Hospital 80 Seymour Hartford CT 06102-8000
Harton Regional 1801 N. Jackson Tullahoma TN 37388
Medical Center Street
Havasu Regional 101 Civic Center Lake Havasu AZ 86403
Medical Center Lane City
Hawaii Medical 2230 Liliha Honolulu HI 96817
Center East, LLC Street
Hawaii Medical 91-2141 Fort Ewa Beach HI 96706
Center West Weaver Road
Hays Medical 2220 Canterbury Hays KS 67601
Center Road
Hazard ARH 100 Medical Hazard KY 41701
Regional Medical Center Drive
Health Care 2105 East South Montgomery AL 36116
Authority for Boulevard
Baptist Health
Heart and Lung 900 East Bismarck ND 58502
Clinic Broadway, Box
Heart Center of 8333 Nabb Road, Suite 330 Indianapolis IN 46290
Indiana Suite 330
Heart Hospital of 3801 N. Lamar Austin TX 78756
Austin Boulevard
Heart Hospital of 1105 Kaliste Lafayette LA 70508
Lafayette Saloom Road
Heart Hospital of 504 Elm Street Albuqerque NM 87102
New Mexico NE
Heart of Florida 40100 Highway 27 Davenport FL 33837
Regional Medical
Heart of 250 College Lancaster PA 17604
Lancaster Avenue
Regional Medical
Heartland 3333 W. Deyoung Marion IL 62959
Regional Medical Street
Heartland The Heart 5325 Faraon Saint Joseph MO 64506-3373
Regional Medical Center--Cardiac Street
Center Cath Lab
Helen Ellis 1395 South Tarpon FL 34689
Memorial Pinella Avenue Springs
Hellen Keller 1300 South Sheffield AL 35660
Hospital Montgomery
Hemet Valley 1117 E. Hemet CA 92543
Medical Center Devonshire
Hendersonville 355 New Shackle Hendersonvil TN 37075
Medical Center Island Road le
Hendrick Medical 1900 Pine Street Abilene TX 79601
Hennepin County 701 Park Avenue Minneapolis MN 55415-1829
Medical Center
Henrico Doctors 1602 Skipwith Cardiac Cath Richmond VA 23229
Hospital Road Lab
Henry Ford 2799 W. Grand K-14 Detroit MI 48202
Hospital Boulevard
Henry Ford Macomb 15855 Nineteen Clinton MI 48038
Mile Road Township
Henry Ford 13355 East Ten Warren MI 48089
Macomb-Warren Mile Road
Henry Mayo 23845 McBean Valencia CA 91350
Newhall Memorial Parkway
Henry Medical 1133 Eagles Stockbridge GA 30281
Center, Inc Landing Parkway
Hialeah Hospital 651 East 25th Hialeah FL 33013
High Point 601 N. Elm High Point NC 27261
Regional Hospital Street
Highland Park 718 Glenview Highland IL 60035
Hospital Avenue Park
Highlands 3600 S. Sebring FL 33870
Regional Medical Highlands Avenue
Hillcrest Baptist 3000 Herring Waco TX 76708
Medical Center Avenue
Hillcrest 6780 Mayfield Mayfield OH 44124
Hospital Road Heights
Hillcrest Medical 1120 S. Utica 3 West Tulsa OK 74104
Center Avenue
Hilton Head 25 Hospital Hilton Head SC 29925
Regional Medical Center Boulevard
Hinsdale Hospital 120 N. Oak Hinsdale IL 60521
HMA-Physician 6101 Pine Ridge Naples FL 34119
Management Region Road
25 Disb. Acct.
Hoag Memorial One Hoag Drive Newport CA 92658
Hospital Beach
Holland Community 602 Michigan Holland MI 49423
Hospital Avenue
Hollywood Medical 3600 Washington Hollywood FL 33021
Center Street
Holmes Regional 1355 South Melbourne FL 32901
Medical Center Hickory Street,
Suite 203
Holy Cross 4725 N. Federal FT. FL 33308
Hospital Highway Lauderdale
Holy Cross 2701 W. 68th Chicago IL 60629
Hospital Street
Holy Cross 1500 Forest Glen Silver MD 20910
Hospital Medical Road Spring
Holy Spirit 503 N 21st Heart Center Camp Hill PA 17011-2204
Health System Street Admin.
Hospital Auxilio PO Box 191277 San Juan PR 00919-1227
Mutuo de Puerto
Hospital of St. Cardiac Cath New Haven CT 06511
Raphael Lab, 1450 Chapel
Hospital of the 9011 E. Gates Philadelphia PA 19104
University of 3400 Spruce
Pennsylvania Street
Houston Northwest 710 FM 1960 Road Houston TX 77090
Medical Center West
Accounts Payable
Howard County 5755 Cedar Lane Columbia MD 21044
General Hospital
Howard Regional 3500 South Kokomo IN 46904-9011
Health System LaFountain
Howard University 2041 Georgia Washington DC 20060
Hospital Avenue NW
Huguley Memorial 11801 S. Freeway Ft. Worth TX 76115
Medical Center
Huntington 100 W. Pasadena CA 91109
Hospital California
Huntington 270 Park Avenue Huntington NY 11743
Huntsville 101 Sivley Road Huntsville AL 35801
Hutchinson 1701 E. 23rd Hutchinson KS 67502
Hospital Avenue
Iberia Medical 2315 East Main New Iberia LA 70560
Center Street
Immanuel-St. 1025 Marsh Mankato MN 56001
Joseph's Hospital Street
Indian River 1000 36th Street Vero Beach FL 32960
Medical Center
Indiana Heart 8333 Naab Rd Suite 330 Indianapolis IN 46260
Indiana Regional 835 Hospital Indiana PA 15701
Medical Center Road
Ingalls Hospital One Ingalls Harvey IL 60426
Ingham Regional 401 W. Greenlawn Lansing MI 48910
Medical Center Avenue
Innovis Health 3000 32nd Avenue Fargo ND 58104
Inova Alexandria 4320 Seminary Alexandria VA 22304
Hospital Road
Inova Fairfax 3300 Gallows Falls Church VA 22042
Hospital/Inova Road
Heart & Vascular
Inova Loudoun 3289 Woodburn Suite 235 Falls Church VA 22042
Hospital Road
Integris Baptist 3433 NW 56th Oklahoma OK 73112
Medical Center Street, Suite City
Integris Health 600 S. Monroe Enid OK 73701
Integris 4401 South Oklahoma OK 73109
Southwest Medical Western Avenue City
Intermountain PO Box 577000 Murray UT 84157-7000
Medical Center
Iowa Lutheran 700 E. Des Moines IA 50316
Hospital University
Iowa Methodist 700 E. Des Moines IA 50316
Medical Center University
Iredell Memorial 557 Brookdale Statesville NC 28687
Hospital Drive
Iroquois Memorial 200 Fairman Watseka IL 60970
Hospital Avenue
Irvine Regional 16200 Sand Irvine CA 92618-3701
Hospital and Canyon Avenue
Medical Center
Jackson Hospital 1725 Pine Street Montgomery AL 36106
and Clinic
Jackson Madison 708 West Forrest Jackson TN 38301
General Hospital Avenue
Jackson Memorial 1611 N.W. 12th Miami FL 33136
Hospital Avenue
Jacobi Medical 1400 Pelham Bronx NY 10461-1101
Center Parkway
Jamaica Hospital 8900 VanWyck Jamaica NY 11418
Medical Center Expressway
Jane Phillips 3500 Frank Bartlesville OK 74006
Memorial Medical Phillips
Center Boulevard
Jeanes Hospital 7600 Central Philadelphia PA 19111
Jeff Anderson 2124 14th Street Meridian MS 39301
Regional Medical
Jefferson PO BOX 350 Crystal City MO 63019
Memorial Hospital
Jefferson 1600 West 40th Pine Bluff AR 71603
Regional Medical Avenue
Jefferson PO Box 18119, Pittsburgh PA 15236-0119
Regional Medical 565 Coal Valley
Center Road
Jennie Edmundson 933 E. Pierce Council IA 51503
Memorial Hospital Street Bluffs
Jersey City 355 Grand Street Neptune NJ 07307
Medical Center
Jersey Shore 1945 State Route Neptune NJ 07753
University 33
Medical Center
Jewish Hospital 4777 East Cincinnati OH 45236
Galbraith Road
Jewish Hospital 200 Abraham Louisville KY 40202
Flexner Way
JFK Medical 5631 Glencrest Tampa FL 33625-1008
Center Boulevard
John C. Lincoln 19829 N. 27th Phoenix AZ 85027-4002
Hospital--Deer Ave.
John C. Lincoln 250 E. Dunlap Phoenix AZ 85020-2871
Hospital--North Avenue
John F. Kennedy 47-111 Monroe Indio CA 92201
Memorial Hospital Street
John Muir Medical 2540 East Street Concord CA 94520
John Muir--Walnut 1601 Ygnacio Walnut Creek CA 94550
Creek Valley Road
Johns Hopkins 4940 Eastern Baltimore MD 21224
Bayview Medical Avenue
Johns Hopkins 600 N. Wolfe Baltimore MD 21287
Hospital Street
Johnson City 400 N State of Johnson City TN 37604
Medical Center Franklin
Jordan Valley 3580 W. 9000 S West Jordan UT 84088
Kadlec Medical 888 Swift Richland WA 99352
Center Boulevard
Kaiser Foundation 1526 Edgemont Los Angeles CA 90027
Hospital Street
Kaiser Foundation 6600 Bruceville Sacramento CA 95823
Hospital Road
Kaiser 3288 Moanalua Honolulu HI 96819
Permanente-- Road
Moanalua Medical
Kaiser 13652 Cantara Panoram City CA 91402
Permanente-- Street
Panorama City
Kaiser Permanente 2350 Geary 1st Floor-- San CA 94115
Medical Center Boulevard CV Surgery Francisco
Kaiser Permanente 710 Lawrence Santa Clara CA 95051
Medical Center-- Expressway
Santa Clara
Kaiser Permanente 9400 E. Bellflower CA 90706
Medical Center Rosecrans Avenue
Health Sciences
Kaiser Permanente 4647 Zion Avenue Bellflower CA 92120
Walnut Creek
Kaiser Sunnyside 10180 SE Clackamas OR 97015
Medical Center Sunnyside Road
Kansas Heart 3601 N Webb Road Wichita KS 67226
Kansas Heart 3601 N Webb Road Wichita KS 67226
Kansas Medical 1124 West 21st Andover KS 67002
Center Street
Kansas University 3901 Rainbow Kansas City KS 66160
Hospital Boulevard
Kapi'olani 98-1079 Moanalua Aiea HI 96701
Medical Center Road
Pali Momi
Katherine Shaw 403 E. First Dixon IL 61021
Bethea Hospital Street
Kaweah Delta Kaweah Delta 400 W. Visalia CA 93291
Hospital District Hospital Mineral King
District Avenue
Kendall Regional 5631 Glencrest Tampa FL 33625-1008
Medical Center Boulevard
Kershaw County 1315 Roberts Camden SC 29020
Medical Center Street
Kettering Medical 3535 Southern Kettering OH 45429
Center Boulevard
Kingman Regional 3269 Stockton Kingman AZ 86401
Medical Center Hill Road
Kings Daughters 1901 Southwest Temple TX 76502
Hospital H.K. Dodgen Loop
2201 Lexington Ashland KY 41101
Kings Daughters Avenue
Medical Center
Kingwood Medical 22999 Highway 59 Kingwood TX 77339
Center N
Knox Community 1330 Coshocton Mount Vernon OH 43050
Hospital Road
Kootenai Medical 2003 Lincoln Way Coeur d' ID 83814
Center Alene
Kuakini Medical 347 North Cardiac Cath Honolulu HI 96817
Center Kuakini Street Lab
Labette Health 1920 S. US Parson KS 67357
Highway 59, PO
BOX 956
Lafayette General 1214 Coolidge Lafayette LA 70505
Medical Center Avenue
LaGrange Memorial 120 North Oak Hinsdale IL 60521
Hospital Street
Lahey Clinic 41 Mall Road Burlington MA 01805
Lake Charles 1701 Oak Park Lake Charles LA 70601
Memorial Hospital Boulevard
Lake Hospital 36000 Euclid Willoughby OH 44094
System Avenue
Lake Regional 54 Hospital Osage Beach MO 65065
Health System Drive
Lakeland Hospital 1234 Napier Saint Joseph MI 49085-2112
Lakeland Regional 1324 Lakeland Lakeland FL 33804
Medical Center Hills Boulevard
Lakeside Hospital 6901 N. 72nd Omaha NE 68122
Street, Suite
Lakeview Regional 95 East Fairway Covington LA 70433-7500
Medical Center Drive
Lakeway Regional 726 McFarland Morristown TN 37814
Hospital Street
Lakewood Hospital 14519 Detroit Lakewood OH 44107
Lakewood Ranch 8330 Lakewood Bradenton FL 34202
Medical Center Ranch Boulevard
Lakewood Regional 3700 East South Lakewood CA 90712
Medical Center Street
Lancaster 43830 North 10th Lancaster CA 93534
Community Hosp Sreet West
Lancaster General 555 N. Duke Lancaster PA 17604-3555
Hospital Street, PO Box
Lancaster 250 College Lancaster PA 17604
Regional Medical Avenue
Landmark Medical 115 Cass Avenue Woonsocket RI 02895
Lane Regional 6300 Main Street Zachary LA 70791
Medical Center
Lankenau Hospital Suite 557, 100 Wynnewood PA 19096
Lankenau MOB Lancaster
East Avenue
La Porte Hospital 1007 Lincolnway La Porte IN 46352
Laredo Medical 1720 Bustamante Laredo TX 78044
Center Street
Largo Medical 201 14th Street Largo FL 33770
Center SW
Las Colinas 6800 North Irving TX 75039
Medical Center MacArthur
Las Palmas 1801 N. Oregon El Paso TX 79902
Medical Center Street
Lawnwood Medical 1700 S. 23rd Fort Pierce FL 34950
Center Street
Lawrence & 365 Montauk New London CT 06375
Memorial Hospital Avenue
Lawrence Hospital 55 Palmer Avenue Broxville NY 10708-3491
Lee Memorial 276 Cleveland Fort Myers FL 33901
Health System- Avenue
Cape Coral
Lee Memorial 276 Cleveland Fort Myers FL 33901
Health System- Avenue
Health Park Med
Lee's Summit 2100 SE Blue Lee's Summit MO 64063
Medical Center Parkway
Leesburg Regional 600 East Dixie Leesburg FL 34748
Medical Center Avenue
Legacy Emanuel 1919 NW Lovejoy Portland OR 97209
Hospital Street
Legacy Good 1919 NW Lovejoy Portland OR 97209
Samaritan Street
Legacy Meridian 19300 SW 65th Tualatin OR 97062
Park Hospital Avenue
Legacy Salmon 1919 NW Lovejoy Portland OR 97209
Creek Hospital Street
Lehigh Regional 1500 Lee Lehigh Acres FL 33963
Medical Center Boulevard
Lehigh Valley 1200 S. Cedar Jaindl Allentown PA 18103
Hospital Crest Boulevard Pavilion,
1st Floor
Lehigh Valley 2545 Invasive Bethlehem PA 18017-7330
Hospital-- Schoenersville Cardiology,
Muhlenberg Road 3rd Floor
Lenox Hill Heart 100 East 77th New York NY 10021
and Vascular Street
Institute of New
Lewis Gale 1900 Electric Salem VA 24153
Medical Center Road
Lexington Medical 2720 Sunset West SC 29169
Center Boulevard Columbia
Licking Memorial 1320 W. Main Newark OH 43055
Hospital Street
Lima Memorial 1001 Lima OH 45804
Hospital Bellefontaine
Lincoln Park 550 W. Webster Chicago IL 60614
Hospital Avenue
Little Company of 4101 Torrance Torrance CA 90503
Mary Hospital Boulevard
Little Company of 2800 W. 95th Evergreen IL 60805
Mary Hospital Street Park
Logan General 20 Hospital Logan WV 25601
Hospital, LLC Drive
Loma Linda 11234 Anderson Loma Linda CA 92354
University Street, Room
Medical Center 2431
Long Beach 2801 Atlantic Long Beach CA 90806
Memorial Medical Avenue
Long Island 339 Hicks Street Brooklyn NY 11201
College Hospital
Long Island 270-05 76th New Hyde NY 11040
Jewish Medical Avenue Park
Longmont United 1950 Moutain Longmont CO 80501
Hospital View Avenue
Longview Regional PO Box 14000 Longview TX 75607
Medical Center
Los Alamitos 3751 Katella Los Alamitos CA 90720
Medical Center Avenue
Los Robles 215 W. Janss Thousand CA 91360-1899
Hospital & Road Oaks
Medical Center
Louisiana Medical 64030 Louisiana Lacombe LA 70445
Center and Heart Highway 434
Lourdes Hospital 1530 Lone Oak Paducah KY 42003
Lovelace Medical 601 Dr. Martin Albuquerque NM 87106
Center Luther King, Jr.
Ave NE
Lowell General 295 Varnum Lowell MA 01854
Hospital Avenue
Lower Bucks 501 Bath Road Bristol PA 19007
Lower Keys 5900 College Key West FL 33040
Medical Center Road
Loyola University 2160 S. First Rm. 1318 Maywood IL 60153
Medical Center Avenue Bldg. 104,
Att: Mike
LSUHSC-Cath Lab 1501 Kings Shreveport LA 71130
Lubbock Heart 4810 N. Loop 289 Lubbock LA 79416
Luther Hospital 1221 Whipple Eau Claire WI 54703
Lutheran Hospital 7950 W. Fort Wayne IN 46804
of Indiana Jefferson
Lutheran Medical 150 55th Street Brooklyn NY 11220
Lynchburg General 1901 Tate Lynchburg VA 24501-1167
Hospital Springs Road
MacNeal Hospital 3249 S. Oak Park Berwyn IL 60402
Magnolia Regional 611 Alcorn Drive Corinth MS 38834
Health Center
Maimonides Division of 4802 10th Brooklyn NY 11219
Medical Center, Cardiology Avenue
Division of
Maine Medical 22 Bramhall Portland ME 04102
Center Street
Manatee Memorial 206 Second Bradenton FL 34208
Hospital Street East
Marian Medical 1400 East Church Santa Maria CA 93454
Center Street
Maricopa 2601 E. Phoenix AZ 85008
Integrated Health Roosevelt Street
Marin General 250 Bon Air Road Greenbrae CA 94904
Marion General 441 N. Wabash Marion IN 46952
Hospital Avenue
Marion General 1000 McKinley Marion OH 43302-6397
Hospital Park Drive
Marquette General 580 W. College Marquette MI 49855
Hospital System Avenue
Marshall 420 West Huntington WV 25701
University School Magnetic Street
of Medicine
Martha Jefferson 459 Locust Charlottesvi VA 22902
Hospital Avenue lle
Martin Memorial PO Box 9010 Stuart FL 34995
Medical Center
Mary Black 1700 Skylyn Spatanburg SC 29307
Hospital Drive
Mary Greeley 1111 Duff Avenue Ames IA 50010
Medical Center
Mary Hitchcock One Medical Lebanon NH 03756
Memorial Hospital Center Drive
Mary Rutan 205 Palmer Bellefontain OH 43311
Hospital Avenue e
Mary Washington 1001 Sam Perry Fredericksbu VA 22401
Hospital Boulevard rg
Massachusetts 55 Fruit Street Boston MA 02114
General Hospital
Mat-Su Regional 2500 S. Palmer AR 99645
Medical Center Woodworth Loop
Maui Memorial 221 Mahalani Wailuku HI 96793
Medical Center Street
Maury Regional 1224 Trotwood Columbia TN 38401
Hospital Avenue
Mayo Clinic 4201 Belfort Jacksonville FL 32216
Mayo Clinic 5777 E. Mayo Phoenix AZ 85054
Arizona Boulevard
Mayo Clinic--St. 1216 2nd Street Rochester MN 55902
Mary's Hospital SW
McAlester 1 Clark Bass McAlester OK 74501
Regional Health Boulevard
McAllen Medical 301 W. McAllen TX 78503
Center Expressway 83
MCG Health Inc. 1120 15th Augusta GA 30912
Street, BBR-8521
McKay-Dee 4401 Harrison Ogden UT 84405
Hospital Center Boulevard
McKee Medical 2000 Boise Loveland CO 80538
Center Avenue
McLeod Regional 555 E. Chaves Florence SC 29501
Medical Center Street
Mease Countryside 3231 Mccullen Safety FL 34695
Hospital Booth Road Harbor
Mease Dunedin 207 Jeffords Clearwater FL 33756
Hospital Street, MS 142
Med Central 335 Glessner Mansfield OH 44903
Mansfield Avenue
Medcenter One 300 N. 7th Bismarck ND 58501
Medical Center at 250 Park Street Bowling KY 42101
Bowling Green Green
Medical Center 500 W. 4th Odessa TX 79760
Hospital Street
Medical Center of 3301 Matlock Arlington TX 76015
Arlington Road
Medical Center of 1501 S. Potomac Aurora CO 80012
Aurora Street
Medical Centerof 777 Hemlock Macon GA 31208
Central Georgia Street HB 53
Medical Center of 1541 Tulane New Orleans LA 70112
Louisiana at New Avenue, Room
Orleans #203,
Medical Center of 4500 Medical McKinney TX 75069
McKinney Center Drive
Medical Center of 3901 W. 15th Plano TX 75075-7738
Plano Street
Medical Center of 700 West Grove El Dorado AR 71730
South Arkansas, Street
Medical Center of 1800 University Durant OK 74701
Southeastern Boulevard
Medical Center of 2500 Rocky Loveland CO 80538
the Rockies Mountain Avenue
Medical City 7777 Forest Lane Dallas TX 75230
Dallas Hospital
Medical 326 Calhoun Charleston SC 29401
University of Street, Suite
South Carolina 239
Memorial Health 1400 E. Boulder Colorado CO 80909-5599
System Street Springs
Memorial Health Cardiac Cath 4700 Waters Savannah GA 31404
University Lab, Memorial Avenue
Medical Center Health
Medical Center
Memorial Hermann 6411 Fannin Houston TX 77030
Hospital Street
Memorial Hermann 7787 Southwest Houston TX 77074
HVI South West Freeway
Memorial Hermann 921 Gessner Road Houston TX 77024
Memorial City
Memorial Hermann 18951 Memorial Humble TX 77338
Northeast North
Memorial Hermann 1635 North Loop Houston TX 77008
Northwest West
Memorial Hermann 9250 Pinecroft Spring TX 77380
The Woodlands Drive
Memorial Hospital 800 West 9th Jasper IN 47546
Memorial Hospital 2525 Desales Chattanooga TN 37404-1102
Memorial Hospital 4500 13th Street PO Box 1810 Gulfport MS 39502
at Gulfport
Memorial Hospital 405 W. Jackson Carbondale IL 65902
Carbondale Street
Memorial Hospital 1901 SW 172 Miramar FL 33029
Miramar Avenue
Memorial Hospital 320 Hospital Martinsville VA 24112
of Martinsville Drive
Memorial Hospital 111 Brewster Pawtucket RI 02860
of Rhode Island Street
Brown University
Memorial Hospital 615 N. Michigan South Bend IN 46601-1033
of South Bend Street
Memorial Hospital 2901 W. Swann Tampa FL 33609
of Tampa Avenue
Memorial Hospital 7800 Sheridan Pembroke FL 33024
Pembroke/South Street Pines
Broward Hospital
Memorial Hospital 703 North Pembroke FL 33028
West/South Flamingo Road Pines
Broward Hospital
Memorial 3625 University Jacksonville FL 32215
Hospital-- Boulevard South
Memorial 1700 Coffee Road Modesto CA 95355
Memorial Medical 701 N. First Springfield IL 62781
Center Street
Memorial Medical 2450 S. Telshor Las Cruces NM 88011
Center Boulevard
Memorial Medical 1086 Franklin Johnstown PA 15905-4398
Center Street
Memorial Regional 3501 Johnson Hollywood FL 33021
Hospital/South Street
Broward Hospital
Memphis Hospital 1265 Union Memphis TN 38104-3499
(Germantown Avenue
Memphis Hospital 1265 Union Memphis TN 38104-3499
(North Campus) Avenue
Memphis Hospital 1265 Union Memphis TN 38104-3499
(University Avenue
Menifee Valley 28400 McCell Sun City CA 92585
Medical Center Boulevard
Menorah Medical 5721 West 119th Overland KS 66209
Center Street Park
Mercy Fitzgerald 1500 Lansdowne Darby PA 19023
Hospital Avenue
Mercy General 1500 E. Sherman Muskegon MI 49444
Health Partners Boulevard
Mercy General 3939 J Street Suite 215 Sacramento CA 95819
Mercy Gilbert 3555 South Val Attn.: Gilbert AZ 85296
Medical Center Vista Drive Cardiac Cath
Mercy Health 2710 Rife Rogers AR 72756
System of Medical Lane
Mercy Hospital 144 State Street Portland ME 04101
Mercy Hospital 2925 Chicago Minneapolis MN 55407
Mercy Hospital-- 746 Jefferson Scranton PA 18501
Scranton Avenue
Mercy Hospital & 2525 South Chicago IL 60616
Medical Center Michigan Avenue
Mercy Hospital, 3663 South Miami Miami FL 33133
Attn.: Accounts Avenue
Mercy Hospital of 515 Abbott Road Marion Buffalo NY 14220
Buffalo Building
Suite 306
Mercy Hospital, 271 Carew Springfield MA 01102
Attn: A/P Street, PO Box
Mercy Iowa City 500 East Market Iowa City IA 52245
Mercy Medical 2700 Steward Roseburg OR 97470
Center Parkway
Mercy Medical 801 5th Street Sioux City IA 51101
Mercy Medical 1111 6th Avenue Des Moines IA 51101
Mercy Medical 1320 Mercy Drive Cardiology Canton OH 44708
Center Management
and Support
Mercy Medical 301 St. Paul Baltimore MD 21202
Center Place
Mercy Medical 2900 W. 9th Suite 107 Oshkosh WI 54904
Center Avenue
Mercy Medical 701 10th Street Cedar Rapids IA 52403
Center SE
Mercy Medical 1000 North Rockville NY 11571
Center Village Ave Centre
Mercy Medical 301 E. 13th Merced CA 95340
Center Merced Street
Mercy Medical 2175 Rosaline PO Box Redding CA 96049-6009
Center Redding Avenue; 496009
Mercy Medical 1000 4th Street Mason City IA 50401
Center--- North SW
Mercy Regional 1823 College Manhattah KS 67218
Health Center Avenue
Mercy Regional 1010 Three Durango CO 81301
Medical Center Springs
Mercy San Juan 3941 J Street c/o Mercy Sacramento CA 95819
Hospital General
MeritCare MeritCare Fargo ND 58122
Hospital Hospital/Heart
Meriter Hospital 202 South Park 10 Tower-- Madison WI 53715
Street Heart Center
Methodist Health PO Box 655999 Dallas TX 75203
Methodist 7700 Floyd Curl San Antonio TX 78229
Hospital Drive
Methodist 6500 Excelsior St. Louis MN 55426
Hospital Boulevard 2nd Park
Floor HVC
Methodist 300 W Huntington Arcadia CA 91007-3402
Hospital of South Drive
Methodist 8701 Broadway Merrillville IN 46410-7035
Southlake Campus
Methodist Medical 280 Fort Sanders Knoxville TN 37922
Center Boulevard
Building 4,
Suite 218
Methodist Medical 221 NE Glen Oak Peoria IL 61636
Center of Avenue
Methodist 7700 Floyd Curl San Antonio TX 78229
Speciality and Drive
Methodist Sugar 16655 Southwest Sugar Land TX 77479
Land Hospital Freeway
Methodist 18220 Tomball Houston TX 77070
Willowbrook Parkway
Metro Health 5900 Byron Wyoming MI 49519
Hospital Center Road
MetroHealth 2500 MetroHealth Cleveland OH 44109
Medical Center Drive
Metroplex 2201 S. Clear Killeen TN 76549
Hospital Creek Road
MetroSouth 12935 Gregory Blue Island IL 60406-2470
Medical Center Street
MetroWest Medical 115 Lincoln Cardiac Cath Framingham MA 01702-6327
Center Street Lab
Miami Valley One Wyoming Dayton OH 45409
Hospital Street
Michael Reese 2929 S. Ellis Chicago IL 60616
Hospital Avenue
Midland Memorial 2200 W. Illinois Midland TX 79701
Hospital Avenue c/o Heart
Midlands 6901 N. 72nd Omaha NE 68122
Community Street
MidMichigan 4005 Orchard Midland MI 48670
Medical Center- Drive
Midwest Regional 2825 Parklawn Midwest City OK 73110
Medical Center Drive
Milford Regional 14 Prospect Milford MA 01568
Medical Center Street
Millard Fillmore 100 High Street Buffalo NY 14203
Millard Filmore 100 High Street Buffalo Ny 14203
Mills-Peninsula 1783 Elcamino Burlingame CA 94010
Hospital Real
Mission Hospital 27700 Medical Mission CA 92691-6426
Regional Medical Center Road Viejo
Mission 509 Biltmore Asheville NC 28801-4690
Hospitals, Inc Avenue
Mission Regional 900 S. Bryan Mission TX 78572
Medical Center Road
Mississippi 1225 N State Jackson MS 39202-2097
Baptist Medical Street
Missouri Baptist 3015 N. Ballas 3105 North Saint Louis MO 63131-2374
Medical Center Road Ballas Road
Moberly Regional 1515 Union Moberly MO 65270
Medical Center Avenue
Mobile Infirmary 5 Mobile Mobile AL 36607
Medical Center Infirmary Circle
Monongalia 1200 JD Anderson Morgantown WV 26505
Genera; Hospital Drive
Monroe Hospital 4011 South Bloomington IN 47403
Medical Park
Montefiore 111 East 210th Bronx NY 10467-2490
Medical Center Street
Montgomery 18101 Prince Olney MD 20832
General Hospital Philip Drive
Morris Hospital 150 West High Morris IL 60450
Morristown 100 Madison Morristown NJ 07962
Memorial Hospital Avenue
Morton Plant 207 Jeffords Clearwater FL 33756
Hospital Street
Morton Plant 6600 Madison New Port FL 34652
North Bay Street Richey
Moses Cone Health 1200 N. Elm Greensboro NC 27401
System Street
Mother Frances 800 E.Dawson Tyler TX 75701
Hospital Street
Mount Auburn 330 Mount Auburn South 2 - Cambridge MA 02138
Hospital Street Administrati
Mount Carmel East 6150 East Broad Office EB Columbus OH 42313
Street 148
Mount Carmel St. 6150 East Broad Office EB Columbus OH 42313
Ann's Hospital Street 148
Mount Carmel West 6150 East Broad Office EB Columbus OH 42313
Street 148
Mount Clemens 1000 Harrington Mount MI 48043-2992
Regional Medical Street Clemens
Mount Sinai 4300 Alton Road Miami Beach FL 33140
Medical Center
Mountainview 3100 N. Tenaya Las Vegas NV 89128
Hospital Way
Munroe Regional 1500 SW 1st Ocala FL 34478
Medical Center Avenue PO Box
Munson Medical 1105 Sixth Traverse MI 49684-2386
Center Street City
Muskogee Regional 300 Rockefeller Muskogee OK 74401
Medical Center Drive
Nacogdoches 4920 NE Nacogdoches TX 75965
Medical Center Stallings Drive
Naples Community 350 7th Street Naples FL 34102
Hospital South
Natchez Regional 54 Sgt. Prentiss Natchez MS 39120
Medical Center Drive
NEA Baptist 3024 Stadium Jonesboro AR 72401
Memorial Hospital Boulevard
Nebraska Heart 7500 South 91st Lincoln NE 68526
Hospital Street
Nebraska 8303 Dodge Omaha NE 68114
Methodist Street
New Hanover 2131 S. 17th Wilmington NC 28402
Regional Medical Street
New Milford 21 Elm Street New Milford CT 06776
New York 2525 Kings Brooklyn NY 11229
Community Highway
New York Hospital 5645 Main Street Floor 1 Flushing NY 11355
Medical Center of
Queens Health
Education Library
New York 506 6th Street New York NY 11215
Methodist Brooklyn City
New York 6220 West 168th PH-2 New York NY 10032
Presbyterian Street City
Newark Beth 201 Lyons Avenue Newark NJ 07112
Israel Medical at Osborne
Center Terrace
Nicholas H. Noyes 111 Clara Barton Dansville NY 14437
Memorial Hospital Street
NIX Healthcare 414 Navarro San Antonio TX 78205
System Street
Norman Regional PO Box 1308 Norman OK 73070-1308
Health System
North Austin 12221 MoPac Austin TX 78758
Medical Center Expressway North
North Bay Medical 1200 B. Gale Fairfield CA 94533
Center Wilson Boulevard
North Carolina Medical Center Winston- NC 27157
Baptist Hospital Boulevard Salem
North Central 730 Main Avenue Suite 409 San Antonio TX 78205
Baptist Hospital
North Colorado 1801 16th Street Greeley CO 80631
Medical Center
North Cypress 21214 Northwest Cypress TX 77429
Medical Center Freeway
North Florida 6500 Newberry Gainesville FL 32605
Regional Medical Road
North Hills 4401 Booth North TX 76180
Hospital Calloway Road Richland
North Kansas City 2800 Clay Edward North Kansas MO 64116
Hospital Drive City
