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November 26, 2012

Orange Develops iOS-Based VoIP Client, Libon

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Conventionally, VoIP solutions are cheaper ways of making calls and engaging in audio and video – characteristics that put them above most rivals for mobile network service providers. In an unprecedented move, Europe’s largest mobile networks, Orange, has come up with one such solution.

Valeé chief Giles Corbett, however, sheds some light on Orange’s risky decision. The app, named Libon, takes to the footsteps of Skype by letting users make calls to outsiders with Libon minutes or by using their regular cellular plans.

However, calls and texts between users are free from the app that brings VoIP and messaging services to your smartphone.

Corbett claims that the app targets services like Viber and WhatsApp. But this does not give enough proof as to why a company will create something that will threaten to kill its greatest source of revenue.

Orange believes that venturing into the courtyard of its greatest threat gives it the edge over its competitors. This makes some sense, considering that WhatsApp, for instance, has put a big dent in the revenue generated by carrier providers. 

Putting this into figures, WhatsApp took nearly $14 billion of carrier revenue in the past year alone.

For those willing to try the new campaign, all you need is an e-mail address, password and your phone number. During registration, an authentication code sent to the registered phone number is all you need to unlock the powers of Libon.

Once you have an account, creating a contact list is free and fast with an import from your contact list. The app lets you organize contacts into groups and chat with multiple people on the go.

Libon, derived from the phrase ”Life is Better On,” is now available for iOS gadgets, free of charge in the App Store. Android will reportedly see the program soon after.

Additional features are $2.99 monthly for the privilege.

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Edited by Braden Becker