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January 14, 2010

Ecessa Launches ClariLink-V Series, Provides Dependable VoIP Online Delivery

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Ecessa, a provider of reasonably priced WAN link controllers suited for small-to-medium sized enterprises, or “SMEs,” recently announced the launch of the ClariLink-V Series. The latest offering is a set of WAN link controllers for SIP-application management which ensures dependability of VoIP applications across multiple Internet and/or carrier networks for superfluous link connectivity in order to deliver automatic real-time failover.

According to company officials, this feature assures that VoIP calls and video conferencing sessions do not get disrupted - even in the case of a service provider outage. The ClariLink-V can be afforded by SMEs that want to install VoIP over the Internet, but have been wary of using broadband access points due to performance and reliability concerns.
The skill to smartly put together SIP connections over more than one Internet connections is important for successful and scalable VoIP and video conferencing applications. ClariLink-V administers any Internet connection including cable, DSL, T1, wireless, satellite and others to enable redundant SIP origination and closure.
ClariLink-V comprises an Internet connection load balancing and failover capability, a SIP Proxy, SIP Registration Server and Network Address Translation, or “NAT,” Proxy that helps SIP traffic to be load balanced and have instant failover within several Internet connections to assure call dependability. These features cater to the demanding reliability and performance concerns of small businesses and carriers seeking to leverage cost benefits when using VoIP and video conferencing services over the Internet. The capacity to use multiple and reasonably priced broadband connections deliver a larger pool of bandwidth - at a lower cost.
By minimizing network congestion, ClariLink-V takes care of one of the main causes of jitter. Smartly load balancing incoming and outgoing traffic helps VoIP applications to be routed to the best possible connections with the most available bandwidth at any occasion.
ClariLink-V tracks Internet connections for latency to make sure that minimum standards are complied with. This also assures that VoIP applications do not get directed to an Internet connection with high latency. ClariLink-V checks all Internet connections for latency before a call is set-up, and then routes traffic to the connection with the lowest latency.
VoIP call integrity is ensured by routing traffic to continue to the accurate destination, delivering instant session failover even in case of a disruption. By intelligently routing VoIP traffic across multiple Internet connections, ClariLink-V does away with the Internet connection as a point-of-failure.
The suite of ClariLink-V WAN Link Controllers will be commercially distributed from the first quarter 2010 on a price band of $1095 to $2985.

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