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October 06, 2010

EXFO Launches Wireless, IMS and VoIP Security Test Solution

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

EXFO Inc. has announced the release of a new software feature on the InterWatch R14 and QualityAssurer QA-604 platforms adding wireless, IMS and VoIP security gateway testing capabilities, which are critical in the deployment of wireless and wireline network architectures such as IMS, femtocells and LTE.

With the evolution to an all-IP network in wireless and wireline architectures such as IMS, femtocells and LTE, subscribers are connecting to mobile operators' networks over non-trusted networks via broadband DSL or cable. Security gateways are deployed at the edge of the network and are responsible for providing secure access using IPSec tunnels. Adding these security gateways could have a negative impact on the quality of customer experience due to the performance overhead associated with enabling security.

These security gateways need to be verified in the lab before they are deployed so as to ensure they meet capacity and performance expectations. The secure connection establishment rate, the maximum sustained secure connections and the performance overhead will have a negative impact on quality of customer experience and must be characterized.

"The challenge has been to understand the impact of security on subscriber quality of service as new network architectures such as femtocells and LTE are deployed," said Hannu Huttunen, EXFO's vice-president, wireless division. "With EXFO's solution, the security impact on users' sessions can be accurately measured at high load, thus providing NEMs and NSPs the confidence that they are developing and deploying products and services that will exceed their subscribers' expectations."

"This new release also doubles the capacity of EXFO's platform from one million subscribers to over two million, all in a small 2U platform that is unmatched in the industry," said Alvin Francis, product management director at EXFO Navtel Product Group.

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