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September 01, 2009

Deploying Low-risk, Secure VoIP & Unified Communications

By SIP Trunking Report Editor

With the emergence of VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) as attractive assets during these difficult economic times, TMC’s ITEXPO West is offering a free one-day workshop, hosted by Sipera Systems, entitled, “Project UC, Protect UC: Deploying Low-risk, Secure VoIP & Unified Communications Solutions” that is a must attend.

The workshop, to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 2, hosted by Sipera’s Vice President of Marketing, Adam Boone, will inform attendees how to effectively deploy VoIP and UC solutions, without putting the company’s security in jeopardy.

Covering discussion topics such as threat mitigation, UC security assessment tools, toll fraud, access control and many others, Boone told TMC CEO and conference chair Rich Tehrani that a range of hot button issues that can make or break an enterprise’s VoIP and UC deployments will be covered.

“We will focus on how to expand your VoIP to employees outside the enterprise DMZ without violating security policies or privacy mandates,” said Boone, “We’ll discuss how to deploy secure SIP trunks to reduce telecom costs while ensuring that you are protected against threats.”

Boone, who also said that the economic crisis has underscored for individuals that any technology that enables greater enterprise process efficiencies actually is relatively recession proof, brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and strategy to the session.

This workshop is targeted toward enterprise telephony, telecom, IT and networking managers, security consultants and practitioners, compliance managers and consultants, service providers providing SIP trunks and hosted VoIP or UC services, and CTOs, CIOs and other senior executives interested in adopting VoIP and UC.

“One of the stumbling-blocks hindering large-scale VoIP and UC deployments is the ability to ensure that all communications are secure, and that they support corporate information security policies, especially for organizations that handle credit card information, patient records, or other proprietary data,” said Tehrani.

The session will also discuss toll fraud in the VoIP context and “how to protect your enterprise from falling victim to this rising crime,” said Boone, who added that security consulting experts at VIPER Lab, are also speaking at the session, will highlight the latest in VoIP and UC security self-assessment tools.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi