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February 13, 2013

Bluebell Telecom Group Selects Sunrise Software to Support Fast Growing Business

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Sunrise Software recently announced that U.K. voice/data service resellers, Bluebell Telecom has chosen Sostenuto’s CSM (Customer Service Management) solution to be their customer service support. The large customer base of this organization - over 6,000 will benefit from this much-lauded move, because of the enhanced and centralized support system that it provides.

In the recent years, Bluebell Telecom Group has seen a spurt in growth following a number of profitable acquisitions. This new move will certainly enhance efficient working and better performance in coming times. With expansion and growth comes the need for a flexible, centralized CSM platform and this is what the arrangement with Sostenuto will provide. The expectation within the Telecom Group staff is that this Customer Service Management platform will consolidate critical business operations.

Sostenuto’s CSM solution is a calculated move as this resolution happened after careful consideration of the market and short listing of potential candidates.

According to Richard Gwatkin, projects manager Bluebell Telecom Group, the selection of Sunrise Software was obvious, as it comes with an irresistible package that contains comprehensive features, excellent functionality and reasonable pricing.

The project manager also expressed the desire of the Group to develop a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship that will leverage the best features of Sunrise CSM platform. Gwatkin lauded Sunrise Software for their focused approach and high degree of commitment and professionalism. He added that they were seeking a positive working relationship with their chosen vendor which will eventually help them achieve their long-term strategies.

Sostenuto CSM platform is a consolidated desk that effectively manages important customer relationships to deliver crucial services from a centralized system. There are inherent benefits in this relationship for Bluebell Telecom through the use of granular and dynamic management information. Increased business visibility for board of directors and senior managers provides them with an opportunity to proactively deal with issues leading to structured, stable growth coupled with unique customer services.

Geoff Rees, the sales director of Sunrise Software concluded that, fast growing organizations need complementary services that use nimble and agile solutions that can fluctuate and quickly change with rapidly transforming market requirements. In this highly competitive environment, Sunrise Software provides a strong CSM technology, which is ideal for fast growing organizations with a complex working process. This technology helps to streamline business processes with the delivery of seamless services for high levels of customer satisfaction.

Sunrise Software finds itself up to the challenge and plans to work closely with Bluebell Telecom to make them the number one UNO unified communication provider in the U.K.

Edited by Brooke Neuman