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TMCNet:  ACCESS CONTROL [Security Technology Executive]

[July 28, 2011]

ACCESS CONTROL [Security Technology Executive]

(Security Technology Executive Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) WinSX AES-256 Encryption Software The WinDSX AES-256 encryption software from DSX Access Systems contains government approved AES-256 bit encryption technology that can be implemented system-wide.

Encryption capabilities are built into the software and every field controller. For example, communications to each Location in WinDSX AES-256 can optionally be encrypted with a unique encryption key assigned by the customer for communicating with that Locations field controllers.

This is but another tool for DSX Integrators in meeting government requirements and FIPS compliancy just like the recently achieved UL 1076 listing.

Once purchased and enabled in the DSX Features Key, there is an Encryption Key that can be implemented to encrypt communications between the Comm Server and the Workstations.

There is also an encryption key that can be implemented optionally and individually for each location. Once communication is encrypted from the Comm Server to the Master Controller, the encryption is propagated to all controllers in that location.

Select elnquiry #504 Corbin Russwin® Access 800® WH Intelligent WiFi Access Control The Access 800 WH from Corbin Russwin is ideal for bringing access control to areas of a building that are cost-prohibitive or challenging to wire. It is a complete solution, integrating all components - including ANSI/BH MA Grade 1 Corbin Russwin hardware, proximity reader and door monitoring - into a single device. The Access 800 WHs open architecture design simplifies integration with any access control system, and because there are no wires to run, it significantly reduces installation and labor costs.

Using an existing IEEE 802.11 b/g WiR network and HID 125 kHz-proximity credentials, the Access 800 WH offers complete access control features. Capabilities include real-time alarms and local decision-making to ensure operation regardless of network status. It also features advanced data security with standard encryption techniques and is available with keypad for two-factor authentication.

The Access 800 WH is offered in ANSI/BH MA Grade 1 cylindrical locks, mortise locks and exit devices with a variety of finishes and lever styles - standard, Muséo® and Vineyard? - for a consistent design aesthetic throughout a facility. It uses standard AA batteries for easy, cost-effective deployment and maintenance.

Select elnquiry #506 SARGENT® Profile Series v.N2 Lock with Aperio(TM) Technology The SARGENT® Profile Series v.N2 lock with Aperio? technology provides an innovative new approach to online access control. Aperio is a global wireless technology from ASSA ABLOY that makes it easy and cost-effective to expand the number of doors that can be monitored with currently installed access control panels and systems. It utilizes short-distance wireless communication between the lock and a communications hub mounted directly above the door to connect to an online access control system. This eliminates the greatest cost and inconvenience associated with traditional access control - the wiring at the door - without the hassle of complex site surveys.

The Profile Series v. N 2 lock combines integrated access control components with ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware and is available in bored lock, mortise lock, and exit device configurations. Real-time authentication, door status changes and configurable alarm notifications allow for immediate response to events at the door.

The V.N2 Aperio-enabled lock requires minimal field configuration and ensures quick, easy wireless deployments. Wireless communication (IEEE 802.1 5.4) between the v.N2 lock and Aperio hub uses AES 1 28 encryption to ensure the highest level of security. The v. N 2 also supports a variety of 13.56 MHz contactless credentials, including HID® iCLASS® with full authentication in all formats. Additionally, Aperio is the broadest global wireless locking solution, making it ideal for global companies deploying a standard infrastructure across multiple locations.

Select elnquiry #505 Trilogy® Electronic Access Control Locks Alarm Lock Systems Trilogy? line enables security professionals securing buildings of all kinds to more cost-effectively add dependable wireless access control a door at a time with a fieldproven access solution and with a consistent model for every door type in a facility.

Trilogy® electronic access control locks include original standalone and new wireless networking Trilogy Networx access locks, featuring global lockdown in seconds and eliminates door-to-door programming and audit trail queries by communicating wirelessly via ethernet or 802.11.

All Trilogy locks feature the same rugged dependability, and tool-free keypad programming, with cylindrical models boasting Grade 1 BHMA certification.

Its new Alarm Lock Networx(TM) Prox ID and PIN code keypads and NetPanel 2-door access controller provide a networked wireless keypad solution for magnetic locks, strikes and electrified exit devices. Networx Keypads offer global functions and networked bidirectional communications that eliminate the need to physically go to the keypads for program changes such as authorized users, event log retrieval and more.

The flexible new system shares the same programming, database and functionality, plus, PIN/Prox model, with built in HID Prox. The ID Card reader still uses Alarm Locks free Windows-based software, and both standalone and Networx models can share one common database.

Select elnquiry #507 SARGENT® Passport 1000 Campus Access Control Solution Designed specifically for campus environments, the Passport 1000 Series from SARGENT provides a "one card" solution, using magnetic stripe, proximity card reader and PIN code technologies for customized access to facilities.

Available in WiFi and PoE versions, these products use ASSA ABLOYs PERSONA Campus? software or approved third-party software to integrate seamlessly into existing enterprise, transactional and housing systems, providing comprehensive, reliable access control. The Passport 1000 locks take advantage of existing network infrastructure to provide advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations.

The Passport 1000 P1 Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution offers simple, secure, online campus access control. An online ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 lock utilizing PoE technology, the Passport 1000 P1 connects to the building's Ethernet network and can make decisions locally. Open standard cable and PoE-enabled equipment allows easy and cost-effective installations. Real-time door status monitoring and lockdown capable, the P1 is available in exit device, mortise and cylindrical lock configurations.

The Passport 1000 P2 intelligent WiFi lock provides access control for hard -to-secure locations. Using an 802.1 1b/g WiFi network, the Passport 1000 P2 ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 lock connects as frequently as the user specifies to maintain its local list of up to 2,400 users. Available in exit device, mortise and cylindrical lock configurations, it offers real-time door status monitoring and configurable alarm notifications.

Select elnquiry #508 SALTO AElement AElement is a new RFID hotel lock from SALTO. Developed specifically for the hotel market, it provides a fully integrated, real-time security solution that enables you to combine your entire guest hospitality needs into one stylish, energy efficient and reliable wire-free locking system.

Easy to use and easy to install, it is a stunning piece of design that's packed with SALTO's new DNA technology. It can control the security of the entire building from a single location, including granting access privileges to individual rooms and gathering audit trail data from every door in real time - all without leaving the front desk.

With AElement, all locks are designed to be wireless ready right out of the box - you just decide whether the function is activated or not.

Simply choose the mode of operation you want: "Wireless on-line" or "Wireless ready." If you choose "Wireless on-line," your locks are online and communicate in real-time with the server. This gives you realtime control over the entire building.

If you chose "Wireless ready," your locks communicate with the server daily on differed-time communication mode. Wireless ready locks can be "switched" to real-time "Wireless on-line mode" at any time. Just plug in the USB-sized RF communication antenna and you are ready to go.

Select elnquiry #509 HES Surface Mounted Electric Strikes The HES Genesis family of surface mounted electric strikes have strength, good looks, fast installation, and reliable performance. These Grade 1 electric strikes have proven themselves in independent testing from nationally recognized certification organizations, delivering enhanced durability and holding power.

The HES 9600 is ANSI/BHMA 250.13 Severe Windstorm listed, making it the only windstormlisted surface mount electric strike available. It is designed for use with 3A" rim exit devices. Also available for use with 3A" rim exit devices, the HES 9500 series is UL 10C fire-rated for three hours. The HES 9400 features a Vi" slim-line form ideal for Vi" rim exit devices. Select elnquiry #510 Hub Manager v.8.1 with Windows 7 Support Version 8.1 of Linears Hub Manager Professional PC-based access control software manages and programs all current and legacy access hardware devices. It supports multiple or standalone controllers and a wide array of door control devices over LA N /WA N, RS-485, modem, or IRDA. Maintaining Hub Managers quick-and-easy reputation, the new version's enhanced video tutorials and setup wizards help to expedite the installers job. Hub Manager also features plug-and-play 'auto-discovery' of devices on the network, further simplifying and improving installation speed, while tackling the growing requirement to leverage existing networks. The new Windows 7-compatible software, downloadable from Linears website, is included with all Secured Series systems and kits, and with the prox. pad Plus series of products and LS2 Series of products. php?productld=1293 Select elnquiry #511 Access Control Software Quintrons Access N site access control software runs on any operating system and uses any database and any type of card reader - plus, it supports Mercury, HID and DMP control panels. Perfect for small, medium or large projects, the software has proven and reliable performance in high security government sites, industrial, health care, office, and educational institutional locations.

