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November 19, 2012

ShoreTel Using Parallocity ZVM-U Tool for Defect Detection, Code Analytics

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The Parallocity ZVM-U dynamic software analysis tool will be leveraged by ShoreTel to help in automated defect detection as well as code analytics during the development phase of its unified communications (UC) platform.

 “As a runtime tool ZVM-U is unique in the industry because it’s fast and accurate with minimal code bloat. It scales from use on small devices like our telephone handsets to large, complex applications like those that run on our backend servers,” explained Vivek Janakiraman, manager, Switch Call Control Software at ShoreTel in a statement. “We’ve integrated ZVM-U into our regression test environment for both products where it’s now an integral part of our software development and quality assurance process.”

A specialist in the $2B Automated Software Quality or ASQ industry, Parallocity offers its Zeus Virtual Machine (ZVM) Dynamic Analysis Framework as the core of its two products: ZVM-U for user-space applications and ZVM-K for loadable kernel modules and device drivers.

According to officials, the ZVM Dynamic Analysis Framework detects concurrency defects, memory errors and memory leaks automatically, as well as delivers comprehensive analytics for complex, single- and multi-threaded applications, loadable kernel modules and device drivers.

Parallocity’s technology leverages optimized algorithms and heuristics that make ZVM-U and ZVM-K highly capable of detecting concurrency errors, such as data races and deadlocks, in complex multi-threaded software applications at runtime. Further, it’s able to match regression test environments.

The tools are equipped to identify memory errors and memory leaks as well as help developers with detailed code analytics to identify test coverage gaps and areas for code optimization, officials added.

ZVM’s Intelligent Instrumentation ensures memory-efficient operation so that ZVM-U can easily scale for use on resource constrained embedded devices up to large scale platforms. ZVM-instrumented applications need less system memory during runtime, and their impact on application performance is much less compared to traditional dynamic analysis tools.

“We’re pleased with ShoreTel’s confidence in ZVM-U, because ZVM-U has provided good results to their server team for more than a year, ShoreTel has expanded use to their telephone handset software. Running ZVM-U on devices at these two ends of the spectrum clearly shows the flexibility and scalability of the ZVM framework,” remarked Shekhar Ambe, CEO of Parallocity.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo