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February 07, 2013

Telchemy's SQmediator Now Helping Internet2 Run Its SIP Voice Service

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Telchemy, a provider of telecommunications analytics technology and end-to-end mobile QoE management, will provide its SQmediator VoIP performance management solution to Internet2, a consortium of higher-education institutions that promote the adoption and awareness of advanced technology solutions, for its SIP voice service.

SQmediator is a performance management platform that allows organizations to monitor the performance of their VoIP systems and IP video communications. This essentially allows service providers and organizations with their own private infrastructures to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within their networks more easily. As a consequence, hitches and malfunctions often do little to phase the VoIP operations of the organization.

SQmediator works by gathering voice quality data from IP phones and performing an analysis of where the problem spots are. In addition to this, it has a client-side web-based dashboard interface that clearly shows the results of its analysis of all data. SQmediator is a proven scalable solution that empowers service providers and private enterprises that wish to comply with strong regulations by government and standards within different industries, particularly financial institutions. This solution supports a wide range of services, and protocols like SNMP v1, 2c, and 3. Along with this enormous portfolio, SQmediator can also send email alerts when needed.

Internet2's SIP voice service is a solution powered by multiple partners that gives VoIP access to its members, which include higher-education institutions, corporations, government agencies, state education organizations, and over a hundred national research organizations spread across more than 50 countries. Because of the enormous scale of Internet2's service, SQmediator has risen as one of the best candidates for the job of managing it. The two solutions together will allow campuses to collaborate when attempting to ensure the best quality of service possible.

SQmediator already sees action in a large amount of service provider networks such as VoIP providers and tier-one carriers. Enterprises and government agencies also benefit from this solution's elegant way of managing operations.

Edited by Ashley Caputo