For 40 years, Quint ron has provided high technology and cost effective solutions worldwide to government and industry in support of mission critical communications and security requirements for command and control applications. The depth of expertise found at Quintron is in fault tolerant, interoperable communications and security systems. In addition to providing advanced products and systems, Quintron's professional technical services capability provides a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Visit or call 805.928.4343 for more information.

Select elnquiry #512 Access Control Product Line DoorKing Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the access control industry. We manufacture a variety of IP addressable Telephone Entry and Multi-Door Card Access Systems, Telephone Intercom Systems, High Security MicroPLUS(TM) RF Transmitters and Receivers and Digital Keypads. Our vehicular access control products include slide and swing gate operators, parking control products, standard traffic control spikes and automated traffic control spike systems. Select elnquiry #513 GSM Access Reader The Paxton Net2 Caller ID/GSM Access Control Reader allows you to open a door from anywhere using a mobile or landline phone as a credential - enabling access without a card. The last eight digits of the phone number are used as the credential in the access system without incurring any call charges. This is made possible through caller ID (CLID) technology. The GSM Reader can be used with an access controller for phone only, or can be combined with a proximity card reader so the user has an option of a local access card or their phone. The Caller ID/GSM reader means that you no longer need a credential orto be in front of the door to unlock it, so it is great for communal entrances, infrequently visited sites, car or truck vehicle gates, and even starting the air conditioner on the way into the office, to name a few. Just another innovative product from Paxton. Select elnquiry #514 Card Access / Alarm Lock Integration Continental's CardAccess® version 2.8 enterprise class software integrates with Alarm Lock's Trilogy Networx(TM) Locks and Wireless Keypads This seamless integration enables cross-selling between the two access control divisions of Napco (i.e., Alarm Lock & Continental) and enables access control integrators to manage Alarm Lock's PIN code and Prox ID card access locks from within an advance enterprise class system. It provides real time event reporting of the locks amidst the reports of campus' door and alarm activity, while incorporating access privileges for lock users within the singular robust Continental database. Continental's scalable 1 to over 16,000 door systems team their own software and hardware and support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics and full reader support including biometrics, FIPS201 , TWIC, FRAC, CACNG 26 to 256 bit cards. For more call Continental at 631-842-9400 or visit Select elnquiry #515 Enterprise Access Control OCURE 9000 Enterprise from Software House provides an advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability Whether your organization consists of a few facilities or many that span the globe, the solution grows as your company does. The system gives corporate security personnel central control, while each local facility maintains independent control of its individual operation. Its power gives system administrators at the main facility the ability to configure and monitor all locations from that central site. It also allows them to simultaneously monitor alarms from multiple facilities from one convenient workstation. Select elnquiry #516 Access Hardware Controllers: 14 Selectable Output & System Modes Universal Controllers have preprogrammed system logic or may be installer configured for lock control, monitoring and special applications. Benefits include reduced engineering, labor, centralized wiring, easy trouble shooting. Use the same controller for all your multi-door applications. Wire diagrams provided.

UR2-4: 4-Station Controller 4 Single Stations, 2 Tandem Stations or 2-Door System UR4-8: 8-Station Controller 8 Single Stations, 4 Tandem Stations or 4-Door System 3 Single Station Output Modes * (CR) Conventional Relay, (TD) Adj. ½-60° Time Delay, (LR) Latching Relay * Each station independently programmed, CR, TD or LR with Wet or Dry output * N.O. input, SPDT 7A, Wet or Dry output per station 4 Tandem Station Output Modes * TD/CR * TD/LR * CR/LR * CR/CR * 2-SPDT 7A, Wet or Dry outputs per station * 2 N.O. inputs trigger 1 of 2 output modes, i.e. TD or CR 7 Selectable System Modes * Airlock/Interlock Mode A: All Door Normally Unlocked * Mantrap Mode B: All Doors Normally Locked * 3 Mantrap Mode C: Select Doors Normally Locked and Unlocked * 2 Comm Bath Modes: 2 Hospital/Dorm rooms with shared bathroom 4 Auxiliary Control Inputs * All On, All Off, Lockout, Emergency Release Select elnquiry #517 Download Application Video & Brochure with Phone QR Code Reader Available at App Store Biometric Access Control Reader MiY-ID is Cogent s latest outdoor multi-purpose, multi-functional biometric access control reader. As new security standards emerge, companies are looking for a security product that meets current PACS standards for PIV, CAC, TWIC and others. Cogent's MiYID product allows them to meet current standards and easily conform to changing standards without having to replace their PACS readers.

With its ground-breaking "Make it Yours" application development platform, MiY-ID can virtually interface with any PACS and government credentials such as PIV, TWIC and CAC. The MiY-IDs core product foundation and framework allows third-party customization of almost any part of the product, leveraging future technologies as they are introduced.

MiY-ID is the first reader of its kind to allow users the ability to securely customize a PACS reader while still maintaining compliance, and without sacrificing GSA APL certifications. Cogent's SecurAPI has over 500 functions to create various types of workflow with the existing hardware or third party hardware via the secure USB port.

The MiY-IDs outdoor design features an Ingress Protection Level (IP) 64 with built-in TLS encrypted Ethernet and PIV-approved matchers, scanners, and contact/conta ctl ess CHUID readers.

Select elnquiry #518 SARGENT® Harmony Series Online Integrated Wiegand Access Control The SARGENT Harmony Series Online Integrated Wiegand Access Control Solution offers big features in a small, well-styled lock. SARGENT ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware and integrated access control components are beautifully presented in the Harmony Series. Harmony is in tune with the aesthetic needs of the architect, and provides high security and ease of installation for the facility manager.

The Harmony Series has consolidated all standard access control components into the lock - including the card reader, door position switch and request-to-exit monitoring sensors. This dramatically reduces installation time and ensures a clean, streamlined appearance, maintaining the architectural integrity around the door.

Available in bored lock, mortise lock, and exit device configurations, the Harmony Series offers maximum safety with HID? 125 kHz prox or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® card readers and full monitoring capabilities. It provides a simple solution for access control systems by using a direct Wiegand output, eliminating the need for an interface panel. An open architecture platform offers compatibility with all popular access control systems. Designed to blend into any environment flawlessly, the series is available with SARGENT Studio Collection decorative levers and 13 finishes.

Select eInquiry #519 Corbin Russwin® Access 700® Intelligent Campus Access Control Access 700® locks offer comprehensive access control for campus housing and facilities. Designed specifically for campus environments, they provide a "one card" solution, using magnetic stripe, PIN code, and proximity or iCLASS® card reader technologies for customized access to facilities.

Available in WiFi and PoE versions, these products use ASSA ABLOYs PERSONA Campus? software or approved third -party software to integrate seamlessly into existing enterprise, transactional, and housing systems, providing comprehensive, reliable access control. Corbin Russwin Access 700 locks use WiFi or PoE network infrastructure to connect to the access control system, offering advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations. The Access 700 PWII lockset is an intelligent WiFi lockset that is ideal for adding access control to areas of a building that would be too difficult or costly to wire. The Access 700 PIP1 intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) lockset offers full online access control, using the facility's Ethernet network. Standard network cabling provides both power and data, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

The Access 700 PWH and PIP1 locks integrate all access control components into one device - ANSI Grade 1 quality lock or exit device, card reader, door position switch and Re quest-to- Exit sensor - and are available in mortise lock, cylindrical lock and exit device configurations.

Select eInquiry #520 HES 4500 Series Heavy Duty, Fire-Rated, Low Profile Electric Strike The HES 4500 is a low-profile electric strike designed for use in 2'' UL 10C fire-rated frames with ½'' drywall penetration. The unit features heavy-duty stainless steel construction and a unique keeper pin locking design that gives it strength to meet UL 10C 3-hour fire rating (in fail secure mode) and UL 1034 burglary resistant listing standards. The 4500 asserts its Grade 1 strength by offering static strength of 3,000 lbs, dynamic strength of 100 ft-lbs and more than 1 million cycles in durability in tests witnessed by a nationally recognized independent third-party standards organization. Select eInquiry #521 The Universal 4850 - 4 Sizes in 1 Box The Universal 4850 surface mounted electric strike for rim panic devices from Trine Access Technology has the flexibility you need when you get to a job site. The interaction between a lock, door, and frame is different every time, and the 4850 offers four sizes in one box to make installation a breeze.

With an open cavity, the 4850 can take up to a 1 " throw, which allows it to accept more rim panic devices than the competition. Built-in electronics automatically allow for 11-28 VDC with surge and kickback protection, which enhances the strikes' flexibility.

Trines patented six-pin anchoring system (that's eight total contact points) provide additional stability and our spacer plate acts as a template for an easy installation.

The unit is field selectable fail safe/fail secure and can be used in new or replacement installations in wood, aluminum, and metal door frames. The 4850 can be ordered in six architectural finishes.

New for the 4850 is Latchbolt Monitoring (available in June 2011) which utilizes optical sensors for a more reliable installation.

Select eInquiry #522 SARGENT® Profile Series IP-Enabled Access Control Solutions The SARGENT Profile Series v.S1 (PoE) and v.S2 (WiFi) IP-Enabled Locks take advantage of existing network infrastructure to provide advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations. Available in exit device, mortise and cylindrical lock configurations, they offer reliable communication, advanced management capabilities, and real-time alarm notification.

The Profile Series v.S1 and v.S2 locks feature ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware and are available with HID? 125 kHz proximity or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® technology, and optional keypad.

The SARGENT Profile Series v.S1 brings the power of the network to door hardware. It uses IEEE 802. 3 af Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled network infrastructure for both power and data and provides the same realtime communication as traditional access control. Non-proprietary cable, PoE switches, and midspans facilitate cost-effective installations.

The Profile Series v.S2 intelligent WiFi locks offer the ability to extend the reach of your access control systems using a building's existing 802.11b/g WiFi infrastructure.

The V.S2 offers complete access control functionality and is ideal for locations where it would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to install a wired lock.

Select eInquiry #523 Wireless Schlage AD-Series The patent-pending modular design of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' Schlage AD-Series enables users to adapt to new technologies easily, even when changing to wireless networking capabilities. Without replacing the lock, or even taking it off the door, users can upgrade network modules to go from an offline to a networked solution. With its open architecture platform, users can now choose the specific electronic lock they need with full confidence that it can be later upgraded without ever taking it off the door. Select eInquiry #524 IP Door Controller Brivos IP Door Controller (IPDC) is a native Ethernet access control panel in a new, compact form factor. Available as a single- or dual-door controller, the IPDC is supported by the supplier's ACS WebService and ACS OnSite Aparato systems. Features include Power over Ethernet and FIPS 140-2 validated embedded encryption module. It is field upgradable from one to two doors. Administrators enjoy real-time control over assets and sites with this Cloud or "appliance" technology. Select elnquiry #525 SARGENT® Harmony Series H1 Exit Devices with Electric Latch Retraction SARGENT is pleased to announce that Harmony Series H1 exit devices are now available with an Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) option. The ELR option, when coupled with Harmony H1 exit devices, ensures fast, quiet operation in addition to card access. Ideal for high traffic egress doors, it is offered with either ET trim or pull trim. When a valid credential is presented to the integrated reader, the electrified latch is retracted for controlled access or can be electrically dogged for continuous push/pull operation. This new offering combines the exceptional security and aesthetics of Harmony Series access control with the ease and durability of SARGENT electric latch retraction, Select elnquiry #526 (c) 2011 Cygnus Business Media

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