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February 01, 2013 Reveals Why VoIP is Good for You

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

There was a time when we couldn't think of our lives without the telephone. Now it’s the same with the Internet and smartphones. Enter VoIP, which is slowly positioning itself to break the perimeters of traditional telephone networks, and present a host of opportunities to businesses.

But how many takers do we have? In spite of its numerous benefits, there’s much diffidence and trepidation surrounding it., making an effort to convince the straddlers about the advantages of VoIP, has enumerated some of the salient benefits in the hopes that business owners will completely overhaul their company structure.

Today, unlike the past, employees are rarely found sitting behind a desk in an office throughout the day. In fact, they're so mobile that you'd hardly ever find them there. So how does one get hold of them?

VoIP providers offer features like Find Me, Follow Me and call forwarding, which automatically reach them through one of the several phone numbers, regardless of where they are.

In addition, some providers offer virtual extensions on the office phone number, and this can come in handy for remote employees or those who work from home. No need to dedicate special office space for these guys. And if extensions are not enough, mobile VoIP apps for smartphones will allow users to send and receive VoIP calls from their business VoIP number, helping them conserve their mobile talk time allotments.

In case you’re still not convinced, there's the flexibility bonus, by which many business VoIP providers offer unlimited VoIP to VoIP calling at no extra cost. This means that everyone can connect with each other across the country without having to pay huge bills.

Even International calling using VoIP is much cheaper than the traditional phone service, translating to huge potential for businesses to build global relationships.

Finally, if there's still some hesitation in going in for VoIP, surely the call of the environment will settle the issue. Top VoIP providers are offering IP faxing, which means ‘goodbye’ to those cumbersome fax machines that guzzle ink, toners and paper – not to mention the huge cost incurred on frequent repairs.

With IP faxing, users receive faxes as e-mail attachments. This ensures that they get read only from whomever it was meant. No more paper jams, no error messages, no busy signals and you save a lot of paper and protect the environment.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the numerous benefits of VoIP have to be experienced to be believed. Will Alexander Graham Bell turn in his grave?

Edited by Braden Becker