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September 25, 2013

RedSky Introduces New E911 Solution

By Contributing Writer

Nothing is more critical than speed and efficiency when making an emergency call. RedSky Technologies, Inc. is a provider of E911 solutions that offers its clients the latest in next generation technology. This past week, RedSky announced that it has successfully completed interoperability verification testing with its own E911 Manager and Cisco’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

"Seconds count in an emergency and the certified compatibility between E911 Manager with Wi-Fi E911and Cisco Mobility Service Engine (MSE) ensures that the real-time location information of a Wi-Fi phone user in need is accurately routed along with the 9-1-1 call to emergency call takers who can send help," said Youngwook Song, director of product management for RedSky. "Extending reliable, automated E911 protection to Wi-Fi users on enterprise networks helps organizations comply with the law in many states and removes a barrier to Wi-Fi implementation."

Although E911 (also known as an enhanced 911 solution) is being implemented all around the world for companies that have access to a multi-line telephone line – a new service has been spreading around called NG911.

NG911, also known as the National Emergency Number Association, is developing its own version of a next generation 911 service. It’s still months and possibly years away from actually being integrated. However, the NG911 service would do a complete overhaul of the emergency system.

It includes a set of standards and compliancy issues when dealing with a 911 solution and will be a requirement. The new standards will work towards improving accuracy among multiple vendors, a new IP platform, a solution that will allow information to be shared and other communication channels.

According to the latest report, the NG911 solution has recently completed its first round of interoperability testing successfully. So what does this mean? If you are looking to upgrade your 911 services to E911 technology, make sure you check with the vendor installing it to see how it will meet the new NG911 standards once they are implemented.

Edited by Alisen Downey