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TMCNet:  Savii Group Launches a Pioneering Program to Link Non-Profit Donations with Corporate Savings

[April 16, 2013]

Savii Group Launches a Pioneering Program to Link Non-Profit Donations with Corporate Savings

SAN DIEGO, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Savii Group, an innovator in expense management, today unveiled their new Partnership Pledge Program (P3)* to bridge the gap that exists between non-profits and corporate donors. Formulated for both corporations and non-profits, the P3 strategy engages Savii Group's expertise in freeing up capital companies didn't know they had and couples it with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR (News - Alert)) to increase the corporate value of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

"Savii Group's new P3 program makes it painless for corporations to become involved with non-profits and enables them to reclaim capital to grow their corporate social responsibility programs with a focused approach," states Gina Manis-Anderson, founder of Savii Group. "All while creating sustainable, new revenu for the non-profits that need it so badly."

New research suggests that non-profits must implement new ways to increase donations in order to continue funding their cause. At the same time, CSR programs are more important than ever for corporations to engage their people, grow revenue, and preserve profits. According to Manis-Anderson, "A company's philanthropic culture is a formidable differentiator in the marketplace. Positive social capital improves recruiting and retention of key talent, and helps to attract customers who make buying decisions in a socially responsible manner. CSR is simply a better way to do business."

P3 creates a virtuous cycle of cost savings for corporations that results in potentially three sustainable donations to non-profits. This is how it works:

  • Utilizing an experienced team of Subject Matter Experts (SME's), Savii Group finds money and frees up hidden capital in a company's overhead and expenses.
  • Savii Group's SME's provide a company with enhanced data, better benchmarks, and negotiating strategies to identify real savings and optimization in over 30 expense categories including; IT, Telecom, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Documents Management, Merchant Processing, CAM Audits, and Freight.
  • Savii Group's SME's are compensated when savings are found - they take a percentage of the realized savings when new agreements with the vendors and suppliers are implemented.
  • On every project Savii Group and their SME's each donate a portion of their fees to the company's favorite cause and invites the company to also pledge a percentage of their new found savings - resulting in potentially three new sources of sustainable funding for non-profits.

To find out how Savii Group's new Partnership Pledge Program (P3) can help your organization find both money and purpose, please visit

Savii Group's Pledge Partnership Program (P3) Promise:

Savii Group is dedicated to helping companies accelerate profits by motivating people and promoting purpose that allow for-profit and non-profit organizations to maximize their financial, human and social capital.

* Infograms and images are available.

About Savii Group:

Savii Group is an invaluable asset to companies seeking smart expense management and cost savings solutions. Utilizing an experienced team of Subject Matter Experts (SME's), Savii Group provides clients with enhanced data, better analytics, and negotiation strategies - saving companies 10% to 40% in overall indirect expense reduction. Savii Group is the catalyst that can show your business how to innovate, moving your business from getting by to getting ahead - visit for more information.

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