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February 27, 2013 Releases Video to Illustrate 'How to Go Global in 60 Seconds'

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Providing a phone number that is local and familiar to customers in their respective country is one of the big challenges for companies who are looking forward to expand their market internationally. Customers from a particular country find it inconvenient and risky to dial an international number to buy a product or service., a company that provides international virtual phone numbers and international call forwarding services throughout the world, has released an animated video that demonstrates the company's international phone number forwarding services that can be used by companies to address this issue.

The video, titled as "How to Go Global in 60 Seconds," explains how businesses can enable their international customers to reach them with the help of call forwarding and virtual phone numbers. Today, most telco providers are not able to provide dedicated international phone numbers that can be turned on by businesses on need basis.’s specialized technology in securing virtual phone numbers provides a good alternative solution for business that need to provide local phone numbers to their international customers, and enables them to tap international market.

The international business phone number provided by, carry no start-up costs and business can easily setup new phone numbers by using its self-service 24/7 online control center.

According to the video, allows their clients to immediately activate a virtual phone number in any of 113 countries currently supported. In the chosen country, businesses can start using a new virtual phone number in no time. Once the system has been configured as per business's communication requirement, the end customers can start making calls using the newly provisioned virtual phone number. The virtual phone number serves as a bridge that forwards all international calls to a remote office, sales team or call center.

These virtual phone numbers allow clients of to forward calls to any business phone number in the world including mobile phones used by remote sales teams.

Edited by Brooke Neuman