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TMCNet:  Federal Register Table of Contents -- February 11, 2013 (Vol. 78, No. 028)

[February 11, 2013]

Federal Register Table of Contents -- February 11, 2013 (Vol. 78, No. 028)

Feb 11, 2013 (FIND, Inc. via COMTEX) -- Vol. 78, No. 028 Agricultural Marketing Agricultural Marketing Service RULES Marketing Orders: Spearmint Oil Handling; Transfer and Storage; Administrative Rules Change, [Printed Page(s)] 9575-9577 [FR Doc.] 2013-02972 PROPOSED RULES Handling Regulations: Colorado Potato Administrative Committee; Membership Reestablishment, [Printed Page(s)] 9629-9631 [FR Doc.] 2013-02979 Agriculture Agriculture Department See Agricultural Marketing Service See Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9666 [FR Doc.] 2013-03012 Animal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service RULES Importation of Horses From Contagious Equine Metritis-Affected Countries, [Printed Page(s)] 9577-9581 [FR Doc.] 2013-03024 Centers Disease Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9695-9701 [FR Doc.] 2013-02984 [FR Doc.] 2013-02985 [FR Doc.] 2013-02988 [FR Doc.] 2013-03003 [FR Doc.] 2013-03005 Coast Guard Coast Guard RULES Drawbridge Operations: Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC, [Printed Page(s)] 9587-9588 [FR Doc.] 2013-02962 Saugus River, Lynn and Revere, MA, [Printed Page(s)] 9588 [FR Doc.] 2013-02958 Upper Mississippi River, Sabula, IA, [Printed Page(s)] 9588-9589 [FR Doc.] 2013-02961 PROPOSED RULES Safety Zones: Annual Events in Captain of the Port Lake Michigan Zone, [Printed Page(s)] 9640-9648 [FR Doc.] 2013-02955 NOTICES Draft Guidance; Availability: Voluntary Inspection of Vessels for Compliance With the Maritime Labour Convention, [Printed Page(s)] 9709-9710 [FR Doc.] 2013-02956 Commerce Commerce Department See Foreign-Trade Zones Board See International Trade Administration See National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9667 [FR Doc.] 2013-02994 Consumer Product Consumer Product Safety Commission NOTICES Telephonic Prehearing Conference, [Printed Page(s)] 9677-9678 [FR Doc.] 2013-02971 Defense Department Defense Department NOTICES Housing Price Inflation Adjustment, [Printed Page(s)] 9678 [FR Doc.] 2013-03042 Energy Department Energy Department See Federal Energy Regulatory Commission PROPOSED RULES Energy Efficiency Program for Consumer Products: Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Boilers, [Printed Page(s)] 9631-9633 [FR Doc.] 2013-03000 NOTICES Covered Facilities Under Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act; Revision, [Printed Page(s)] 9678 [FR Doc.] 2013-03022 Meetings: Development of Voluntary Code of Conduct for Smart Grid Data Privacy, [Printed Page(s)] 9678-9679 [FR Doc.] 2013-03021 Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Agency RULES Air Quality Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations: Maryland; Amendments to Maryland's Ambient Air Quality Standards, [Printed Page(s)] 9593-9595 [FR Doc.] 2013-02928 Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations: New Jersey and New York Ozone Attainment Demonstrations, [Printed Page(s)] 9596-9598 [FR Doc.] 2013-02927 PROPOSED RULES Air Quality Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations: District of Columbia; Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions Reductions Regulations, [Printed Page(s)] 9648-9650 [FR Doc.] 2013-02920 Maryland; Amendments to Maryland's Ambient Air Quality Standards, [Printed Page(s)] 9650-9651 [FR Doc.] 2013-02926 Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations: Oregon; Heat Smart Program and Enforcement Procedures, [Printed Page(s)] 9651-9654 [FR Doc.] 2013-02964 NOTICES Draft Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Antimicrobial Pesticide Products With Mold-Related Label Claims, [Printed Page(s)] 9688-9689 [FR Doc.] 2013-03032 Meetings: Chartered Science Advisory Board, [Printed Page(s)] 9689-9690 [FR Doc.] 2013-02925 National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology, [Printed Page(s)] 9689 [FR Doc.] 2013-02929 Farm Credit Farm Credit Administration NOTICES Meetings; Sunshine Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9691 [FR Doc.] 2013-03191 Federal Aviation Federal Aviation Administration RULES Airworthiness Directives: Airbus Airplanes, [Printed Page(s)] 9581-9583 [FR Doc.] 2013-02895 IFR Altitudes, [Printed Page(s)] 9583-9587 [FR Doc.] 2013-03074 PROPOSED RULES Airworthiness Directives: Cessna Aircraft Company Airplanes, [Printed Page(s)] 9636-9640 [FR Doc.] 2013-02992 Eurocopter France Helicopters, [Printed Page(s)] 9634-9636 [FR Doc.] 2013-02989 NOTICES Requests To Release Airport Property: Colonel James Jabara Airport, Wichita, KS, [Printed Page(s)] 9770 [FR Doc.] 2013-03034 Woodbine Municipal Airport, Woodbine, NJ, [Printed Page(s)] 9770 [FR Doc.] 2013-03025 Surplus Property Releases: Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport, Brunswick, GA, [Printed Page(s)] 9771 [FR Doc.] 2013-03028 Federal Communications Federal Communications Commission RULES Operation of Wireless Communications Services in the 2.3 GHz Band: Establishment of Rules and Policies for the Digital Audio Radio Satellite Service in the 2310-2360 MHz Frequency Band, [Printed Page(s)] 9605-9623 [FR Doc.] 2013-02907 Spectrum Allocation Rules and Service Rules and Procedures to Govern Use of Vehicle-Mounted Earth Stations, etc., [Printed Page(s)] 9602-9604 [FR Doc.] 2013-03020 Federal Deposit Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation NOTICES Meetings; Sunshine Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9691 [FR Doc.] 2013-03140 Federal Election Federal Election Commission NOTICES Meetings; Sunshine Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9691 [FR Doc.] 2013-03224 Federal Emergency Federal Emergency Management Agency RULES Final Flood Elevation Determinations, [Printed Page(s)] 9598-9602 [FR Doc.] 2013-02945 [FR Doc.] 2013-02946 NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program, [Printed Page(s)] 9711 [FR Doc.] 2013-03007 Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations, [Printed Page(s)] 9711-9717 [FR Doc.] 2013-03004 [FR Doc.] 2013-03047 Emergency Declarations: New Jersey; Amendment No. 3, [Printed Page(s)] 9717 [FR Doc.] 2013-03027 Major Disaster Declarations: Arkansas, [Printed Page(s)] 9718 [FR Doc.] 2013-03033 Maryland; Amendment No. 3, [Printed Page(s)] 9717 [FR Doc.] 2013-03002 New Jersey; Amendment No. 7, [Printed Page(s)] 9718 [FR Doc.] 2013-03023 New York; Amendment No. 8, [Printed Page(s)] 9718-9719 [FR Doc.] 2013-03044 Ohio; Amendment No. 1, [Printed Page(s)] 9719 [FR Doc.] 2013-03029 Federal Energy Federal Energy Regulatory Commission NOTICES Activities Under Blanket Certificates: National Fuel Gas Supply Corp., [Printed Page(s)] 9679 [FR Doc.] 2013-02933 Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9679-9681 [FR Doc.] 2013-03009 Applications: Dominion Transmission, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9681-9682 [FR Doc.] 2013-02934 Combined Filings, [Printed Page(s)] 9682-9686 [FR Doc.] 2013-03013 [FR Doc.] 2013-03014 [FR Doc.] 2013-03015 [FR Doc.] 2013-03016 [FR Doc.] 2013-03017 Filings: North American Electric Reliability Corp., [Printed Page(s)] 9687 [FR Doc.] 2013-02932 Valley Electric Association, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9686-9687 [FR Doc.] 2013-03008 License Transfer Applications: Verso Sartell LLC to AIM Development (USA) LLC, [Printed Page(s)] 9687 [FR Doc.] 2013-03010 Preliminary Permit Applications: Prineville Energy Storage, LLC, [Printed Page(s)] 9687-9688 [FR Doc.] 2013-03011 Staff Attendances, [Printed Page(s)] 9688 [FR Doc.] 2013-02931 Federal Highway Federal Highway Administration NOTICES Final Federal Agency Actions: Proposed Transportation Project in Illinois and Indiana, [Printed Page(s)] 9771-9772 [FR Doc.] 2013-02715 Federal Motor Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration NOTICES Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision, [Printed Page(s)] 9772-9774 [FR Doc.] 2013-02991 Federal Reserve Federal Reserve System PROPOSED RULES Policy Statement on the Scenario Design Framework for Stress Testing; Correction, [Printed Page(s)] 9633-9634 [FR Doc.] 2013-03162 NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9691-9694 [FR Doc.] 2013-02922 Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies, [Printed Page(s)] 9694 [FR Doc.] 2013-02990 Fish Fish and Wildlife Service NOTICES Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Florida Power Corp., et al., Incidental Take Permit and Proposed Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan, Lake County, FL, [Printed Page(s)] 9724-9725 [FR Doc.] 2013-03038 Endangered Species Permit Applications, [Printed Page(s)] 9725-9727 [FR Doc.] 2013-03050 Endangered Species Recovery Permit Applications, [Printed Page(s)] 9727-9729 [FR Doc.] 2013-02983 Food and Drug Food and Drug Administration NOTICES Draft FDA/Health Canada Quantitative Risk Assessment: Listeriosis from Soft-Ripened Cheese Consumption in the United States and Canada, [Printed Page(s)] 9701-9702 [FR Doc.] 2013-02960 Draft Guidance for Industry; Availability: Immunogenicity Assessment for Therapeutic Protein Products, [Printed Page(s)] 9702-9703 [FR Doc.] 2013-03019 Public Conferences: Food and Drug Administration/Xavier University PharmaLink Conference; Quality in a Global Supply Chain, [Printed Page(s)] 9703-9704 [FR Doc.] 2013-03018 Foreign Trade Foreign-Trade Zones Board NOTICES Proposed Production Activities: Panasonic Corporation of North America, Foreign-Trade Zone 50, Long Beach, CA, [Printed Page(s)] 9667 [FR Doc.] 2013-03070 General Services General Services Administration NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: MyGov, [Printed Page(s)] 9694-9695 [FR Doc.] 2013-02977 Health and Human Health and Human Services Department See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention See Food and Drug Administration See Health Resources and Services Administration See National Institutes of Health Health Resources Health Resources and Services Administration NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9704-9705 [FR Doc.] 2013-02998 Requests for Nominations: National Advisory Council on the National Health Service Corps, [Printed Page(s)] 9705-9706 [FR Doc.] 2013-03006 Homeland Homeland Security Department See Coast Guard See Federal Emergency Management Agency See U.S. Customs and Border Protection Housing Housing and Urban Development Department NOTICES Privacy Act; Systems of Records, [Printed Page(s)] 9721-9724 [FR Doc.] 2013-03071 Interior Interior Department See Fish and Wildlife Service See Land Management Bureau See National Park Service See Ocean Energy Management Bureau See Office of Natural Resources Revenue NOTICES Meetings: Invasive Species Advisory Committee, [Printed Page(s)] 9724 [FR Doc.] 2013-03062 International Trade Adm International Trade Administration NOTICES Antidumping Duty Administrative Reviews; Results, Extensions, Amendments, etc.: Ball Bearings and Parts Thereof From Germany, [Printed Page(s)] 9674-9675 [FR Doc.] 2013-03069 Brass Sheet and Strip From Japan, [Printed Page(s)] 9669-9670 [FR Doc.] 2013-03080 Certain Pasta From Turkey; 2010-2011, [Printed Page(s)] 9672-9673 [FR Doc.] 2013-03084 Polyethylene Terephthalate Film, Sheet, and Strip From India, [Printed Page(s)] 9670-9672 [FR Doc.] 2013-03082 Polyethylene Terephthalate Film, Sheet, and Strip From Taiwan, [Printed Page(s)] 9668-9669 [FR Doc.] 2013-03083 Antidumping Duty Orders: Clad Steel Plate From Japan, [Printed Page(s)] 9676 [FR Doc.] 2013-03079 Countervailing Duty Administrative Reviews; Results, Extensions, Amendments, etc.: Circular Welded Carbon Quality Steel Pipe From the People's Republic of China, [Printed Page(s)] 9676-9677 [FR Doc.] 2013-03081 International Trade Com International Trade Commission NOTICES Investigations; Terminations, Modifications, Rulings, etc.: Certain Robotic Toys and Components Thereof, [Printed Page(s)] 9740-9741 [FR Doc.] 2013-03031 Justice Department Justice Department NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted, [Printed Page(s)] 9741-9742 [FR Doc.] 2013-02996 Procedures for the Administration of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, [Printed Page(s)] 9742-9743 [FR Doc.] 2013-02944 Return A--Monthly Return of Offenses Known to Police, etc., [Printed Page(s)] 9741 [FR Doc.] 2013-02995 Land Land Management Bureau NOTICES Meetings: Rio Grande Natural Area Commission, [Printed Page(s)] 9729 [FR Doc.] 2013-03040 Plats of Survey: North Carolina, [Printed Page(s)] 9729 [FR Doc.] 2013-03041 NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NOTICES Meetings: NASA Advisory Council; Education and Public Outreach Committee, [Printed Page(s)] 9743 [FR Doc.] 2013-02997 National Credit National Credit Union Administration NOTICES Meetings; Sunshine Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9743 [FR Doc.] 2013-03207 National Endowment for the Humanities PROPOSED RULES Public Access to NEH Records Under the Freedom of Information Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9654-9660 [FR Doc.] 2013-01746 National Foundation National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities See National Endowment for the Humanities National Highway National Highway Traffic Safety Administration RULES Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: Air Brake Systems, [Printed Page(s)] 9623-9628 [FR Doc.] 2013-02987 NOTICES Petitions for Decision of Inconsequential Noncompliance: Cooper Tire and Rubber Co., [Printed Page(s)] 9775-9776 [FR Doc.] 2013-03075 Michelin North America, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9774-9775 [FR Doc.] 2013-03076 National Institute National Institutes of Health NOTICES Meetings: Center for Scientific Review, [Printed Page(s)] 9706 [FR Doc.] 2013-02943 Fogarty International Center, [Printed Page(s)] 9706-9707 [FR Doc.] 2013-02942 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, [Printed Page(s)] 9707-9708 [FR Doc.] 2013-02941 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, [Printed Page(s)] 9708 [FR Doc.] 2013-02939 National Human Genome Research Institute, [Printed Page(s)] 9707 [FR Doc.] 2013-02940 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, [Printed Page(s)] 9707 [FR Doc.] 2013-02937 National Institute on Aging, [Printed Page(s)] 9708-9709 [FR Doc.] 2013-02938 National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, [Printed Page(s)] 9708 [FR Doc.] 2013-02936 Office of the Director, [Printed Page(s)] 9709 [FR Doc.] 2013-02935 National Oceanic National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration PROPOSED RULES Pacific Halibut Fisheries; Catch Sharing Plan, [Printed Page(s)] 9660-9665 [FR Doc.] 2013-02978 National Park National Park Service NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: NPS Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee General Submission, Exhibitor, Annual Review, and Amendment Forms, [Printed Page(s)] 9729-9730 [FR Doc.] 2013-03046 Meetings: Boston Harbor Islands Advisory Council, [Printed Page(s)] 9730-9731 [FR Doc.] 2013-03048 National Park System Advisory Board, [Printed Page(s)] 9731 [FR Doc.] 2013-02967 National Science National Science Foundation NOTICES Meetings: Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education, [Printed Page(s)] 9743 [FR Doc.] 2013-02966 Nuclear Regulatory Nuclear Regulatory Commission NOTICES Event Reporting Guidelines, [Printed Page(s)] 9743-9745 [FR Doc.] 2013-03036 Facility Operating Licenses: Application for Amendment; Kewaunee Power Station, [Printed Page(s)] 9745- 9746 [FR Doc.] 2013-03037 Requests To Amend Licenses To Import Radioactive Waste, [Printed Page(s)] 9746-9748 [FR Doc.] 2013-03045 [FR Doc.] 2013-03049 Ocean Energy Management Ocean Energy Management Bureau NOTICES Oil and Gas Leases: Gulf of Mexico, Outer Continental Shelf, Central Planning Area, Sale 227, [Printed Page(s)] 9731-9732 [FR Doc.] 2013-03039 Natural Resources Office of Natural Resources Revenue NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9732-9740 [FR Doc.] 2013-02959 Postal Regulatory Postal Regulatory Commission NOTICES Removal of Postal Product, [Printed Page(s)] 9748-9749 [FR Doc.] 2013-02963 Securities Securities and Exchange Commission NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, [Printed Page(s)] 9749 [FR Doc.] 2013-02954 Meetings; Sunshine Act, [Printed Page(s)] 9749 [FR Doc.] 2013-03072 Self-Regulatory Organizations; Proposed Rule Changes: BOX Options Exchange LLC, [Printed Page(s)] 9758-9760 [FR Doc.] 2013-02999 Depository Trust Co., [Printed Page(s)] 9762 [FR Doc.] 2013-02953 EDGA Exchange, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9749-9751 [FR Doc.] 2013-02950 EDGX Exchange, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9763-9765 [FR Doc.] 2013-02951 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9754-9756 [FR Doc.] 2013-02952 NASDAQ OMX BX, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9752-9754 [FR Doc.] 2013-02797 NASDAQ OMX PHLX LLC, [Printed Page(s)] 9760-9762 [FR Doc.] 2013-02798 National Securities Clearing Corp., [Printed Page(s)] 9751-9752 [FR Doc.] 2013-02949 National Stock Exchange, Inc., [Printed Page(s)] 9756-9758 [FR Doc.] 2013-02923 Social Social Security Administration NOTICES Assigning New Social Security Numbers for Children Age 13 and Under, [Printed Page(s)] 9765-9766 [FR Doc.] 2013-03043 Individuals With Certain Criminal Convictions as Representative Payees, [Printed Page(s)] 9766-9768 [FR Doc.] 2013-02919 State Department State Department NOTICES Imposition of Missile Sanctions on Two Chinese Foreign Persons, [Printed Page(s)] 9768 [FR Doc.] 2013-03035 Imposition of Nonproliferation Measures Against Foreign Persons, Including a Ban on U.S. Government Procurement, [Printed Page(s)] 9768-9769 [FR Doc.] 2013-03030 Imposition of Nonproliferation Measures on Chinese and Iranian Foreign Persons, [Printed Page(s)] 9769 [FR Doc.] 2013-03026 Transportation Department Transportation Department See Federal Aviation Administration See Federal Highway Administration See Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration See National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Customs U.S. Customs and Border Protection NOTICES Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: Entry and Immediate Delivery Application and Simplified Entry, [Printed Page(s)] 9719-9720 [FR Doc.] 2013-02326 Holders or Containers Which Enter the United States Duty Free, [Printed Page(s)] 9720-9721 [FR Doc.] 2013-02982 Veteran Affairs Veterans Affairs Department RULES Disclosures To Participate in State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, [Printed Page(s)] 9589-9593

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