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August 03, 2010

'Us, or A Whole Group' for Voice Services: InPhonex CSO

By SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor

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Recently TMC's CEO Rich Tehrani had a chance to sit down and interview the Chief Sales Officer of InPhonex, Matt Bramson.

The company's seven years old, and according to Bramson, the vision was to create a platform that could be used to create and resell Web services.

"The truth was, that seven years ago, it was a concept that was ahead of its time. So the success that we had for the first few years was due to entrepreneurs."

That meant the company relied on marketing companies, Mom and Pops who "wanted to get in on the VoIP game," Bramson said, adding that this was the early days of Vonage, cable companies and big telcos - "were not offering those types of services."

There was a huge prepaid phone market, he noted. But, "fast-forward to today, the platform we've built, with all the capabilities, the ability to terminate calls anywhere, create managed calling plans, all this work that we've done - is now starting to bear fruit."

There are a lot of service providers and carriers, ISPs and others like that, Bramson said, "ready to commit to voice services. They see it as a cloud-based suite of products."

And relative to their competition, Bramson admitted, "it's a phrase that gets used a lot," but he says InPhonex provides "a total solution." By that, he means, they provide not just the softswitch and the applications that support it, not just termination, origination or transaction services, we provide the whole thing."

The way he put it, if you're looking to provide voice services to your customers, "you either have us, or you have a whole group of relationships," with carriers, billing providers, DIDs, and other services.

For more on this interview, check out the video below:

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