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TMCNet:  Houlton Sector Receives Largest Intern Class for Maine

[July 29, 2009]

Houlton Sector Receives Largest Intern Class for Maine

Jul 29, 2009 (DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS/ContentWorks via COMTEX) -- 19 New Border Patrol Agents Enter on Duty (Monday, July 27, 2009) Houlton, Maine -- The United States Border Patrol, Houlton Sector Headquarters received 19 new Border Patrol agents for the State of Maine. The new agents were hired as part of the Northern Border Intern program which allows new Border Patrol agents to be stationed in Northern Border locations.

The interns will be required to attend the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, N.M., for approximately five months and then will receive additional training while working in the El Paso, Texas sector for an additional nine and a half months. They will then return to duty stations throughout the State of Maine.

The 19 new agents represent the largest class of Northern Border Intern to ever enter on duty in the State of Maine since the hiring opportunity became available in July of 2008. As a first priority, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Mark A. Herring administered the Oath of Office to the new Border Patrol agents.

The new agents will complete various administrative forms and depart to El Paso, Texas to join additional members in their training session. After completing additional paperwork in El Paso, the new agents will begin training at the U.S. >click for hi-res Border Patrol agent interns take the Oath of Office as they are sworn in to be stationed in Maine. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, N.M. The completion of the basic U.S. Border Patrol Academy training is approximately three months, with an additional two months if interns require Spanish language training.

Houlton Sector has received five additional Northern Border Intern classes since the first class session entered on duty on October 1, 2008. A total of 55 Border Patrol agents are currently in the Northern Border Intern program for Houlton Sector and the first session is scheduled to return to Maine in mid-December 2009. The Northern Border Intern program was made available in a recruiting effort to increase agent staffing along the northern border and enhance border security. Houlton Sector has increased agent personnel with the use of transfers, promotions and the Northern Border Intern program.

In order to accommodate the increased number of Border Patrol agents in the State of Maine, Houlton Sector is currently working with the General Services Administration n the construction of two new Border Patrol stations in Rangeley, Maine and Fort Fairfield, Maine. The Rangeley Border Patrol Station is scheduled to be completed in September 2009 and the Fort Fairfield Border Patrol Station is scheduled to be completed in October 2009. Construction on new Border Patrol stations in Calais, Jackman and Van Buren, Maine was completed in 2007 and 2008. Houlton Sector has continued to increase and improve border security within the State of Maine with infrastructure, technology and the addition Border Patrol agents.

Houlton Sector, CBP Public Affairs, Phone: (207) 532-6521Fax: (207) 532-9829 CBP Headquarters, Office of Public Affairs, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Room 3.4A, Washington, DC 20229 Phone:(202) 344-1780 or, (800) 826-1471Fax:(202) 344-1393

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