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October 13, 2010

Hirsch Electronics Unveils Velocity Security Management System

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Hirsch Electronics announced that the company has introduced a true converged security system that combines the industry's deepest integration of physical and logical security.

Named Hirsch's Velocity Security Management System, this new solution eliminates the need for a separate credential management user interface and simplifies the provisioning of multi-purpose smart cards, the company states.

Hirsch has teamed up with ActivIdentity, a provider of intelligent identity assurance, to make this project possible. Both companies used the ASIS show to officially announce their partnership. Combining access control, intrusion detection, badge printing and video surveillance, Velocity is Hirsch's flagship security management system, the company stated.

It provides various facilities such as acquiring digital certificates from a certificate authority, exposing Active Directory user and group lists for selection, encoding the smart card with a trusted certificate, binding (associate) the card to the Active Directory user-ID etc.,

“Companies increasingly want to use strong authentication for computer and network log-on, also known as 'logical access,'" commented John Guerrero, Hirsch's vice president of business solutions, "because utilizing smart card technology to advance beyond password-only log-on results in enhanced security and reduced help desk costs. However, many companies do not want to deploy a standalone credential management system (CMS) to issue and manage the cards.”

With the help of credential management solution, physical security or human resources department can issue a single smart card that can be used for both door and computer access. IT needs to only ensure the user account exists in Active Directory. IT departments can also allow Velocity to push new users into Active Directory.

In July 2010, the company confirmed the award of $4 million in orders to supply U.S. Department of Justice agencies with Hirsch security systems. The majority of the revenue associated with the orders was recognized within the second quarter ended June 30, 2010. Notice of the awards was first made public by the General Services Administration pursuant to Federal disclosure regulations.

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