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February 20, 2013

Verscom Solutions Replaces Legacy Software with IMS XpressWorkX

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The current telecom economy is very challenging and network operators, wireless carriers and service providers are making a great effort to provide a complete solution for creating, deploying and managing the value added services in a network.

Verscom Solutions is looking to replace its legacy software with the IMS XpressWorkX service delivery platform, which is being regarded as a new approach to delivering cost-effective, feature-rich, next generation network services that are based on a pure IP implementation.

"Verscom Solutions have a set of very demanding and complex network applications. Their migration to the IMSWorkX platform acknowledges the exceptional performance and capabilities of our product,” observed Shannon Chevier, president and CEO , IMSWorkX.

The IMS XpressWorkX Service Creation Environment, an important element of the service delivery platform, claims to help developers build sophisticated next generation network applications using drag-and-drop plug-in actions. The platform offers rapid customization and adaptation of existing applications as well as the creation of new ones.

Its intuitive interface is expected to help deliver new service offerings quickly and reliably over a wide variety of networks and adequately meet the changing needs of the market. IMS enabled, converged TDM/IP and VoIP networks stand to benefit considerably.

Being regarded as an important tool that can rapidly meet the demands of both existing and new customers, IMSWorkX is apparently well positioned to offer product and service level that is required to sustain and grow its customers’ operational systems and customer base.

Verscom Solutions will deploy IMSWorkX platforms in both its managed service applications and on-site customer deployments, and by combining world-class best-of-breed packet voice and convergent OSS/BSS solutions available on the market today, it will provide its clients with superior applications.

Recently, Maritime mobile operator On-Waves Ehf, a subsidiary of Icelandic global telecom service provider Síminn (formerly Iceland Telecom), has selected the XpressWorkX Service Delivery Platform from IMSWorkX, Inc. as a base from which to enhance its range of rich IP-based mobile telephony services on cruise ships and merchant marine vessels.

Edited by Brooke Neuman