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November 21, 2012

Carrier Alliance Holdings Subsidiary Netlinx Finds New Business Opportunities in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

At a time when a vast region in the U.S. is recovering from the shock of Hurricane Sandy and undergoing reconstruction efforts, one company said that the superstorm actually created new business opportunities.

In a news statement, Carrier Alliance Holdings Inc.'s sub-division Netlinx said it expects new sales opportunities to come from torm-hit businesses looking for solutions that can prevent their businesses from getting disrupted during natural calamities.

The company explained that its services come with unique advantages that can assist these customers in a number of ways.

With a built-in intelligence, Netlinx’s hosted VoIP solution can determine when a business's on-site phones stop functioning and can automatically re-route calls to alternative numbers provided by the customer. Monitored 24/7 in real-time, this service is capable of averting the impact of disasters by switching calls to phones off-site. 

When businesses go into backup mode on their own premises, the employees are left with a limited set of services. But with its cloud-based hosted solution, Netlinx ensures that the functionality remains consistent and full services are intact, even while calls are routed to alternate locations.

Another advantage of Netlinx’s VoIP business continuity and disaster recovery solution is it saves businesses from the need of investing in on-premises PBX systems. Services include IP voice services (local and long distance), IP-VPN, high-speed data and Internet services and fully hosted PBX services, including IP telephone handsets.

“Traditional communication lines can fail and go out after power failures, in many cases Internet access is still operational which allows businesses to still communicate with their clients, even in cases where Internet has failed during such storms simple hosting allows auto attendants, voicemails to be still operational so clients are not getting fast busy signals or even worse the number you have reached is not in service message. In addition, where Internet fails hosted services can redirect the main numbers that a client has to other working telephone numbers such as cell phones or another office not effected during an emergency,” said CEO Chris Panzeca in a statement.

Thanks to its advanced services, Netlinx was able to allow numerous East Coast business customers to carry on with their business communication, even when their physical locations suffered crippling devastation. Not only did it create better credibility for the existing customers, but it also helped spread word of mouth that Netlinx makes a low-cost, highly efficient solution for many businesses. 

Recently, Panzeca released a statement to shareholders discussing its recently completed merger with Tilden Associates.

“All of us at Carrier Alliance are excited about our recently completed merger with Tilden and becoming a Publicly Traded Company. We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our company to the investing public,” he stated.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey