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August 16, 2013

Phonebooth and Yealink Partner to Provide Better VoIP Service for Small Businesses

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Small businesses need many of the solutions used by big enterprise, but the expense of these resources usually forbids them from acquiring the assets. However, technology is making it possible for small businesses to use many ICT products and services without having to make budget busting investments. One of these solutions is VoIP, and it is not only small businesses that use this communications solution. Organizations large and small use VoIP, because it saves them money and provides many communications solutions. PhoneBooth, a division of Bandwidth that provides cloud based VoIP phone system, is forming a partnership with Yealink, a SIP and VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions provider, to give small business affordable VoIP services.

The popularity of internet telephony service is creating more partnerships between service providers and hardware manufacturers. These collaborations translate into lower price points for the hardware and service, giving SMBs opportunities to offer their customers improved services.

This partnership allows small businesses to implement professional business phone services along with different Yealink phones. Yealink's line of phones includes the IP phone, IP Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phone, IP video phone, and USB phone series and accessories. It also provides cloud-based service that offers its customers a flexible, reliable, and scalable platform. The phones designed by Yealink have many of the features available in more expensive phones, but without the price.

"For small businesses, the phone is still one of the most powerful sales and support tools. With Yealink, small businesses can implement our cost-effective business phone service, coupled with a trusted name in handsets, to ensure they have reliable technology in place to increase revenue and grow their businesses," said Chandler Huselton, director of sales for Bandwidth.

The Phonebooth VoIP solution allows users to make unlimited local and long distance calls for only $20 per user as well as being able to read voicemails, auto-attendant, HD voice quality, web 2.0 interface, nationwide all-IP network, conference calling, and 24/7 support.

"Partnering with Bandwidth has enabled us to further strengthen our cutting-edge VoIP phone models for businesses that need rich telephony features and a friendly user-interface. We are pleased to partner with Phonebooth to deliver an easy-to-deploy, trusted phone solution with superb voice quality and service experience," said Stone Lu, vice president of Yealink.

Edited by Ryan Sartor