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February 12, 2013

Allworx Reach Receives ITEXPO Best of Show Award in SMB Solutions Category

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Allworx, a Windstream company, today stated that Allworx Reach, its new mobile phone client, was awarded Best of Show in the SMB Solutions category at ITEXPO East 2013, which took place at the end of January.

Allworx Reach was actually introduced at the event and is a virtualized Allworx handset designed to run on mobile devices, allowing customers to manage multiple communications systems with a single Apple or Android mobile device.

Products and services recognized with an ITEXPO Best of Show Award are those that demonstrate a high degree of creativity and technological innovation, and are evaluated based on feature set, innovative qualities, contribution to the development of future communication products and services, and their ability to work with existing standards and products.

"We have seen the concept of the 'mobile enterprise' grow exponentially as employees are required to do more work away from their desks or offices," said Chris Hasenauer, vice president and general manager of Allworx, in a statement. "Allworx Reach is designed to help employees on the go to continue working easily and effectively. We are honored to be recognized by TMC as an innovator in this arena."

Allworx Reach provides seamless connectivity between any Allworx device, including servers, handsets and IP-PBXs, in addition to mobile devices running iOS and Android. The visualized handset is hosted on an Allworx server and a high degree of integration as part of the Allworx family of IP-PBXs.

Meanwhile, all workers within a PBX environment can share a single call appearance on multiple handsets, improving productivity by allowing customers to be put on hold rather than transferred.

A new Privacy Hold option still enables calls to be placed on hold for a single phone, however. Other features include seamless conferencing, call transfer, park and hold, and voicemail.

Furthermore, users can make and receive multiple calls simultaneously to Allworx system contacts or local contacts stored on a phone or tablet. Allworx Reach also sports comprehensive call monitoring features, enabling users to check the status of other Allworx handsets and Allworx Reach users, as well as a comprehensive history list of every inbound, outbound or missed call.

This SIP mobile client is to be available from online in March.

Edited by Braden Becker