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September 04, 2012

Making an Extra Dollar from International Telecommunication Transactions

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Global voice Group (GVG) has developed the Governance Technologies initiative, which is targeted at offering promising opportunities to countries that seek to obtain fairer share of the revenues arising from telecoms industry deals in international communications. The considerable amount of revenue that can be collected from such retributions can be channeled into bettering the citizens of that specific country or state.

Since an increasing number of states have either already imposed or are moving to impose premiums on international calls connecting through their territory, GVG has stepped forward and set up the necessary technology needed to process and optimize the collection of these premiums and also controlling their potential impacts for a positive net result.

With a good deal of governments looking for ways to avail new stable sources of revenue crucial in financing their operations, the governance Technologies will be a hit for many. This is backed up by the fact that the move is supported by several organizations like the World Bank, OECD, African Development Bank and more than 63 nations.

Implementation of the premiums on inbound international calls will contribute to an increased income of about US$3 Billion annually to Africa. The good thing is that there is no impact on the tariffs paid by the local subscribers of the countries in which the measures are being implemented.

 "We need to look at new ways for financing infrastructure across the continent and bring innovations into the instruments we currently have in place,”Andrew Ali, the president of the Africa Finance Corporation pointed out. This is no doubt bound to be one of the most brilliant ideas ever conjured with the sole purpose of bettering the lives of billions in developing countries of Africa.

Founded in 1998, the Global Voice Group S.S. develops and implements means of managing and monitoring solutions to telecommunications regulations authorities. The ultimate goal is to optimize the regulators’ capacities at all levels giving them the capability to meet current and future challenges in the field.

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Edited by Rich Steeves