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TMCNet:  LQD Business Finance Announces Breakout Business Results In 2016

[January 11, 2017]

LQD Business Finance Announces Breakout Business Results In 2016

CHICAGO, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- LQD Business Finance, an alternative lender that uses a proprietary credit-scoring algorithm to underwrite business loans, announced standout business results in 2016, its first full year of operations. Last year, LQD grew its flow of loan applications to over $140 million and loans closed to $33 million. In addition, the company closed a significant Series A funding round, complementing the $30 million credit facility secured in 2015.

"LQD is the next generation alternative business lender. Early alternative lending businesses were important but incomplete, and they have struggled recently as a result. LQD has internalized those lessons into a strong and sustainable business model," said George Souri, its CEO and founder. "Besides our strong new loan performance, we expanded operations with a new website and key hires, and we are positioned to scale our business."

Looking ahead, Souri said LQD anticipates growing its origination run rate to $80 million by the end of 2017 and to more than $200 million over the next 24 months, largely by expanding its data-driven lead generation and targeting the $200 billion market of prime and near-prime loans between $250,000 and $2 million. That market is underserved by both banks and existing alternative lenders. Additionally, LQD is in partnership talks with several banks interested in the company's underwriting platform.

Sustaining Substantial Financial Growth

LQD Business Finance uses sophisticated technology to make the loan process more efficient without compromising underwriting quality. "Many of the early alternative lenders were technology companies trying to do credit. We are credit and finance people using technology to make us better at our core competency, and the markets are reacting very positively to our approach," says Souri. LQD closed a $30 million credit facility with Route 66 Ventures and a $4 million Series A round with Fintech Ventures Fund. LQD is in the process of closing another $100 million credit facility and a follow-up equity roun.  

Serving the Growing Market of Under Banked SMBs

Leveraging an integrated business and data-management platform that applies sophisticated credit analysis seen typically only in the large-cap market to small and medium sized businesses, LQD is able to address a growing market gap for prime and near-prime business borrowers. The company is the only alternative small business lender with risk-pricing capacities able to model a distribution of future outcomes based on probability and price a loan based on its distinct risk criteria. According to Robert Peterson of Route 66 Ventures: "We have seen almost every alternative business lending platform in the market and LQD is one of the best, if the not the best, when it comes to underwriting and risk."

"Before LQD, either underwriting was done well but took a very long time, or underwriting quality was sacrificed for the sake of quick closings. LQD fixed this fundamental problem and services a wider range of businesses with more customized financing as a result," says Souri.

As more small-business owners search for alternative sources of capital, LQD's unique model has become a source of financial relief for many.

Norcal Fire Repair, Inc., of Vacaville, Calif., found that LQD could help bridge the gap between a slow cash flow cycle, moving the company's construction along quickly and more efficiently.

Norcal President Zach Minor chose LQD over competitors in the market because LQD had the best terms and most flexibility available in a loan product.

According to Minor, "Most lenders who want to fund a business like ourselves want to do shorter terms and higher rates. Our total interest expense will be about one-third of what most other companies would charge on the same amount."

Minor added, "LQD is the only company I talked to that seemed to listen and consider all of the variables of our industry. The people at LQD actually analyze the data themselves and think for themselves rather than running it through a computer and letting the computer spit out an answer based on a couple of variables." 

Advancing the Industry Thought Leadership Status

To help increase awareness of LQD's disruptive approach to business lending, Souri participated in several industry events throughout 2016. During the Lend360 event in Chicago, he participated in a panel discussion on "Innovations in Alternative Credit Underwriting" with other leaders in financial technology and online lending. The session highlighted the need for greater data quality vetting and consideration in small-business lending.

Additionally, LQD exhibited at the Midwest Accounting & Financing Showcase in August, American Banker's Marketplace Lending & Investing Event in September as well as the American Banker Small-business Banking conference in November.

Looking Ahead

As the alternative lending industry continues to mature, LQD is prepared to assume a transformative role. Based on the growing market opportunity and its unique approach to small-business lending, the company is on track to undergo significant growth in 2017.  

"We were founded to deliver a sustainable business lending model," says Souri. "From day one, LQD understood that in the world of small-business lending, finding customers is easy, but making quality loans is hard. This is why we took the time to develop an underwriting risk model that has legs to stand the test of time."

About LQD Business Finance

LQD is a national fintech startup that offers businesses greater options for their financing needs (versus those offered by banks or existing alternative lenders). LQD provides loans of up to $2 million in as little as 7 days to a range of businesses and approves loans through its proprietary risk management platform, LQD Matrix.

Media Contact:
Alex Moritz
LQD Business Finance
Phone: (312) 444-0552


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