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February 26, 2013

Arbitron Mobile: Mobile VoIP More Popular in Japan, Indonesia

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Whether it’s the exciting possibility of making inexpensive or completely free mobile calls, or attractive mobile applications that combine a user-friendly interface with excellent functionality, mobile VoIP in Japan and Indonesia seems to be thriving, at least according to latest updates by Arbitron Mobile.

Well known for its smartphone measurement services in seven countries around the world, Arbitron Mobile’s on-device software meter reported that VoIP users in the Japan smartphone panel accessed their VoIP apps an average of 222 times in the month, spending six hours and 25 minutes with multifaceted voice and messaging apps. 

Indonesian panelists were indicated to be the second most active users of VoIP apps, clocking two hours and 15 minutes per month.

The United Kingdom and the United States averaging roughly the same number of sessions per month and spending roughly the same time with VoIP apps, figured at the third and fourth positions.

Chinese panelist emerged as the least active VoIP app users.

Interestingly, when it came to carrier-based VoIP calls, the heaviest users of mobile VoIP – Japan – failed to hold the lead, as they spent the least amount of time and had the fewest amount of sessions.

The heaviest use of mobile VoIP among Japanese and Indonesian panelists contrasted with the lighter use of cellular network voice calling.

When it came to VoIP apps, Skype showed a definite trend, predominating in U.S. and Europe, while LINE emerged popular in Japan and Indonesia. Line is a free voice call and messaging app for smartphones that appears to have increased in popularity as of late. 

Youxin emerged a victor in China.

While VoIP access was concentrated between two to four apps within six of the seven countries, China presented a different picture, in which 10 apps fought it out in the VoIP space.

For quite some time, VoIP has been making tremendous progress, evolving in an amazing way – an indication of its roadmap for the future.              

Edited by Braden Becker