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January 16, 2013

Performance Plus Selects Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX to Enhance Communications

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX has been picked by Performance Plus, a consumer market research company and focus facility operator. The solution will provide communications between the client’s offices across New England. Votacall specializes in providing Hosted VoIP and cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

Performance Plus has focus facilities, mall intercepts and other field research facilities in New England and it required a flexible and cost effective communications solution. On-premise phone systems will provide only end-user mobility, but not facility mobility. Hence, Performance Plus selected Votacall Hosted VoIP Phone System, said officials.

Norm Beaudet, CFO at Performance Plus said, “Votacall VoIP allows our organization to move our staffed focus groups facilities to accommodate new products and clients. We now have the flexibility to move our focus facilities to gather research from different demographics and our phone system and phone number moves with us. That flexibility is a huge value for our organization.”

Performance Plus operates from many locations in New England and its corporate headquarters is in Framingham, Massachusetts. As the company employs a distributed workforce, it is imperative to provide optimum connectivity between the locations, seamlessly connecting the offices and employees. The new solution provided flexibility as it also allowed movement to new focus facilities without the loss of any phone call.

Votacall enhanced communications among the locations and it gave the ability to transfer clients easily on the phone system between colleagues located in different locations. The Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX also reduced monthly telecommunications expenses as it is a fully managed solution with built in Enterprise functionality.

Recently, Almeida & Carlson Insurance picked Votacall Hosted VoIP Phone System to ensure feature-rich connectivity among its mobile workforce and enhance communications across three locations.

The organization had on-premise phone systems at each location connected by a traditional MPLS solution, which delivered the desired multi-site connectivity but was very expensive. Almeida & Carlson selected the Votacall fully managed Hosted VoIP phone system to deliver the necessary functionality in a cost effective manner across their corporate landscape.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman