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[March 14, 2018]

Pypestream Announces "Proteus Release" to Better Serve Enterprise Clients

NEW YORK, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pypestream, the market leading Customer Engagement Platform using digital robots to automate full customer engagement, today announced the launch of its "Proteus Release," the next iteration of the company's Platform.

Pypestream allows any business to digitally transform into a full 'on-demand' business by leveraging its 'Smart Messaging' and advanced AI conversational platform. This 'Proteus' release represents a significant update to the patented solution providing more advanced digital robotic functionality, the highest levels of security as well as outbound 'push' messaging allowing for myriad more use cases and a more robust, automated Customer experience.

The Pypestream platform establishes a very secure cloud-based, private messaging infrastructure (known as a 'Pype') for each of its customers. This 'always-on' connection allows businesses and their customers to stay connected, 'anytime, anywhere', a 'relationship' defined as the 'new standard' by social chat apps like Whatsapp and Fb Messenger.

Within 'Pypes', pragmatic AI and conversational Interfaces allow streamlined business processes and the highest levels of Customer Engagement. Uses for Pypestream include Customer Care, marketing and direct promotions as well as internal business-to-employee interactions. Regardless of the content or 'dialogue' shared within the "Pype", Pypestream's unique methodology connecting it into business backends, delivers significant cost savings and more satisfied customers.

While Pypestream works with some of the world's largest companies, across more than a dozen industries, including insurance, healthcare, financial services and consumer products, an early adopter of the technology has been Sling TV, a leading provider of over-the-top live and on demand television programming.

"The ability to connect with new and existing customers through messaging and provide fast and accurate service will remain a critical component in Sling TV's quest for continued excellent customer engagement," said Seth Van Sickel, Director of Operations at Sling TV. "As we move forward with increased offerings, Pypestream will enable us to scale our personalized, on-demand customer service while maintaining high service level."

"We're now living in a time when customers expect (and won't settle for anythng less than) 'immediacy' and 'instant gratification'. This is part of the new generation of 'on-demand' experiences and the direct relationship consumers expect to have with brands. Typical phone and email channels are plagued with pitfalls like long hold times, disconnects and ill-informed agents," said Pypestream CEO and founder, Richard Smullen. "Sling TV has been a trailblazer in providing customers with innovative, a la carte TV so adding the highest level of Customer interactivity and direct communication just extended their commitment to giving its subscribers the best overall experience. Since being 'Pyped', Sling has seen faster resolutions, increased customer satisfaction and overall service that is shaking up the industry. All I can say is that it's great news for consumers who can now engage with brands in ways not possible before."

With Pypestream's customers requesting expanded usage of the 'Pype', self-serve, security and end-to-end encryption became the essence of 'Proteus'. The platform now enables enterprises to define their own sensitive data-masking and redaction rules to allow the solution to support other use cases like billing, payment, account management, loyalty and e-commerce.

A further advancement to the platform allowing Pypestream to maintain its unassailed lead in this nascent but rapidly growing 'space', is the Digital Robot Training Center, a new tool set which allows enterprises to build, deploy and maintain their own automation robots, easily. Enterprises are now empowered to build and deploy automation to multiple channels, improve the AI engine, enhance conversation flow and adjust robotic processes in real time. Pypestream supports this new capability through its training and deployment process, PypePro which is also used by Pypestream's certified deployment partners like EY and TCG Digital.

Taking Engagement to an even higher level, Pypestream's advanced robotic routing within the 'Pype' allows interactions to be seamlessly transferred between human agent and AI automation, thereby further enhancing the overall Customer Experience. This partnership with agents and automation further helps drive high customer satisfaction while reducing costs, further proof of the win-win commitment the on-demand economy has made the world.

Attending Enterprise Connect in Orlando? Learn more about how implementing Pypestream's technology has better served Sling TV on the  panel "Enterprise Case Studies: How We Made Our Contact Center Upgrade Decision" on Wednesday, March 14 at 8 a.m. ET  or see our Evan Kohn, SVP Global Client Experience, on Thursday, March 15 at 8 a.m. ET in Beyond IVR: The New Self-Service . Enterprise Connect attendees can also stop by the Pypestream booth #1633.

About Pypestream
Pypestream makes life easier by allowing businesses to connect with their customers through a secure channel, referred to as a "pype", to provide on-demand sales, marketing and support services. By leveraging a combination of AI-powered robots and human agents within the pype, companies are able to streamline their customer engagements to garner exceptional cost savings, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Even enterprises in the most highly-regulated industries can use Pypestream's secure messaging and transactions to interact directly with their stakeholders. With a leadership team comprised of industry experts with decades of experience, Pypestream is serving more than a dozen industry verticals, including insurance, healthcare, utilities, financial services, telecommunications, consumer goods and travel. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

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