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August 22, 2012

Huge Roaming Bills are Gone with Cheap Voip's Callback Services

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Why are companies increasingly resorting to Voice over IP technology, regardless of whether it's a local or an international call? Well, with the economics involved, reductions in cost are across the board. But while traveling, they often don’t have a choice but to incur huge roaming bills.

Cheap Voip Inc., a provider of cost-effective voice over IP communications, with its callback services, enabled by VoIP technology, reportedly provides the way out with its low rates while traveling.

In order to avail of these services, all users need to do is enter their number and the number to be called in a Web form. In just a few seconds, callback services contact the cell phone and direct it to the target number.

No techie stuff involved and no restrictions on the phone numbers to be called.

For local use, users normally resort to analog telephone adapters and software phones to make calls but keep cost down. When traveling over long distances, however, many use prepaid SIM cards to make and receive calls.

Some network providers even offer free incoming calls.

That does sound as if the problem of cost is solved even when traveling, but in fact, it begins just then. Although incoming calls are free, outgoing calls are nothing but prohibitive. In these cases, Cheap Voip, Inc. therefore plays an important role with its call back services.

An outgoing call from a Japanese prepaid cell phone costs more than $1 per minute, whereas it would cost only six to seven cents per minute if Cheap Voip service is used. That's a lot of money saved, especially if you have to make a lot of international and long distance calls.

Cheap Voip, Inc. has partnered with Future Nine Corporation – an existing provider of VoIP phone service, to offer wholesale VoIP termination to businesses and consumers worldwide. By partnering with Future Nine, Cheap Voip will be able to leverage Future Nine's existing infrastructure and experience to deliver quality and problem-free service to clients around the world.

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Edited by Braden Becker