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August 26, 2013

Telinta Auto-Provisioning Profiles Make Deploying Gigaset IP Phones Easier

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

In a joint effort to promote compatibility, Gigaset AG and Telinta announced new auto-provisioning profiles for a handful of Gigaset IP phone models — including the C610 IP, A510 IP and DX 800, among others — today at ITEXPO. These profiles, developed by Telinta, enable VoIP service providers to more easily deploy large numbers of Gigaset IP phones with Telinta’s cloud-based switching, billing and customer management platform.

This move seemed to be inevitable, considering both companies have worked hard recently to promote greater interoperability and compatibility among their products and services.

For example, Gigaset, an international provider of cutting edge telecommunications technology, incorporated its DECT telephones into the TELES virtual phone system in June. As such, those products are now compatible with the complete functionality of TELES PBX.

In May, Telinta, a global provider of cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, developed auto-provisioning profiles for snom 7xx and 8xx series IP business phones, making large-scale deployment of these phones much easier.

With Telinta’s auto-provisioning profiles, Gigaset IP phones can also be quickly deployed as manual configuration is no longer necessary. The way this works is that once the phones are connected to the Internet, they automatically connect to Telinta’s provisioning servers and download a complete configuration profile. This makes deployments across even large, multi-location organizations much very easy and accurate.

This means service providers can easily create their inventory of Gigaset phones using Telinta’s carrier-grade VoIP switching platform.

“Auto-provisioning profiles, like we have developed for Gigaset phones, are the perfect example of how Telinta uses the power of our cloud-based switching solutions to help VoIP service providers,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta, in a statement. “Gigaset’s innovative IP phones, deployed with Telinta’s automated provisioning solution, can decrease configuration time and costs, while increasing customer satisfaction.”

The auto-provisioning profiles for Gigaset IP phones are located in the TeliCore switching, billing and customer management platform, which integrates Telinta’s cutting-edge VoIP solutions with world-class switching and billing capabilities from PortaSwitch.

Edited by Ryan Sartor