North Memorial 3300 Oakdale Robbinsdale MN 55422
Medical Center Avenue, N
North Mississippi 830 S. Gloster Tupelo MS 38801
Medical Center Street
North Oaks 15790 Paul Vega Hammond LA 70403
Medical Center MD Drive
North Ridge 5757 N. Dixie Fort FL 33334
Medical Center Highway Lauderdale
North Shore 1100 NW 95th Miami FL 33150
Medical Center Street
North Shore 81 Highland Davenport 5 Salem MA 01970
Medical Center - Avenue
Salem Hospital
North Shore 300 Community Manhasset NY 11030
University Drive
North Vista 1409 E. Lake North Las NV 89030
Hospital Mead Boulevard vegas
Northeast Alabama PO Box 2208 400 East Anniston AL 36202
Regional Medical 10th Street
Northeast Baptist 730 Main Street Suite 409 San Antonio TX 78205
Northeast Georgia 743 Spring Gainesville GA 30501
Medical Center Street
NorthEast Medical 920 Church Concord NC 28025
Center Street North
Northeast 12412 Judson Live Oak TX 78233
Methodist Road
Northern Illinois 4201 Medical McHenry IL 60050
Medical Center Center Drive
Northern Michigan 416 Connable Petoskey MI 49770
Regional Hospital Avenue
Northlake Medical 1455 Montreal Tucker GA 30084
Center Road
Northridge 18300 Roscoe Northridge CA 91325
Hospital Medical Avenue
Northshore 100 Medical Slidell LA 70461
Regional Medical Center Drive
Northside 1000 Johnson Atlanta GA 30342
Hospital Ferry Road
Northside 6000 49th Pinellas FL 33709
Hospital Street, N Park
Northside 1200 Northside Cumming GA 30041
Hospital - Forsyth Drive
Northwest 800 W. Central Arlington IL 60005
Community Road Heights
Northwest 1550 North 115th Seattle WA 98113
Hospital Street
Northwest 5401 Old Court Randallstown MD 21133
Hospital Center Road
Northwest Medical 2801 N. State Margate FL 33063
Center Road 7
Northwest Medical Northwest 6200 N. La Tucson AZ 85741
Center Medical Center Cholla
Northwest Medical 3000 Medical Bentonville AR 72712
Center - Center Parkway
Northwest 609 West Maple Springdale AR 72764
Arkansas Street
Hospitals LLC,
dba NMC
Northwest 1970 Hospital Clarksdale MS 38614
Mississippi Drive
Regional Medical
Northwest Texas 3501 Soncy Road Suite 118 Amarillo TX 79119
Healthcare System
Northwestern 676 N. St. Clair Chicago IL 60611
Memorial Hospital Street, Suite
Norton Audubon PO Box 35070 Louisville KY 40232
Norton Hospital PO Box 35070 Louisville KY 40232
24 Stevens Norwalk CT 06856
Norwalk Hospital Street
NYU Medical 560 First Avenue New York NY 10016
Oak Hill Hospital 11375 Cortez Brooksville FL 34613
Oakwood Hospital 18101 Oakwood Dearborn MI 48124
& Medical Center Boulevard Suite
Obici Hospital 2800 Godwin Suffolk VA 23434
Ocala Regional 1431 SW First Ocala FL 34474
Mecical Center Avenue
Ocean Springs 3109 Bienville Ocean MS 39564
Hospital Boulevard Springs
Ochsner Bapatist 2700 Napoleon New Orleans LA 70115
Medical Center Avenue
Ochsner Health
Ochsner Medical 17000 Medical Baton Rouge LA 70816
Center - Baton Center Drive
Ochsner Medical 2500 Belle Gretna LA 70056
Center - West Chasse Highway
Ochsner Medical 180 West Kenner LA 70065
Center - Kenner Esplanade Avenue
(Kenner Regional
Medical Center)
Ochsner Medical 1514 Jefferson New Orleans LA 70121
Foundation Highway
Oconee Regional 812 N. Cobb Milledgevill GA 31061
Medical Center Street e
O'Connor Hospital 2105 Forest San Jose CA 95128
Odessa Regional 520 East Sixth Odessa TX 79760
Hospital Street
Ogden Regional 5475 South 500 Ogden UT 84403
Medical Center East
Ohio State 410 W. 10th 142 Doan Columbus OH 43210-1228
University Avenue Hall
Medical Center
Ohio Valley 2000 Eoff Street Wheeling WV 26003
Medical Center
Oklahoma Heart 4050 W. Memorial Oklahoma OK 73120
Hospital Road City
Oklahoma State 744 W. 9th Tulsa OK 74127
University Street
Medical Center
Olathe Medical 20333 W. 151st Olathe KS 66061-7211
Center Street
Opelousas General 539 E. Prudhomme Opelousas LA 70570
Health System Street
Orange Coast 9920 Talbert Fountain CA 92708
Memorial Medical Avenue Valley
Orange Regional 60 Prospect Middletown NY 10940
Medical Center Avenue
Oregon Health & 3181 SW Sam Portland OR 97239
Science Jackson Road
Orlando Regional 1414 Kuhl Avenue Orlando FL 32806
Medical Center
Osceola Regional 700 W. Oak Kissimmee FL 34745
Medical Center Street
OSF Saint Anthony 5666 East State Rockford IL 61108
Medical Center Street
OSF Saint Joseph 2200 E. Bloomington IL 61701
Medical Center Washington
OSF Saint Francis 530 N.E. Glen Peoria IL 61637
Medical Center Oak Avenue
OU MEDICAL CENTER 700 NE 13th Oklahoma OK 73104
Street City
Our Lady of 1600 Haddon Camden NJ 08103
Lourdes Medical Avenue
Our Lady of 611 Saint Landry Lafayette LA 70506
Lourdes Regional Street PO Box
Medical Center 4027
Our Lady of The 5000 Hennessy Baton Rouge LA 70808-4350
Lake Regional Boulevard
Our Lady of the 5645 W. Addison Chicago IL 60634
Resurrection Street
Medical Center
Overlake Hospital 1035 116th Bellevue WA 98004
Medical Center Avenue NE
Overland Park 10500 Quivira Overland KS 66215
Regional Medical Road Park
Owensboro Medical 811 E. Parrish Owensboro KY 42303
Health System Avenue
Ozarks Medical Ozarks Medical PO Box 1100 West Plains MO 65775
Center Center
P and S Surgical 312 Grammont Monroe LA 71201
Hospital Street
Palm Beach 3360 Burns Road Palm Beach FL 33410
Gardens Medical Gardens
Palmetto General 2001 West 68th Hialeah FL 33016
Hospital Street
Palmetto Health 6 Richland Suite 4525 Columbia SC 29203
Heart Hospital Medical Park
Palomar Medical 555 East Valley Escondido CA 92025
Center Parkway
Palos Community 12251 S. 80th Cardiovascul Palos IL 60463-0930
Hospital Avenue ar Services Heights
Paoli Hospital 557 Lankenau MOB 100 Wynnewood PA 19096
East Lancaster
Paradise Valley 3929 E. Bell Phoenix AZ 85032
Hospital Road
Paradise Valley 2400 E. Fourth National CA 91950
Hospital Street City
Paris Regional 820 Clarksville Paris TX 75460
Medical Center Street
Park Plaza 1313 Hermann Houston TX 77004
Hospital Drive
Parkland Health 5201Harry Hines Dallas TX 75235
and Hospital Boulevard
Parkridge Medical 2333 McCallie Chattanooga TN 37404
Center Avenue
Parkview Hospital 2200 Randallia Fort Wayne IN 46805
Parkview Medical 400 W. 16th Pueblo CO 81003
Center Street
Parkway Regional 160 NW 170th North Miami FL 33169
Medical Center Street
Parkwest Medical 9352 Parkwest Knoxville TN 37923
Center Boulevard
Parma Community 7007 Powers Parma OH 44129
General Hospital Boulevard
Parrish Medical 951 N. Titusville FL 32796
Center Washington
Pasco Regional 13000 100 Fort Dade City FL 33525
Medical Center King Road
PBI Regional 350 Boulevard Passaic NJ 07055
Medical Center
Peace River 2500 Harbor Port FL 33952
Regional Medical Boulevard Charlotte
Peconic Bay 1300 Roanoake Riverhead NY 11901
Medical Center Avenue
Peninsula 100 East Carroll Salisbury MD 21801
Regional Medical Street
Penn Presbyterian 39th & Market Philadelphia PA 19104
Medical Center Streets
Penn State PO Box 850 H139 Hershey PA 17033
Hershey Medical
Pennsylvania 800 Spruce Philadelphia PA 19107-6192
Hospital Street
Penrose - St. 2222 North Colorado CO 80907
Francis Health Nevada, #220 Springs
Phelps County 1000 W. 10th Rolla MO 65401
Regional Medical Street
Phoenix Baptist 2000 W. Bethany Phoenix AZ 85015
Hospital Home Road
Phoenixville 140 Nutt Road Phoenixville PA 19460-3906
Physicians 1600 Carraway Birmingham AL 35234
Medical Center Boulevard
Piedmont Hospital 95 Collier Road Atlanta GA 30309
Suite 2075
Piedmont Medical 222 S. Herlong Rock Hill SC 29732
Center Avenue
Pikesville 911 Bypass Road Pikesville KY 41501
Medical Center
Pinnicle Health 111 South Front Harrisburg PA 17101-2099
Invasive Street
Pioneer Valley 3590 West 9000 West Jordan UT 84088
Hospital South, Suite 315
Pitt County 300 Moye Greenville NC 27834
Memorial Hospital Boulevard
Plantation 401 NW 42nd Plantation FL 33317
General Hospital Avenue
Plaza Medical 900 Eighth Fort Worth TX 76104
Center of Fort Avenue
Pocono Medical 206 East Brown East PA 18301
Center Street Stroudsburg
Pomona Valley 1798 N. Garey Pomona CA 91768
Hospital Med Avenue
Pontiac 50 N. Perry Pontiac MI 48342
Osteopathic Street
Poplar Bluff 2620 N. Westwood Poplar Bluff MO 63901
Regional Medical Boulevard
Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Port Huron MI 48060
Hospital Avenue
Porter Adventist 2525 S. Downing Denver CO 80210-5817
Hospital Street
Porter Valparaiso 814 Laporte Valparaiso IN 46383
Hospital Campus Avenue
Portneuf Medical 651 Memorial Pocatello ID 83201
Center Drive
Portsmouth 333 Borthwick Portsmouth NH 03801
Regional Hospital Avenue
Prairie Lakes 401 9th Avenue Watertown SD 57201
Presbyterian PO Box 26666 Albuquerque NM 87125
Presbyterian 3000 I-35 N Denton TX 76201
Hospital - Denton
Presbyterian Presbyterian 8200 Walnut Dallas TX 75231
Hospital - Dallas Hospital Hill Lane
Presbyterian 6200 West Parker Plano TX 75093-7914
Hospital - Plano Road
Presbyterian 12401 Washington Whittier CA 90602
Intercommunity Boulevard
Presbyterian/St.L 1719 E. 19th Denver CO 80218-1235
uke's Medical Avenue
Prince George's 3001 Hospital Cheverly MD 20785
Hospital Center Drive
Princeton Baptist Princeton BMC, Birmingham AL 35211-1399
Medical Center Nursing
701 Princeton
Avenue, SW
Proctor Hospital 5409 N. Peoria IL 61614
Knoxville Avenue
Protestant 4500 Memorial Belleville IL 62226
Memorial Medical Drive
Provena Covenant 1400 West Park Urbana IL 61801-9901
Medical Center Street
Provena Mercy 1325 North Aurora IL 60506
Medical Center Highland Avenue
Provena Saint 333 North Joliet IL 60435-6595
Joseph Medical Madison Street
Provena Saint 500 West Court Kankakee IL 60901
Marys Hospital Street
Provena St. 77 N. Airlite Elgin IL 60123
Joseph Hospital Street
Providence Alaska 3200 Providence Anchorage AK 99508-4662
Medical Center Drive
Providence 1321 Coby Avenue PO Box 1147 Everett WA 98206-1147
Everett Medical
Providence Health 6901 Medical Waco TX 76712
Center Parkway
Providence Holy 501 South Buena Burbank CA 91505
Cross Medical Vista Street
Providence 6801 Airport Mobile AL 36608
Hospital Boulevard
Providence 2435 Forest Columbia SC 29204
Hospital Drive
Providence 1111 Crater Lake Medford OR 97504
Medford Medical Avenue
Providence 8929 Parallel Kansas City KS 66112-1689
Medical Center Parkway
Providence 2001 North El Paso TX 79902
Memorial Hospital Oregon Street
Providence 9205 SW Barnes 9205 South Portland OR 97225
Portland Medical Road West Barnes
Center Road
Providence Saint 501 South Buena Burbank CA 91505
Joseph Medical Vista Street
Providence Saint Regional Heart 9205 South Portland OR 97225
Vincent Medical Data Services West Barnes
Center Road #33
Providence St. 413 N. Lilly Olympia WA 98506
Peter Hospital Road
Putnam Hospital 670 Stoneleigh Carmel NY 10512
Center Avenue
Queen of the 1000 Trancas Napa CA 94558
Valley Medical Street
Queens Medical 1301 Punchbowl Honolulu HI 96813
Center Street
Rancho Spring 36485 Inland Wildomar CA 92595
Medical Center Valley Drive
Rankin Medical 350 Crossgates Brandon MS 39042
Center Boulevard
Rapid City 353 Fairmont Rapid City SD 57702
Regional Hospital Boulevard
Rapides Regional 211 4th Street Alexandria LA 71301
Medical Center Box 30101
Redmond Regional 501 Redmond Road Rome GA 30165
Medical Center
Reedsburg Area 2000 N. Dewey Reedsburg WI 53959
Medical Center Avenue
Regents of the 300 N. Ingalls Ann Arbor MI 48109
University of Street 7A10
Regional Hospital 367 Hospital Jackson TN 38305
of Jackson Boulevard
Regional Medical 225 N. Jackson San Jose CA 95116
Center Avenue
Regional Medical 3000 St. Orangeburg SC 29118
Center Matthews Road
Regional Medical 900 Hospital Madisonville KY 42431-1644
Center Drive
Regional Medical 14000 Fivay Road Hudson FL 34667
Center Bayonet
Regions Hospital 640 Jackson Mail Stop St. Paul MN 55101
Street 11102-M
Reid Hospital & 1401 Chester Richmond IN 47374
Healthcare Boulevard
Renown Regional 1155 Mill Street R 11 Reno NV 89502
Medical Center
Research Medical 2316 East Meyer Cardiology Kansas City MO 64132
Center Boulevard Services
Reston Hospital 1850 Town Center Reston VA 20190
Center Parkway
Resurrection 7435 Talcott Chicago IL 60631
Medical Center Avenue
Rex Hospital 4420 Lake Boone Raleigh NC 27607
Rhode Island 593 Eddy Street Providence RI 02903
Richardson 401 W. Campbell Richardson TX 75080
Regional Medical Road
Richmond 355 Bard Avenue Staten NY 10310
University Island
Medical Center
Riddle Memorial 1068 W. Media PA 19063-5177
Hospital Baltimore Pike
Rideout Memorial 726 4th Street Maryville CA 95901
Ridgecrest 1081 N. China Ridgecrest CA 93555
Regional Hospital Lake Boulevard
Riley Hospital 1102 Meridian MS 39301
Rio Grande 101 E. Ridge McAllen TX 78503
Regional Hospital Road
River Oaks 1030 River Oaks Flowood MS 39232
Hospital Drive
River Region 2100 Highway 61 Vicksburg MS 39183
Medical Center North
Riverside 4445 Magnolia Riverside CA 92501
Community Avenue
Riverside Medical 350 N. Wall Kankakee IL 60901
Center Street
Riverside 3535 Olentangy Columbus OH 43214
Methodist River Road
Riverside 500 J Clyde Newport News VA 23601
Regional Medical Morris Boulevard
Riverview 395 Westfield Noblesville IN 46060
Hospital Road
Riverview 600 South Third PO Box 268 Gadsden AL 35901
Regional Medical Street
Robert Packer 1 Guthrie Square Gadsden AL 18840
Robinson Memorial 6847 N. Chestnut Ravenna OH 44266
Hospital Street
Rochester General 1425 Portland Rochester NY 14621
Hospital Avenue
Rockford Memorial 2400 North Rockford IL 61103
Hospital Rockton Avenue
Rogue Valley 2825 E. Barnett Performance Medford OR 97504
Medical Cent Road Improvement
Roper Hospital 316 Calhoun Charleston SC 29401
Rose Medical 4567 E. 9th Denver CO 80220-3941
Center Avenue
Round Rock 2400 Round Rock Round Rock TX 78681
Medical Center Medical Center
Rush Hospital 1314 19th Avenue Meridian MS 39301
Rush North Shore 9600 Gross Point Skokie IL 60076
Medical Center Road
Rush Oak Park 520 South Maple Oak Park IL 60304-1097
Hospital Avenue
Rush University 1653 West Chicago IL 60612
Medical Center Congress Parkway
Rush-Copley 2000 Ogden Alexander AL 60504
Medical Center Avenue City
Attn: Health
Science Library
Russell Medical 3316 Highway 280 Alexander AL 35011
Center PO Box 939 City
Rutland Regional 160 Allen Street Rutland VT 05701
Medical Center
Sacred Heart 5151 North 9th Pensacola FL 32504-8721
Hospital of Avenue
Sacred Heart 900 W. Eau Claire WI 54701
Hospital Attn: Clairemont
A/P Avenue
Sacred Heart 770 E. 11th Eugene OR 97401
Medical Center Avenue
Sacred Heart 101 W. Eighth Spokane WA 99204
Medical Center Avenue
Saddleback 24451 Health Laguna Hills CA 92653
Memorial Medical Center Drive
Saint Anthony 1201 S. Main Crown Point IN 46307
Medical Center Street
Saint Bernadine 2101 N. Waterman 2101 N. San CA 92404-4836
Medical Center Avenue Waterman Bernadino
Saint Clare's 611 St. Joseph's Marshfield WI 54449
Hospital Avenue
Saint Elizabeth 1044 Belmont Youngstown OH 44511
Health Center Avenue
Saint Elizabeth 2700 W. 9th Oshkosh WI 54904
Hospital Avenue Suite 107
Saint Elizabeth 1 Medical Edgewood KY 41017-3403
Medical Center- Village Drive
Saint Elizabeth 555 S. 70th Lincoln NE 68510-2462
Regional Medical Street
Saint Elizabeth's 211 South 3rd Belleville IL 62220-1915
Hospital Street
Saint Francis 2122 Manchester Columbus GA 31904
Hospital Expressway
Saint Francis 5959 Park Avenue Memphis TN 38119
Saint Francis 6161 S. Yale Tulsa OK 74136
Hospital Avenue
Saint Francis 8111 S. Emerson Indianapolis IN 46237
Hospital & Health Avenue
Saint Francis 114 Woodland Hartford CT 06105
Hospital & Street
Medical Center
Saint Francis 355 Ridge Avenue Evanston IL 60202
Hospital of
Saint John 22151 Moross Professional Detroit MI 48236-2148
Hospital & Road Bldg #1,
Medical Center #126
Saint John 11800 E. 12 Mile Room # 2510 Warren MI 48093
Macomb-Oakland Road
Saint Johns 1328 Twenty- Santa Monica CA 90404
Health Center Second Street
Saint Johns Mercy 615 S. New St. Louis MO 63141
Medical Center Ballas Road
Saint Joseph - 310 East 9th London KY 40741
London Street
Saint Joseph 2900 N. Lake Chicago IL 60657-6274
Hospital Shore Drive
Saint Joseph Saint Joseph 350 West Phoenix AZ 85013
Hospital Hospital & Thomas Road
Medical Center
Saint Joseph 1100 W. Steward Orange CA 92868
Hospital Drive
Saint Joseph 2700 Dolbeer Eureka CA 95501
Hospital Street
Saint Joseph 3001 W. Martin Tampa FL 33607
Hospital Luther King
Saint Joseph 2801 Franciscan Bryan TX 77802-2544
Regional Health Street
Saint Joseph's 1824 Murdoch Parkersburg WV 26102-0327
Hospital Avenue
Saint Josephs 611 St. Joseph Marshfield WI 54449-1832
Hospital / Avenue
Marshfield Clinic
Saint Joseph's 5665 Peachtree Atlanta GA 30342
Hospital of Dunwoody Road
Saint Louis 3635 Vista at Saint Louis MO 63110
University Grand
Saint Luke's East 100 NE Saint Lee's Summit MO 64086
- Lee's Summit Luke's Boulevard
Saint Luke's 1026 A Avenue, Cedar Rapids IA 52406-3026
Hospital North East
Saint Luke's 4401 Wornall Kansas City MO 64111
Hospital Road (MAHI 5th
Saint Luke's Saint Luke's 4401 Wornall Kansas City MO 64111
Northland Hospital Road
Saint Luke's 232 S. Woods Chesterfield MO 63017-3417
Hospital Mill Road
Saint Luke's 190 E. Bannock Boise ID 83712-6241
Regional Medical Street
Saint Margaret 5454 Hohman Hammond IN 46320
Mercy Avenue
Saint Mary Corwin 1008 Minnequa Pueblo CO 81004-3798
Medical Center Avenue
Saint Mary Mercy 36475 West Five Livonia MI 48154
Hospital Mile Road
Saint Mary's 56 Franklin Waterbury CT 06706
Hospital Street
Saint Mary's 2635 N. 7th Grand CO 81501-8209
Hospital and Street Junction
Regional Medical
Saint Mary's 2900 First Huntington WV 25702
Medical Center Avenue
Saint Mary's 3700 Washington Evansville IN 47750
Medical Center Avenue
Saint Mary's 235 W. Sixth Reno NV 89503
Regional Medical Street
Saint Peter's 315 South Albany NY 12208
Hospital Manning
Saint Rita's 730 West Market Lima OH 45801-4602
Medical Center Street
Saint Rose 3001 St. Rose Henderson NV 89052
Dominican - Siena Parkway
Saint Thomas 4220 Harding Nashville TN 37202-0380
Health Care Road
Saint Vincent 252 West 25th Erie PA 16544
Health Center Street
Saint Vincent 123 Summer Suite 270 Worcester MA 01608
Hospital Street
Saint Vincent 170 W. 12th New York NY 10011
Hospital Street
Saint Vincent 2 St. Vincent Little Rock AR 72205
Medical Circle
Saint Vincent's 2800 Main Street Bridgeport CT 06606
Medical Center
Salem Hospital 665 Winter Salem OR 97301-3919
(Regional Health Street SE
Salina Regional 400 S. Santa Fe Salina KS 67401
Health Center Avenue
Salinas Valley 450 E. Romie Salinas CA 93901-4098
Memorial Hospital Lane
Salt Lake 1050 E South Salt Lake UT 84102
Regional Medical Temple City
999 San Upland CA 91786
San Antonio Bernardino Road
San Francisco 1900 Sullivan Daly City CA 94015
Heart and Avenue
San Jacinto 4401 Garth Road Baytown TX 77521
San Joaquin 2615 Eye Street Bakersfield CA 93301
San Joaquin 500 W. Hospital French Camp CA 95231
General Hospital Road
San Juan Regional 801 W. Maple Farmington NM 87401
Medical Center Street
San Ramon 6001 Norris San Ramon CA 94583
Regional Medical Canyon Road
Sand Lake 1414 Kuhl Avenue Orlando FL 32806
Sanford USD 900 East 54th Sioux Falls SD 57104
Medical Center Street
Santa Barbara PO Box 689 Santa CA 93102-0689
Cottage Hospital Barbara
Santa Rosa 1165 Montgomery Santa Rosa CA 95402
Memorial Hospital Drive PO Box 522
Santa Theresa 250 Hospital San Jose CA 95119
Community Parkway 1st
Hospital Floor Cath
Sarasota Memorial 1700 S. Tamiami Sarasota FL 34239
Hospital Trail
Satilla Heart 410 Darling Waycross GA 31501
Center Avenue
Savoy Medical 801 Poincianna Mamou LA 70554
Center Street
Scott and White 2401 South 31st Temple TX 76508
Hospital Street
Scottsdale 7400 E. Osborn Scottsdale AZ 85260
Healthcare Osborn Road
Scottsdale 9003 E. Shea Scottsdale AZ 85260
Healthcare Shea Boulevard -
Scottsdale 7400 E. Osborn Scottsdale AZ 85251
Healthcare Road
Thompson Peak
Scripps Green 10666 North La Jolla CA 92037
Hospital - La Torrey Pines
Jolla Road
Scripps Memorial 354 Santa Fe Encinitas CA 92024
Hospital Drive
Scripps Memorial 9888 Genessee La Jolla CA 92037
Hospital - La Avenue
Scripps Mercy 4077 5th Avenue MER 74 San Diego CA 92103
Hospital - San
Scripps Mercy 435 H Street Chula Vista CA 91910
Hospital - Chula
Sebastian River 13695 US Highway Sebastian FL 32962
Medical Center 1
Self Regional 1325 Spring Greenwood SC 29646
Healthcare Street
Sentara Norfolk 600 Gresham Norfolk VA 23507
General Hospital Drive
Sentara Obici 2800 Goodwin Suffolk VA 23434
Hospital Boulevard
Sentara Virginia 1060 First Virginia VA 23454-0685
Beach General Colonial Road Beach
Sequoia Hospital Whipple and 170 Alameda Redwood City CA 94062
Alameda Avenues de Las
Seton Medical 1201 W. 38th Austin TX 78705
Center Street
Shady Grove 9901 Medical Rockville MD 20850
Adventist Center Drive
Shands at AGH 801 SW 2nd Gainesville FL 32601
Shands 655 West 8th Jacksonville FL 32209
Jacksonville Street
Medical Center
Sharon Regional 740 E. State Sharon PA 16146
Health System Street
Sharp Chula Vista 8695 Spectrum San Diego CA 92123
Medical Center Center Court
Sharp Grossmont 5555 Grossmont La Mesa CA 91942
Center Drive
Sharp Memorial 7901 Frost San Diego CA 92123
Hospital Street
Shasta Regional 1100 Butte Redding CA 96001
Medical Center Street
Shawnee Mission 9100 West 74th Shawnee KS 66204-4004
Medical Center Street Mission
Shelby Baptist 1000 First Alabaster AL 35007
Medical Center Street North
Sherman Hospital 934 Center Decision Elgin IL 60120
Street Support
Shore Health 219 South Easton MD 21601
System of Washington
Maryland Street
Sierra Medical 1625 Medical El Paso TX 79902
Center Center Drive
Sierra Vista 1010 S. Murray San Luis CA 93405
Regional Medical Avenue Obispo
Silver Cross 1200 Maple Road Joliet IL 60432
Simi Valley 2975 North Simi Valley CA 93065
Hospital & Health Sycamore Drive
Care Services
Sinai - Grace 6071 W. Outer Detroit MI 48235
Hospital Drive
Sinai Hospital of 2401 West Baltimore MD 21215-5271
Baltimore Belvedere Avenue
Singing River 3109 Bienville Ocean MS 39564
Hospital Boulevard Springs
Skaggs Community PO Box 650 Branson MO 65615-0650
Health Center
Sky Ridge Medical 10101 Ridgegate Lone Tree CO 80124
Center Parkway
Skyline Medical 3441 Dickerson Nashville TN 37207
Center/ HTI Pike
Memorial Hospital
Smith of Georgia, PO Box 10010 Valdosta GA 31604
LLC d.b.a. Smith
Somerset Hospital 225 South Center Somerset PA 15501-2088
Sound Shore 16 Guion Place New Rochelle NY 10801
Medical Center
South Baldwin 1613 N. McKenzie Foley AL 36535
Regional Medical Street
South Bay 4016 Sun City Sun City FL 33570
Hospital Center Boulevard Center
South Crest 8801 S. 101st E Tulsa OK 74133
Hospital Avenue
South Fulton 1170 Cleveland East Point GA 30344
Medical Center Avenue
South GA Medical PO Box 1727 Valdosta GA 31603-1727
South Miami 6200 SW 73rd Miami FL 33143
Hospital Street
South Nassau One Healthy Way Oceanside NY 11572
South Shore 55 Fogg Road South MA 02190-2432
Hospital Weymouth
Southampton 240 Meetinghouse Southampton NY 11968
Hospital Lane
Southeast Alabama 1108 Ross Clark Dothan AL 36301
Medical Center Circle
Southeast Baptist 730 North Main Suite 409 San Antonio TX 78205
Hospital Avenue
Southeast 1701 Lacey Cape MO 63701
Missouri Hospital Street Girardeau
Southern Hills 9300 West Sunset Las Vegas NV 89148
Hospital Road
Southern New 8 Prospect Nashua NH 03060
Hampshire Medical Street
Southern Ohio 1805 27th Street Portsmouth OH 45662
Medical Center
Southern Regional 11 Upper Riverdale GA 30274
Medical Center Riverdale Road
Southlake 1099 Citrus Clermont FL 34711
Hospital Tower Boulevard
Southside 301 East Main Bayshore NY 11706
Hospital Street
Southwest Florida 636 Del Prado Cape Coral FL 33990
Regional Medical Boulevard Suite
Center 104
Southwest General 18697 Bagley Middleburg OH 44130-3417
Health Center Road Heights
Southwest General 7400 Barlite San Antonio TX 78224
Hospital Boulevard
Southwest Medical 2810 Ambassador Lafayette LA 70506
Center Caffrey Parkway
Southwest MS 303 Marion McComb MS 39648
Regional Medical Avenue
Southwest 600 NE 92nd Vancouver WA 98664
Washington Avenue
Medical Center
Southwestern 5602 SW Lee Lawton OK 73505
Medical Center Boulevard
Spalding Regional 601 South 8th Griffin GA 30224
Medical Center Street
Sparks Regional P O Box 17006 1001 Towson Fort Smith AR 72917-7006
Medical Center
Sparrow Health 1215 East Lansing MI 48909-7980
System Michigan Avenue
Spartanburg 101 East Wood Cardiac Cath Spartanburg SC 29303
Regional Medical Street Lab / 3rd
Center Floor Heart
Spectrum Health 100 Michigan MC 037, Rm Grand Rapids MI 49503-2560
Street NE 3825A
Spring Branch 8850 Long Point Houston TX 77055
Medical Center Road
Spring Valley 5400 S. Rainbow Las Vegas NV 89118
Hospital Boulevard
Springfield 2615 W. High Springfield OH 45505
Regional Medical Street
Center - High
Street Campus
Springfield 1343 North Springfield OH 45503
Regional Medical Fountain
Center, Fountain Boulevard
Springhill 3719 Dauphin Mobile AL 36608
Memorial Hospital Street
Springs Memorial 800 West Meeting Lancaster SC 29720
Hospital Street
SSM St. Joseph 300 First St. Charles MO 63301
Health Center Capitol Drive
SSM St. Joseph 525 Couch Avenue Kirkwood MO 63122
Hospital of
St. Anthony 4231 W. 16th Denver CO 80204-1335
Central Hospital Avenue
St. James 20201 S. Olympia IL 60461
Hospital and Crawford Avenu Fields
Health Centers
St. John's 69 W. Exchange St. Paul MN 55102
Hospital Street
St. Joseph 700 Broadway Fort Wayne IN 46802
St. Joseph 44405 Woodward Pontiac MI 48341-5023
Hospital-Oakland Avenue
St. Joseph 1717 South J Tacoma WA 98405-4933
Medical Center Street
St. Josephs 69 W. Exchange St Paul MN 55102
Hospital Street
St. Joseph 301 Prospect Syracuse NY 13203
Hospital Health Avenue
St. Luke's 70 DuBois Street Newburgh NY 12550
Cornwall Hospital
St. Mary's Health 1230 Baxter Athens GA 30606
Care Systems Street
St. Mary's 400 North Centralia IL 62801
Hospital Pleasant
St. Mary's 305 S. 5th Enid OK 73701
Regional Medical Street
St. Vincent Mercy 2213 Cherry Toledo OH 43608
Medical Center Street
St. Agnes 900 Caton Avenue Baltimore MD 21229
St. Agnes 430 E. Division Fond du lac WI 54935
Hospital Street
St. Alexius 1555 Barrington Hoffman IL 60194-1018
Medical Center Road Estates
St. Alphonsus 1055 N. Curtis Boise ID 83706
Regional Medical Road
St. Anthony 1000 N. Lee Oklahoma OK 73102
Hospital Avenue City
St. Anthony's 1200 7th Avenue MS 2019 St. FL 33705
Health Care North Petersburg
St. Anthony's 10010 Kennerly St. Loius MO 63128-2106
Medical Center Road
St. Barnabas 94 Old Short Livingston NJ 07039
Medical Center Hills Road
St. Bernards 225 E. Jackson Jonesboro AR 72401
Medical Center Avenue
St. Catherine 1500 South Lake Hobart IN 46342
Hospital East Park Avenue
St. Catherine of 50 Route 25A Smithtown NY 11787
St. Charles 200 Belle Terre Port NY 11777
Hospital Road Jefferson
St. Charles 2500 North East Bend OR 97701-6015
Medical Center Neff Road
St. Clair St. Clair 1000 Bower Pittsburgh PA 15243
Hospital Hospital Hill Road
St. Cloud 2906 17th Street St. Cloud FL 34769
Regional Medical
St. David's 919 East 32nd Austin TX 78765
Medical Center Street
St. David's South 901 W. Ben White Austin TX 78704
Austin Hospital Boulevard
St. Dominic- 969 Lakeland Jackson MS 39216
Jackson Memorial Drive
St. Edwards Mercy 7301 Rogers Ft. Smith AR 72917-7000
Medical Center Avenue
St. Elizabeth 2233 W. Division Chicago IL 60622
Hospital Street
St. Elizabeth 1501 Hartford Lafayette IN 47904
Hospital Medical Street
St. Elizabeth 2209 Genesee Utica NY 13501
Medical Center Street
St. Francis 1700 SW 7th Topeka KS 66605
Health Center Street
St. Francis One St. Francis Greenville SC 29601
Hospital Drive
St. Francis 701 N. Clayton Wilmington DE 19805
Hospital Street
St. Francis 333 Laidley PO Box 44 Charleston WV 25322
Hospital Street Culloden, WV
St. Francis 100 Port Roslyn NY 11576
Hospital Washington
St. Francis 211 Saint Cape MO 63703-5049
Medical Center Francis Drive Girardeau
St. Francis 3630 Imperial Lynwood CA 90265
Medical Center Highway
St. Francis 309 Jackson Monroe LA 71201
Medical Center Street
St. Francis 601 Hamilton Trenton NJ 08629
Medical Center Avenue
St. Francis North 309 Jackson Monroe LA 71201
Hospital Street
St. Helena 10 Woodland Road St. Helena CA 94574
St. James Health 400 South Clark Butte MT 59701
Care Street
St. John Medical 1923 S. Utica Heart Tulsa OK 74104
Center Avenue Institute
St. John Medical 1615 Delaware Longview WA 98632
Center Street
St. John 16001 W. Nine Southfield MI 48075
Providence Mile Road
St. John West 29000 Center Westlake OH 44145
Shore Hospital Ridge Road
St. John's 800 E. Carpenter Springfield IL 62769
Hospital Street
St. John's 1235 East Springfield MO 65804
Hospital Cherokee Street
St. John's 2309 Antonio Camarillo CA 93010
Pleasant Valley Avenue
St. John's Queens 90-02 Queens Elmhurst NY 11373
Hospital Boulevard
St. Johns 2727 McClelland Joplin MO 64804
Regional Medical Boulevard
St. Johns 1600 N. Rose Oxnard CA 93030-3722
Regional Medical Avenue
St. John's 967 North Health Yonkers NY 10701
Riverside Broadway Information
Hospital Services
St. Joseph 172 Kinsley Nashua NH 03060
Hospital Street
St. Joseph 360 Broadway Bangor ME 04401
St. Joseph 1 Saint Joseph Lexington KY 40504
Hospital Drive
St. Joseph 2901 Squalicum Bellingham WA 98225
Hospital Parkway
St. Joseph 2605 Harlem Road Cheektowaga NY 14225
St. Joseph 2200 E. Bloomington IL 61701
Medical Center Washington
St. Joseph 12th & Walnut Reading PA 19603
Medical Center Streets
St. Joseph 1401 St. Joseph Houston TX 77002
Medical Center Parkway
St. Joseph 7601 Olser Drive Towson MD 21204
Medical Center
St. Joseph Mercy 5325 Elliot Ann Arbor MI 48106
Hospital Drive
St. Joseph Reg. 801 E. Lasalle South Bend IN 46617
Medical Center Avenue
St. Joseph 703 Main Street Paterson NJ 07503
Regional Medical
St. Joseph's 11705 Mercy Savannah GA 31419
Hospital Boulevard
St. Joseph's 350 N. Wilmot Tucson AZ 85711
Hospital Road
St. Joseph's 127 S. Broadway Yonkers NY 10701
Medical Center
St. Josephs 1805 North Suite #303 Stockton CA 95204
Medical Center of California
Stockton Street Suite 303
St. Josephs Mercy 300 Werner Drive Hot Springs AR 71913
Health Center
St. Jude Medical 101 East Fullerton CA 92835
Center Valencia Mesa
St. Luke Hospital 85 N. Grand Ft. Thomas KY 41075
East Avenue
St. Luke Hospital 7380 Turfway Florence KY 41042
West Road
St. Luke's 730 North Main Suite 409 San Antonio TX 78205
Baptist Hospital Avenue
St. Luke's 17200 St. Luke's The TX 77384
Community Medical Way Woodlands
Center (The
St. Luke's 3100 Main Street MC5-313 Houston TX 77030
St. Lukes 363 Higland Falls River MA 02720
Hospital Avenue
St. Lukes 5901 Monclova Maumee OH 43537
Hospital Road
St. Luke's 915 E. First Duluth MN 55805
Hospital Street
St. Luke's 940 Cherokee Bethlehem PA 18015
Hospital & Health Street
St. Luke's 1736 Hamilton Allentown PA 18104
Hospital and Boulevard
Health Network
St. Luke's 2901 West Milwaukee WI 53215-4330
Medical Center Oklahoma Avenue
St. Luke's 1800 E. Van Phoenix AZ 85006
Medical Center Buren Street
St. Luke's South Saint Luke's 4401 Wornal Kansas City MO 64111
Hospital Hospital Road
St. Luke's- 1111 Amsterdam New York NY 10025
Roosevelt Avenue City
Hospital Center
St. Mark's 1200 East 3900 Salt Lake UT 84124
Hospital/ South City
Northern Utah
St. Mary Hospital 1201 Langhorne Langhorne PA 19047
Newton Road
St. Mary Medical 18300 Highway 18 Appple CA 92307
Center Valley
St. Mary Medical 1050 Linden Long Beach CA 90813-3321
Center Avenue
St. Mary Medical 1500 South Lake Hobart ID 46342
Center Park Avenue
St. Mary of 2233 W. Division Chicago IL 60622
Nazareth Hospital Street
St. Mary's Health 6420 Clayton St. Louis MO 63117
Center Road
St. Mary's 1800 East Lake Decatur IL 62521
Hospital Shore Drive
St. Mary's 1726 Shawano Madison WI 54303-3282
Hospital Avenue
St. Mary's 707 S. Mills Madison WI 53715-1849
Hospital Street
350 Boulevard Passaic NJ 07055
St. Mary's
St. Mary's 901 45th Street West Palm FL 33407
Medical Center Beach
St. Mary's 450 Stanyan San CA 94117
Medical Center Street Francisco
St. Mary's 900 E. Oak Hill Knoxville TN 37917
Medical Center Avenue
St. Mary's 407 East Third Duluth MN 55805
Medical Center Street
St. Mary's of 800 S. Saginaw MI 48601
Michigan Washington
St. Mary's PO Box 291 Lewiston ME 04243-0291
Regional Medical Campus Avenue
St. Michael's 111 Central Newark NJ 07102
Medical Center Avenue
St. Nicholas 3100 Superior Sheboygan WI 53081
Hospital Avenue
St. Patrick 500 W. Broadway Missoula MT 59802
Hospital and
Health Sciences
St. Rose 3001 Saint Rose Henderson NV 89052
Dominican - De Parkway
Lima Campus
St. Rose 3001 Saint Rose Henderson NV 89052
Dominican - San Parkway
St. Rose Hospital 27200 Calaroga Hayward CA 94539
St. Tammany 1202 S. Tyler Covington LA 70433
Parish Hospital Street
St. Vincent 2351 East 22nd Cleveland OH 44115
Charity Hospital Street
St. Vincent 1233 N. 30th Billings MT 59101
Healthcare Street
St. Vincent 810 St. Vincents Birmingham AL 35205
Hospital Drive
St. Vincent 835 S. Van Buren Green Bay WI 54301
Hospital Street
St. Vincent 2131 W. 3rd Los Angeles CA 90703
Medical Center Street
1800 Barrs Jacksonville FL 32204
Medical Center Street
St.Vincent's East 50 Medical Park Birmingham AL 35235-3499
East Drive
Stamford Hospital 30 Shelbourne Stamford CT 06904-9317
Health Sciences Road PO Box 9317
Stanford Hospital Falk Building Stanford CA 94305
and Clinics 2nd Floor 300
Pasteur Drive
Staten Island 475 Seaview Staten NY 10305
University Avenue Island
Stony Brook 3 Technology East NY 11733-4073
University Drive Setauket
Medical Center
Stormont-Vail 929 SW Mulvane Topeka KS 66606
Regional Medical Street
Straub Clinic & 888 S. King Honolulu HI 96813
Hospital: Cath Street
Stringfellow 301 East 18th Anniston AL 36202
Memorial Hospital Street
Suburban Hospital 8600 Old Bethesda MD 20814
Georgetown Road
Summerlin 657 Town Center Las Vegas NV 89144
Hospital Medical Drive
Summit Healthcare 2200 East Show Show Low AZ 85901
Regional Medical Low Lake Road
Summit Medical East Main & Van Buren AR 72956
Center South 20th
Summit Medical 5655 Frist Hermitage TN 37076
Center Boulevard
Sun Coast 2025 Indian Largo FL 33774-1096
Hospital Rocks Road S
Sunrise Hospital 3186 S. Maryland Las Vegas NV 89109
and Medical Parkway
Sutter Delta 3901 Lone Tree Antioch CA 94509
Medical Center Way
Sutter Medical 5151 F Street 1 Transplant & Sacramento CA 95819
Center - South Heart
Sacramento Specialty
Sutter Medical 3325 Chanate Santa Rosa CA 95404
Center of Santa Road
Swedish American 1401 E. State Rockford IL 61104
Hospital Street
Swedish Covenant 5145 N. Chicago IL 60625
Hospital California
Swedish Health 500 17th Avenue Seattle WA 98104
Services #A85C
Swedish Medical 501 East Hampden Englewood CO 80113
Center Avenue
T. J. Samson 1301 North Race Glasgow KY 42141
Community Street
Tacoma General 315 Martin Tacoma WA 98415
Hospital Luther King, Jr.
Tahlequah City 1400 East Tahlequah OK 74465-1008
Hospital Downing Street
Tallahassee 1300 Miccosukee Attn: Tallahassee FL 32308
Memorial Hospital Road Performance
Tampa General PO Box 1289 Tampa FL 33601-1289
Temple University 3401 North Broad 1st Floor Philadelphia PA 19140
Hospital Street Room B - 150
Terre Haute 3901 South 7th Terre Haute IN 47802
Regional Hospital Street
Terrebonne 8166 Main Street Houma LA 70360
General Medical
Texoma Medical 1000 Memorial Denison TX 75020
Center Drive
TexSAn Heart 6700 IH-10 West San Antonio TX 78201-2009
The Christ 2139 Auburn Cincinnati OH 45219
Hospital Avenue
The George 900 23rd Street, Washington DC 20037
Washington NW
The Good PO Box 1281 4th and Lebanon PA 17042
Samaritan Walnut
Hospital Streets
The Heart 1100 Allied Plano TX 75093
Hospital Baylor Drive
The Heart 1501 S. Coulter PO Box 1110 Amarillo TX 79175
Hospital of Street
Northwest Texas
The Hospital at 5656 Bee Caves Austin TX 78746
Westlake Medical Road M-302
The Hospital of 100 Grand Street New Britain CT 06050
West Central PO Box 100
The Indiana Heart 8075 North Indianapolis ID 46250
Hospital Shadeland Avenue
The Medical 1000 Dutch Ridge Beaver PA 15009
Center (TMC) Road
The Medical 2555 Jimmy Port Arthur TX 77640
Center of Johnson
Southeast Texas Boulevard
The Methodist 6565 Fannin Houston TX 77030
DeBakey Heart Street
The Monroe Clinic 515 22nd Avenue Monroe WI 53566
The Mount Sinai 25-11 30th Long Island NY 11102
Hospital of Avenue City
The Mount Sinai The Mount Sinai New York NY 10029
Medical Center Medical Center
The Nebraska 987551 Nebraska Omaha NE 68198
Medical Center Medical Center
The Presbyterian 200 Hawthorne Charlotte NC 28233
Hospital Lane
The Reading Sixth Avenue and West Reading PA 19611
Hospital and Spruce Street
Medical Center
The Toledo 2142 North Cove Jobst Tower Toledo OH 43606
Hospital Boulevard Suite 200
The Valley 223 North Van Ridgewood NJ 07450
Hospital Dien Avenue
The Village AR
Regional Hospital
The Washington 155 Wilson Washington PA 15301-3398
Hospital Avenue
The Western 4800 Friendship CVI Pittsburgh PA 15224
Pennsylvania Avenue
The Wisconsin WFH Clinical 5000 West Milwaukee WI 53210
Heart Hospital, Data Management Chambers,
Inc and Analysis M229
Thomas Hospital 750 Morphy Fairhope AL 36532
Thomas Jefferson TJUH 111 S. 11th Philadelphia PA 19107
University Street
Hospital Gibbon
Tift Regional PO Box 747 901 E. 18th Tifton GA 31794
Medical Center Street
Tobey Hospital 363 Highland Fall River MA
Tomball Regional 605 Holderrieth Tomball TX 77375
Hospital Boulevard
Torrance Memorial 3330 Lomita Torrance CA 90505
Medical Center Boulevard
Tri-City Medical 4002 Vista Way Oceanside CA 92056
Trident Regional 9330 Medical Charleston SC 29406
Medical Center Plaza Drive
Trinity Hospitals PO Box 5020 Minot ND 58702
Trinity Medical Attn: 800 Birmingham AL 35213
Center CardioVascular Montclair
Services Road
Trinity Medical 2701 17th Street 3rd Floor Rock Island IL 61201
Trinity Medical 4000 Johnson Steubenville OH 43952
Center West Road
Trinity Regional 802 Kenyon Road Fort Dodge IA 50501
Medical Center
Trinity Regional 2701 17th Street 3rd Floor Rock Island IL 61201
Medical Center
Tucson Heart 4888 North Stone Tucson AZ 85704
Hospital Avenue
Tucson Medical 5301 E. Grant Tucson AZ 85712
Center Road
Tufts Medical 750 Washington Boston MA 02111
Center Street
Tulane Medical 1415 Tulane New Orleans LA 70112
Center Avenue
Tuomey Healthcare 129 N. Sumter SC 29150
System Tuomey Washington
Regional Medical Street
UC San Diego 200 W. Arbor San Diego CA 92103
Medical Center Drive
UMASS Memorial 55 Lake Ave Worcester MA 01655-0002
Medical Center North
Union Hospital 1606 N. 7th Terre Haute IN 47804
Union Memorial 201 E. Baltimore MD 21218-2891
Hospital University
United Health 33 - 57 Harrison Decker 4 Johnson City NY 13790
Services Street Lobby
Regional Medical
United Hospital 333 N. Smith St. Paul MN 55102
United Hospital PO Box 1680 Clarksburg WV 53143
United Hospital 6308 8th Avenue Kenosha WI 53143
United Regional 1600 11th Street Wichita TX 76301
Healthcare System Falls
Unity Health 1102 West Shawnee OK 74804
Center MacArthur
Unity Hospital 550 Osbourne Minneapolis MN 55432
Road NE
Unity Hospital 1555 Long Pond Rochester NY 14626
University 3100 East Tampa FL 33613
Community Fletcher Avenue
University 3100 East Tampa FL 33613
Community Fletcher Avenue
University of 620 19th Street Birmingham AL 35249
Alabama Hospital South
University 234 Goodman Cincinnati OH 45219
Hospital Street
University 1350 Walton Way Augusta GA 30901
University 44 Blaine Avenue Bedford OH 44146
Hospitals Bedford
Medical Center
University 11100 Euclid Cleveland OH 44106
Hospitals Case Avenue
Medical Center
University 27100 Chardon Richmond OH 44143
Hospitals Road Heights
Richmond Medical
University 150 Bergen Newark NJ 07101
Hospital UMDNJ Street
University 1501 N. Campbell Tucson AZ 85724
Medical Center Avenue
University 1411 Baddour Lebanon TN 37087
Medical Center Parkway
University 602 Indiana Lubbock TX 79410
Medical Center Avenue
University 2390 W. Congress Lafayette IA 70506
Medical Center Street
University 1800 W. Las Vegas NV 89102
Medical Center Charleston
Southern Nevada Boulevard
University of 4301 West Little Rock AR 72205
Arkansas Medical Markham Street
Sciences Suite 532
University of 101 The City Orange CA 92868
Califorina, Drive
Irvine Division
of Cardiology
University of 757 Westwood Los Angeles CA 90095
California (UCLA) Boulevard Rm.
University Of 2315 Stockton Sacramento CA 95817
California Davis Boulevard Main
Medical Center Hospital, Rm
University of 505 Parnassus San CA 94143-0210
California San Avenue L-523 Box Francisco
Francisco Medical 0210
University of 5841 S. Maryland Chicago IL 60637
Chicago Hospitals Avenue
University of 16205 E. 16th Box 132 Aurora CO 80045
Colorado Hospital Avenue
University of CT 263 Farmington Farmington CT 06030
Health Avenue
Dempsey Hospital
University of 1600 SW Archer Gainesville FL 32610
Florida Road
of Medicine
University of 1740 W. Taylor Bldg 949 Rm Chicago IL 60610
Illinois Medical Street 2181
Center at Chicago
University of 200 Hawkins Iowa City IA 52242
Iowa Hospitals Drive
and Clinics
University of 800 Rose Street Lexington KY 40536
University of 530 S. Jackson Loiusville KY 40202
Louisville Street
University of 22 S. Greene Baltimore MD 21201-1544
Maryland Medical Street
Center Cardiology
University of 420 Delaware Minneapolis MN 55455
Minnesota Medical Street SE MMC
Center Fairview 815
University of 2500 N. State Jackson MS 39216
Mississippi Street
Medical Center
University of 1 Hospital Drive Columbia MO 65212
Missouri Hospital
and Clinics
University of UNC Hospitals 101 Manning Chapel Hill NC 27514
North Carolina Drive
Hospitals CB#7075
University of 601 Elmwood Rochester NY 14642
Rochester Medical Avenue
University of 2451 Fillingim Mobile AL 36617
South Alabama Street
University of 1924 Alcoa Knoxville TN 37920-6999
Tennessee Medical Highway
University of 301 University Galveston TX 77555-0294
Texas Medical Boulevard
Branch at
University of 5323 Harry Hines Dallas TX 75390-9013
Texas Boulevard
University of 3065 Arlington DH2261 Toledo OH 43614
Toledo Medical Avenue
University of 50 North Medical Salt Lake UT 84132
Utah Hospitals Drive City
and Clinics
University of 2441 Barringer PO Box Charlottesvi VA 22908-0679
Virginia Medical West Complex 800679 lle
University of 1959 NE Pacific Seattle WA 98195-6422
Washington Street
Medical Center
University of 600 Highland Madison WI 53792
Wisconsin Avenue MC 3204
Hospital &
UPMC Mercy 1400 Locust Pittsburgh PA 15219
UPMC Passavant 9100 Babcock Pittsburgh PA 15237
Hospital Boulevard
UPMC Presbyterian 5230 Centre Pittsburgh PA 15232
Hospital Avenue
UPMC Shadyside 5230 Centre Pittsburgh PA 15232
Hospital Avenue
Upper Chesapeake 500 Upper Bel Air MD 21014
Medical Center, Chesapeake Drive
Upstate Medical 750 East Adams Syracuse NY 13120
University (SUNY) Street
USC University 1500 San Pablo Los Angeles CA 90033
Hospital Street
Utah Valley 1034 S. 500 W Provo UT 84605
Regional Medical
Val Verde 801 Bedell Del Rio TX 78840
Regional Medical Avenue
Valley Baptist 2101 Pease Harlingen TX 78550
Medical Center Street
Valley Care 1111 East Livermore CA 94550
Medical Center Stanley
Valley Hospital 620 Shadow Lane Las Vegas NV 89106
Medical Center
Valley Medical 400 South 43rd Renton WA 98058
Center Street
Valley 15107 Vanowen Van Nuys CA 91405
Presbyterian Street
Valley Regional Valley Regional 100A East Brownsville TX 78526
Medical Center Medical Center Alton Gloor
Valley View 5330 S. Highway Fort Mohave AZ 86427
Medical Center 95
Vanderbilt Heart 1215 21st Avenue MCE 5th Nashville TN 37232
Institute floor
Vassar Brothers 45 Reade Place Poughkeepsie NY 12601
Medical Center
Vaughan Regional 1015 Medical Selma AL 36701
Medical Center Center Parkway
VCU - Medical PO Box 980036 Richmond VA 23298
College of
Venice Regional 540 The Rialto Venice FL 34285
Medical Center
Verde Valley 269 South Candy Cotttonwood AZ 86326
Medical Center Lane
Verdugo Hills 1812 Verdugo Glendale CA 91208
Hospital Boulevard
Via Christi 929 N. St. Wichita KS 67214
Wichita Health Francis Street
Ville Platte 800 East Main Ville Platte LA 70586
Medical Center Street
Virginia Hospital 1701 N. George Arlington VA 22205-3698
Center Mason Drive
Virginia Mason 1100 Ninth X3-CVL Seattle WA 98111
Medical Center Avenue
Wadley Regional 1000 Pine Street Texarkana TX 75501
Medica Center
WakeMed Cary 3128 Smoketree Raleigh NC 27604
Hospital Court
WakeMed Raleigh 3000 New Bern Raleigh NC 27610
Campus Avenue
Walker Regional 3400 Highway 78 Jasper AL 35501
Medical Center E
Washington 7600 Carroll Takoma Park MD 20912
Adventist Avenue
Washington County 251 East Hagerstown MD 21740
Hospital Antietam Street
Washington 2000 Mowry Fremont CA 94538
Hospital Avenue
Washington 110 Irving Washington DC 20010
Hospital Center Street NW Rm
Washington 1125 N College Fayetteville AR 72703-1994
Regional Medical Avenue
Waterbury PO Box 2153 Waterbury CT 06722-2153
Watsonville 75 Nielson Watsonville CA 95076
Community Street
Waukesha Memorial 725 American Waukesha WI 53188
Hospital Avenue
Weatherford 713 East Weatherford TX 76086
Regional Medical Anderson Street
Weiss Memorial 4646 N. Marine Chicago IL 60640
Hospital Drive
Wellmont Holston 130 W Ravine Kingsport TN 37660
Valley Medical Road
Wellstar Cobb 677 Church Marietta GA 30066
Hospital Street
Wellstar 677 Church Marietta GA 30066
Kennestone Street
Wesley Medical 550 N. Hillside Wichita KS 67214
Center Street
Wesley Medical 5001 Hardy Hattiesburg MS 39402
Center Street
West Anaheim 3033 West Orange Anaheim CA 92084
Medical Center Avenue
West Florida 8383 Davis Pensacola FL 32514
Hospital Highway
West Hills 7300 Medical West Hills CA 91307
Hospital Center Drive
West Houston 12141Richmond Houston TX 77082
Medical Center Avenue
West Jefferson 1101 Medical Marrero LA 70072
Medical Center Center Boulevard
West Suburban 3 Erie Court Oak Park Il 60302
Medical Center
West Valley 13677 W. Goodyear AZ 85338
Hospital McDowell Road
West Virginia PO Box 8003 Medical Morgantown WV 26506-8003
University Center Drive
Hospitals, Inc
Westchester 95 Grasslands Valhalla NY 10595
County Medical Road Suite 114
Western Arizona 2735 Silver Bullhead AZ 86442
Regional Medical Creek Road City
Western Baptist 2501 Kentucky Paducah KY 42003
Hospital Avenue
Western 9191 Grant Denver CO 80229
Cardiology Street
Western Medical 1001 North Santa Ana CA 92705
Center Santa Ana Tustin Avenue
Western Plains 3001 Avenue A Dodge City KS 67801
Medical Center
Westside Regional 8201 West Plantation FL 33324
Medical Center Broward
Wheaton WFHC Clinical 5000 West Milwaukee WI 53210
Franciscan Data Management Chambers,
Healthcare-All and Analysis M229
Saints, Inc
Wheaton WFHC Clinical 5000 West Milwaukee WI 53210
Franciscan Data Management Chambers,
Healthcare-St. and Analysis M229
Francis, Inc
Wheaton WFH Clinical 5000 West Milwaukee WI 53210
Franciscan Data Management Chambers,
Healthcare-St. and Analysis M229
Joseph, Inc
Wheeling Hospital 1 Medical Park Wheeling WV 26003
White County 3214 E. Race Searcy AR 72143-4810
Medical Center Avenue
White Memorial 1720 Cesar E. Los Angeles CA 90033
Medical Center Chavez Avenue
White River 1710 Harrison Batesville AR 72501
Medical Center Street
William Beaumont 54373 Samara Macomb MI 48073-2213
Hospital Drive
William Beaumont 44201 Dequindre Troy MI 48085
Hospita - Troy Road
William W. Backus 326 Washington Norwich CT 06360
Hospital Street
Willis-Knighton 2600 Greenwood Shreveport LA 71103
Medical Center Road
Wilson Memorial 915 West Sidney OH 45365
Hospital Michigan Street
Wilson N. Jones 500 N Highland Sherman TX 75092
Medical Center Avenue
Winchester 220 Campus Suite 313 Winchester VA 22601
Medical Center Boulevard
Winter Haven 20005 Avenue F Winter Haven FL 33881
Hospital Northeast
Winthrop- 259 First Street Mineola Ny 11501
Wise Regional 609 Medical Decatur TX 76234
Health System Center Drive
Wishard Health 1001 W. 10th Indianapolis IN 46202
Services Attn: Street
Woman's Christian 207 Foote Avenue Jamestown NY 14701
Woodland 1325 Cottonwood Woodland CA 95695
Healthcare Street
Woodland Heights 505 S. John Lufkin TX 75904
Medical Center Redditt Drive
Wooster Community 1761 Beall Wooster OH 44691
Hospital Avenue
Wuesthoff Health 110 Longwood Rockledge FL 32956-5002
System Avenue
Wyckoff Heights 374 Stockholm Division of Brooklyn NY 11237
Medical Center Street Cardiology -
3rd Floor
Wyoming Medical 1233 East 2nd Casper WY 82601-2988
Center Street
Wyoming Valley 575 North River Wilkes-Barre PA 18764
Health Care Street
Yakima Regional 110 S. 9th Yakima WA 98902
Medical Avenue
Yakima Valley 2811 Tieton Yakima WA 98902
Memorial Hospital Drive
Yale New Haven 20 York Street New Haven CT 06510
Yavapai Regional 1003 Willow Prescott AZ 86301
Medical Center Creek Rd
York Hospital 15 Hospital York ME 03909
York Hospital 1001 South York PA 17405
George Street
Yuma Regional 2400 S. Avenue A Yuma AZ 85364
Medical Center
See Addenda on Pages 80043-80287 in Original Document.
[FR Doc. E8-30002 Filed 12-29-08; 8:45 am]
Vol. 73, No. 250
Part II

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