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October 01, 2012

Ingate Systems Announces New Firewall and SIParator at ITEXPO Austin 2012

By SIP Trunking Report Web Editor

Ingate Systems, a developer and manufacturer of data communications products for trusted unified communications, will announce the new Ingate Firewall 2970 and Ingate SIParator 97, Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) with the highest capacity of any Ingate product. Ingate designed the world’s first Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-capable firewalls and SIParators, products that enable Unified Communications over the Internet. Ingate E-SBCs enable secure SIP communications, such as SIP trunking and unified communications, beyond the protected enterprise network.

Designed for large enterprises, the Firewall 2970 and SIParator 97 allow for up to 8,000 concurrent voice (or RTP) sessions, serving large call centers and enterprises with hundreds of thousands employees. The new E-SBCs feature six Gbit interfaces, a RAID 1 mirrored hard disks and redundant power supplies to ensure availability for mission-critical applications.

“Now enterprises can benefit from Ingate's flexibility, unmatched interoperability, ease of installation and maintenance and true SIP conformance and UC capabilities, in the very high-capacity E-SBC segment,” said Steven Johnson, president, Ingate Systems. “Ingate’s E-SBCs can also globally connect SIP-based Unified Communication in addition to serving as gateways for SIP trunking of conventional telephony using service providers’ cost-efficient connection offerings. The new SIParator S97 and Firewall 2970 bring current SIP trunking, Internet+ as well as Telephony+ functions into the high end capacity segment."

Internet+ represents the future where global unified communications integrates and replaces the current telephone network, to expand beyond the world of Plain Old Telephony (POTS), with a cost-efficient, reliable and SIP-compliant infrastructure for the service providers that allow global end-to-end SIP based communication, yet fully integrating the current POTS and VoIP infrastructures. Telephony+ is growing the current fixed and mobile telephony services to all possible types of SIP-based real-time communication, adding high quality voice and video-conferencing including telepresence, grooving current text messaging (SMS) to any form of text + voice + video, still connecting to everyone using telephone numbers or SIP addresses.

The latest additions to Ingate’s product portfolio will be available later in 2012. This will make a high-capacity E-SBC available on Ingate hardware as well as with the Ingate Software SIParator. Ingate E-SBCs can also enable global secure SIP into the network, making both SIP trunking and unified communications possible.

Ingate SIParators work hand-in-hand with an existing network firewall to allow SIP traffic to traverse the enterprise edge. Alternatively, the built-in firewall can be enabled to provide full enterprise security for all SIP and data traffic with the single Ingate device.

The E-SBCs allow businesses to adopt and use SIP communications - including SIP trunking and the full breadth of unified communications applications - to reach users not only within the local area network but outside the enterprise as well.

Ingate will be at ITEXPO Austin 2012, the largest communications and technology event held this week in Austin, TX. To learn more about Ingate Systems, it is holding SIP Trunk-Unified Communications Seminars in room 9C of the Austin Convention Center.

Session border controllers and unified communications allow enterprise workers to carry their desk phone extensions and features with them wherever they go. With rich UC applications features such as call transfer, conference call, corporate directory listings and presence, workers can collaborate and communicate in real-time, increasing productivity by maintaining an always-on presence. 

Johnson will present at Enterprise SBC and UC Security Essentials, a session that will consider the Enterprise SBC as a means of satisfying security and privacy requirements, with signaling and traffic encryption, media and signaling forking, network demarcation and threat detection and mitigation, enabling enterprises to capture the cost benefits of VoIP and UC, while maintaining essential security postures and access to multi-mobile communications across the network, anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about Ingate Systems, visit the company in room 9C at ITEXPO Austin 2012, happening now in Austin, TX. Steven Johnson, president of Ingate Systems, will be presenting in “Enterprise SBC and UC Security Essentials.” Stay in touch with everything happening at ITEXPO. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo