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August 08, 2012

ITP VoIP Promotes New Hosted PBX Phone Service for Homeowners and Businesses

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Earlier, private branch exchange (PBX) phone services required specialized equipment and hardware that was very expensive and complicated to install.

However, with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), phone service PBX connections were dependent on software instead of hardware, which made them user-friendly as well as affordable. Consequently, the PBX service based on VoIP can be now be leveraged by small businesses and even home phone service.

Cashing in on the benefits offered by this technology, ITP VoIP - an Internet phone service provider – has started promoting its new hosted PBX phone service plans for homeowners and businesses. The new phone services offer all the benefits of VoIP phone service and hosted PBX service in one package.

The plans available on ITP VoIP provide consumers with not only low monthly rates but also a generous array of extra features. The company’s business and residential phone service plans offer unlimited minutes as well as free calling to any of the 60 countries included in the company’s network.

In general, PBX phone service features one primary phone number from which all external phone calls come in. Calls received by this number are then directed to any internal lines known as extensions.

The PBX phone service generates switches between users to makes connections possible while also ensuring that those connections remain in place for as long as needed. When a user hangs up, PBX ends the connection. For tracking purposes, PBX phone service additionally allows access to the statistics, quantities, and metering of phone calls made through the system.

Typically, PBX phone service establishes connections between internal telephone lines, thereby making it ideal for businesses as well with a multitude of employees and departments.

Some of the free features offered by the VoIP provider ITP VoIP in its new hosted PBX service plans include: conference calling; call forwarding; individual extensions; call recording; and simple online management.

Other features, such as a virtual fax, auto attendant, or toll-free number, can be added to any of the phone service plans, however for a small fee.

In recent news, the company highlighted its enhanced The Mobile App that addresses the requirements of the smartphone and mobile users.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman