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November 27, 2012

Voip-Pal.Com Reveals Position of its Patent Pending Applications

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Voip-Pal.Com Inc recently revealed the status on its portfolio of Patent Pending Applications, where it has been following up with the U.S. government patent agency on its Lawful Intercept and Mobile Gateway Patent Applications.

The company, who entered into an acquisition contract with Digifonica, has two pending patents – the Lawful Intercept and Mobile Gateway Patent Applications – which serve as a component of this contract. Known as "Intercepting Voice Over IP Communications and other Data Transmissions,” Digifonica's Lawful Intercept Patent Application was filed on November 29, 2007, and has received US Patent Publication No. 20100150138. On July 28, 2009, Digifonica's Mobile Gateway Patent Application was filed with U.S. Patent Publication No. 20110122827.

Routing, Billing and Rating (RBR) with International Application No: PCT/CA2007/001956 is also a part of Voip-Pal/Digifonica's portfolio of Patent Applications. The portfolio further includes Enhanced 911 with International Application No: PCT/CA2008/000545 and Advanced Interoperability Solutions with International Application No: PCT/CA2009/001317.

In a statement, Dennis Chang, president of Voip-Pal, explained that the company “has chosen at this time to concentrate its efforts on working with the U.S. government patent agency in regards to its Lawful Intercept and Mobile Gateway Patent Applications,” adding that “the Lawful Intercept Patent Application is currently under active prosecution processing, while the Mobile Gateway Patent Application is under the current status of 'Ready for Examination'. Voip-Pal is now in the process of integrating and testing these two technologies on Voip-Pal's proprietary softswitch Framework and newly launched website,"

The extremely competent manner of intercepting voice over the Internet is detailed by Lawful Intercept Patent Application. This ground-breaking technology was developed in order to fulfill the national and global government requirements for facilitating law agencies’ capability to carry out scheduled and live intercepts on Digital Voice telephone conversations. With an increasing number of countries making it mandatory for telecom companies to incorporate Lawful Intercept capability, this Patent Application is considered extremely critical.

A single subscriber device can connect using Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other wireless data connections with the assistance of Mobile Gateway. Cellular operators can allow call sessions established on WiFi/WiMAX with the help of the Mobile Gateway technologies, allowing flawless roam back onto the standard GSM network when the subscriber moves away from the range of the WiMAX/WiFi antenna.

In related VoIP news, Patton Electronics recently revealed its all-new customer service support system, including its new platinum-level Premium Support and platinum-plus Premium 24/7 Support services, which take the company’s already unparalleled gold-standard free support to an unbelievable new level. Already offering free lifetime technical support is rare in itself, but by working with Patton-Inalp (Switzerland), Patton Electronics (USA) is extending its lifetime technical support with global 24x7 coverage – something that is even rarer in the electronic-telecommunications industry.

To learn more about Patton’s new levels of customer support, click here.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo