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November 28, 2012

Extricom LS-3000 Large Scale Wireless Solution Launched

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Extricom launched its new Extricom LS-3000 Large Scale wireless solution. The LS-3000 will be most suitable for large-scale WLAN environments, including large logistics hubs, regional medical centers, and hotels which require seamless wireless roaming facilities.

Amit Shvartz, Extricom’s VP of Marketing, said, “We received increasing numbers of requests from leading businesses and institutions that need a fast and highly reliable wireless solution for their large- scale facilities. The LS-3000 was developed to address this gap in the market by providing a seamless, highly resilient wireless solution for very large installations.”

Officials said that the LS-3000 is capable of offering wireless support to a large coverage area of over 100,000sqm. This is made possible by the Extricom Channel Blanket technology that delivers true wireless mobility and wire-like reliability and throughput.

Optimum connectivity is ensured even in the case of challenging radio frequency (RF) environments. In non-ideal environments or when there is excess traffic, the wireless system usually becomes less reliable than wired networks.

The Channel Blanket offers four blankets of wireless coverage. These blankets can be used to support varied business requirements. One wireless blanket can be dedicated to business critical data, so that it is not affected by heavy data usage of Internet browsers which can impact bandwidth.

A separate blanket can be allotted for Internet users encompassing staffs who use their own mobile devices in the work environment, like smartphones and tablets. This will reduce wireless security risks that occur in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment.

The Channel Blanket optimizes greenfield deployments and in replacing microcell WLANs that do not suit customer expectations. The Extricom solution successfully eliminates co-channel interference, provides multiple uplinks and leverages reflected RF, besides ensuring reliability, said officials.

Also, the Extricom enterprise WLAN offers seamless, zero-handoff roaming, thereby optimizing mobility and roaming. The solution is most suitable for deployments in healthcare, where VoIP phones, mobile and networked patient care equipment are common. It also suits the logistics industry where mobile networked devices such as bar-code scanners, VoIP phones, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used extensively. True mobility is in demand in education and hospitality also.

In related company news, ICON has been appointed as a distributor for Extricom’s range of Wi-Fi WLAN infrastructure solutions designed for voice mobility and other enterprise Wi-Fi applications.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman