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February 26, 2013

Grandstream and BroadSoft Continue IP Phone Partnership

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Grandstream CEO David Li has detailed that they “have completed compatibility testing with the newest software release package for the BroadWorks Platform offered by BroadSoft.”

The compatibility upgrade will ensure continued connection service of the BroadSoft user interface and network application platform with the Grandstream hardware employed by network operators.

The continued partnership of these companies, according to a recent statement, will save businesses employing their technologies a considerable expense of upgrading or replacing network solutions that have undergone recent overhauls to keep up with the demand in broadband data transfer.

Grandstream’s new phone includes the Android operating system, bringing mobile and desktop business solutions closer together. It is unclear if this is a step toward offering a mobile device for their network solutions, or just an attempt to standardize operating systems across platforms.

BroadSoft is a source of VoIP services to telecommunications providers in over 60 countries. The communication solutions the firm develops include both mobile and cable connected networks, and by combining its wide range of applications with the cloud-based delivery system, can offer a complete business communication solution.

The voice, video and conference calling – as well as instant messaging and Web-based data sharing – are all connected to the user-friendly interface developed by BroadSoft to work specifically with their applications.

As such, the company is marketing these features as a one-stop shop for business in seek of new communication services.

Grandstream offers a full range of IP based voice and video communication and surveillance products for business networks. The product line offers communication gateways for both standard telephone and IP-based systems, allowing for a complete business solution that can be integrated into existing networks.

The Wi-Fi based IP routers offer LAN connections for all Wi-Fi and Ethernet-compatible voice and video desktop devices offered by Grandstream. There are no current mobile devices offered for use by Grandstream, but the gateways offer broadband connections that may be adaptable to mobile technology in the future.

Edited by Braden Becker