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January 04, 2013

Jell Networks Agrees to Distribute SoliCall Pro Software

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Offering high level audio quality that is also hand free has long been a concern for service providers but with the help of echo cancellation, noise reduction and other such technologies that enhance voice quality, companies can ensure they are able to deliver the desired level of voice and video quality to their VoIP customers.

Recently, Jell Networks has decided to address hands-free audio issues on PCs and teamed up with SoliCall to market SoliCall Pro, a solution that effectively improves hands free call quality by reducing noise, cancelling acoustic echo and eliminating howling.

"We need to ensure that our JellVideo service provides the best possible user experience over a wide range of devices," said Joseph Karwat, CEO Jell Networks, LLC, in a statement. " When conducting a vChat most business users require a hands-free environment. But unfortunately, many PCs are not shipped with audio device drivers that provide a satisfactory hands-free experience. We can now offer an effective, low cost, solution to our PC customers that are experiencing hands-free audio issues."

SoliCall specializes in network echo cancellation, noise reduction, and voice quality enhancement software products. The solutions can be used both for server-side/network filtering and client-side filtering and the portfolio includes OEM products and stand-alone plug-and-play products. With its voice quality enhancement services, SoliCall hopes to raise the quality and standards of any audio conversation.

Moses Benjamin , director of Marketing for Solicall LTD., added, "Hands-free audio quality in a multi-party video session can be a real frustrating experience. All you need is one poor quality endpoint to ruin the conversation for everyone. We designed SoliCall Pro to be the "Go To" solution for PCs that are not equipped with adequate hands-free software."

SoliCall officials claim that its Pro software improves voice quality in VoIP, GSM and PSTN networks and can also work successfully on end units (e.g. mobile phone & laptops).

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Edited by Jamie Epstein