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TMCNet:  Why Govt, Security Agencies Have Failed in Tackling Insecurity, By Oruku

[July 31, 2014]

Why Govt, Security Agencies Have Failed in Tackling Insecurity, By Oruku

(AllAfrica Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Olabode Oruku, an internet marketing consultant, has been involved in the running of businesses online for years. He has encountered the bad boys, popularly known as 'yahoo yahoo' or cyber-criminals in the course of running his legitimate businesses. Last week, Senior Correspondent Emmanuel Udom spoke with Oruku on how to tackle suspected online fraudsters and scammers. Excerpts: Fraudsters have invaded everywhere. What does this portend for the image of Nigeria? Yes, fraudsters have invaded everywhere, no place is safe any longer. They have invaded the internet, our politics, our youths, civil servants, banks and any aspect of our lives you can imagine. It's an ill wind that will blow nobody any good.

The Nigeria present image abroad is nothing to write home about. All hands must be on deck to reverse the negative perception. Every Nigeria is perceived to be fraudulent, which has led to lack of trust to attract expertise and good investors that can help to grow our economy.

This perception of Nigerians has deprived our online entrepreneurs from benefiting from some internet business opportunities that could have made them rich and reflect positively on our economy in Nigeria For instance, the major online merchant on the internet don't allow its platform to transfer money to Nigeria. That frustrated the opportunity for Nigerians to partner with many global online companies.

How should the government and security agencies tackle online fraud? The strategies to overcome online scams and fraud are for our security agencies to receive mandatory training to handle cyber crimes. The training should be consistent and updated regularly to meet up with the trends in the cyber world.

Our legislators should establish cyber laws to punish offenders with the motive to discourage them. For them to come up with laws that will stand the text of time they need to set up a committee of global and local expert in the industry to advice them.

Is there a link between youth unemployment criminalities? As they say, idleness is the beginning of all vices. It has been observed that crime is high where the level of poverty is high.

A jobless person is naturally poor because he/she lacks the financial means to get the basic needs to keep the body and soul together. This has pushed many people to crime activities.

The reasons usually offered by most youths that are involved in crime are unemployment.

How can our youths use the internet to explore creative ways earning a decent living? The government and private universities and other institutions can help in that regard. They should establish a continuing educational course on how to use the Web to build a successful online business.

This form of course offers proven e-commerce solution for all entrepreneur-minded students, regardless of age or prior Web knowledge and experience.

There are many accredited institutions all over the world that are already offering this course. Examples are University of Arizona, Tucson, The Citadel Military College, Charleston, South Carolina, Gardner-Webb University, North Carolina, University of Alaska, Graceland University, TAFE, Australia, Dawson College, Montreal, Humber College, Toronto, Ontario Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Canada, Polomar College, California.

Are our various laws on fraudulent activities adequate to tackle this menace? I don't think the present laws are adequate to tackle the present frauds in our society. Besides, it goes beyond enacting laws, our perception as people to frauds and corruption must change.

It is unfortunate the way our leaders and we the people embrace corruption to the point that those affected don't have shame. Most of the present leadership in the society is corrupt and we the followers endorsed it by attitude to them.

It's practically impossible for such leaders to enact or enforce laws that will clean the society of frauds and corruption.

The first step is for we as people to make a resolution never to embrace or vote for any person that has been found or perceived to be corrupt. We should do everything possible to support and vote for people with integrity. In short, people have become wealthy through corruption should no longer be celebrated again.

Do you think the police, EFCC, ICPC and other government security doing enough to tackle insecurity in Nigeria? No, the performances of these agencies have regrettably fallen below expectations. Leaders of these government security agencies, who were appointed to their various offices by politicians are being influenced and manipulated by these same politicians.

The way to correct this problem is for the constitution to be amended so that the appointment of heads of these agencies could be recommended by tested and credible Nigerians with proven and transparent integrity.

That is, competent persons of which one will be appointed by the President for the position. The same steps should be taken to remove them from office if there is need for it.

What is your advice to banks hit by scammers and fraudsters? For most of these frauds to succeed, there is usually staff(s) working with the fraudsters, the banks should work on correcting the lapses. Beside, these banks need to employ the services of proven international experts that specialize in bank crime prevention and software developers to consult for them.

Should corporate bodies like banks partner with credible and recognized online experts to sort out the issues of online frauds? Yes, that is important. But it should be online experts that specializes in cyber crimes, not just any entrepreneur on the net.

Who is Olabode Oruku? I am a family man with two boys. By profession, I am a marketing consultant, and have proven records of training and rendering services that has helped some medium and small size business owners to market their businesses online and offline effectively.

I have been privilege at one time or the other to maintain online marketing columns with some of our major newspapers and educating Nigerians on running small businesses at seminars and radio programs such as TalkBack. Thank you for the opportunity.

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