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October 30, 2012

VOIPo Adds SMS Text Messaging to VoIP Service for Home, Small Business Users

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

VOIPo, a California-based VoIP provider, has added SMS Text messaging to its VoIP service for home and small business users, and is now offering SMS-enabled VoIP numbers.

Officials with VOIPo said the company is one of the first VoIP providers to offer SMS-enabled phone numbers.

"We are very excited to add SMS text messaging to our service. Traditionally, VoIP has been about saving money on phone service. Going beyond that, our goal is to help customers get more out of their phone service and provide functionality that is not available on a traditional landline,” Timothy Dick, CEO at VOIPo, said in a statement.

“The latest addition of SMS is an example of the innovative features and capabilities we're adding," said Dick.

VOIPo is a landline replacement service, according to company officials, and provides users with a small device that connects to a high-speed internet connection. Regular home telephones are then connected to the device.

SMS has historically only been available on wireless numbers, and not on landline or VoIP numbers.

Company officials said that once SMS is enabled on a VOIPo phone number, users will be able to send and receive SMS text messages from within the VOIPo control panel to and from virtually any U.S.-based SMS capable phone number – including wireless numbers.

The company also offers a variety of forwarding options to forward incoming SMS messages to e-mail or another SMS-capable number.

VOIPo, known for its low prices, features and U.S.-based support, is currently running for a limited time a promotion that offers two years of home or small business phone service for $6.21 per month, with a two-year prepayment.

The promotional plan includes unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, 60 free minutes of international calling each month, a free VoIP adapter, and over 45 premium features like text messaging, custom call routing and call recording.

Edited by Braden Becker