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December 07, 2012

VCXC Unveils World's Largest IP Voice Communication Exchange

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Voice Communication Exchange Committee (VCXC) has introduced the world's biggest all-IP voice communications exchange, which accesses the 100-million reachable IP population.

The growing segment of the communicating public getting rid of the PSTN makes the transition to all-IP networks necessary. The all-IP future collapses legacy communication categories into a single hypercompetitive ecosystem.

With voluntary service interworking network operators are now in a position to compete with the ever expanding over-the-top and Internet facilitated communication free-for-all.

By bringing together various aspects of Free World Dial-up, ITXC and Vonage with AT&T U-verse, the all-IP telco represents a new category. This new category is different from any of the 21 service provider types identified by the FCC.

All-IP telco is considered to be the future of the telecom industry, with features like operational expense benefits, decreased regulatory expenses, and revenue growth with the help of HD voice and other new services.

“Ooma supports the VCXC Communication Exchange as the first of a new wave of private all-IP service interworking exchanges moving VoIP interconnection off the PSTN," said Toby Farrand, VP Engineering, Ooma. "VCXC membership makes it possible for Ooma's customers to enjoy the benefits of HD Voice not just when calling other Ooma customers, but when they make or receive calls from the customers of other all-IP telco's participating in the Communication Exchange as well.”

Recently, the company offered support for the new all-IP telco category which brings together IP services, IP devices, IP access and IP interconnects. Operational expense advantages, lower regulatory expenses and revenue growth with the help of HD voice and other new services make all-IP telcos the future of the telecom industry.

VCXC offers member network operators immediate policy parity with information technology companies.

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Edited by Braden Becker