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August 16, 2013

Broadview Networks Launches CRM Connector for Its OfficeSuite

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Broadview Networks, a provider of cloud-based business communication services, unveiled the new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Connector that is designed to integrate the company’s OfficeSuite cloud-based business phone system with and any other TAPI-enabled (Telephony Application Programming Interface) CRM application.

Businesses now have the option to realize fully integrated communications in order to enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness and equipping their sales and support teams to respond to phone calls by having relevant information automatically displayed.

Jeff Blackey, vice president of marketing at Broadview, commented, “The OfficeSuite system by itself helps organizations improve productivity and flexibility. Integrating with and other CRMs takes it to a higher level. When a sales or support professional has all of the data they need in front of them, automatically, they can quickly focus on their goals instead of wasting time and money navigating systems.”

According to Broadview, the OfficeSuite CRM Connector for Salesforce is a search-and-dial and incoming screen-pop application that integrates one’s phone communications directly into a Salesforce environment, to accelerate, simplify, and streamline workflow. It is a PC application that seamlessly integrates telephony users’ telephone operations with, providing multiple features including click-to-dial from Salesforce and Salesforce contact record pop-up based on incoming calls.

Some of the notable features of CRM Connector are: screen pop on incoming and outgoing calls based on received and placed calls that are matched to the corresponding record in CRM; click-to-dial from within the user interface and click-to-answer from within the interface; ability to make outgoing calls from within the user interface; integrated call control; call reporting and logging; and more.

The company added that the new CRM Connector is available to new and existing OfficeSuite customers.

Edited by Rich Steeves