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January 23, 2013

Skype Releases Update, Now Fully Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Windows 8

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Skype is a voice over IP (VoIP) application that enables users to communicate online with voice, video, or instant messaging. Users can also use a Skype account to make calls to real-world phone numbers if they sign up for the paid version of the service. This month, Skype announced via their Skype Garbage blog, that they would be updating the service to be fully compatible with the latest web browsers and operating systems.

Skype is now 100 percent functional with Firefox 18 and Chrome 23—the latest iterations of some of the Web's most popular browsers. The new update also brings integration with the new Window's operating system, Windows 8. This will enable use with Windows 8's touch screen interface. It is worth noting that Microsoft, the parent company of both Windows and Skype, was expected to ship Windows 8 with complete compatibility with Skype and many users were puzzled as to the long delay between the release of Windows 8 and Skype's upgrade.

This update also makes it easier for users to spot free numbers while they browse the Web. Users with the Skype add-on installed in their browser have the option of using Skype's Click to Call feature, which alters users to phone numbers within a Web page and activates one-click calling. Traditionally, all Skype numbers have been in blue, but now, Skype signifies that a number is free to call by using magenta text. Although this update specifically addresses compatibility in Firefox and Chrome, it should be noted that Click to Call is also an available feature for Internet Explorer and Safari (version 6.5 for Windows and 2.4 for Mac) users.

Finally, the update also included some standard performance improvements along with a number of tweaks to improve Skype's stability.