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November 02, 2012

Panasonic's SIP Phone Success Outweighs its European Smartphone Market

By Contributing Writer

Panasonic says that the move to shrink their mobile department will most likely materialize in the next six months. The company has also added that the entire plan to change up their mobile department will likely be finished at the end of March. Panasonic had actually pulled out of Europe before back in 2005 and just returned to the market earlier this spring. The company said that it has a goal of selling 1.5 million smartphones this business year.

While the company has not announced its final revenue numbers, it doesn’t appear that it raked in enough to extend the experiment that was re-entering the European market. Whether or not the meager target they had set for their sales were met has also not been confirmed, but inside sources claim the company had not hit its goals.

While the news that the company has not met its goals for smartphones sales is a bit deflating, the company is certainly not having to rely on its smartphone sales in order to have success. The company has had plenty of moves into other markets that have been plenty lucrative. including their move into the SIP Phone space last year. The company would like to be able to stay in the European market but it appears that the exit may not be one that lasts all that long either.

Its SIP phones have become world-renowned options and a welcome addition to its line of powerful business phone solutions. The company’s advanced phone offerings are designed to allow smooth conversations with HD voice quality and easy operation along with low power consumption. Initial settings are also simple, enabling hassle-free installation, and a wide selection of models are available, ranging from corded to cordless, making it possible to choose the optimal phone for each office.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo