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April 01, 2011

AuthenTec's QuickSec 5.2 Toolkits offers IPsec Security Standards

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

IP security (IPsec) solutions are the basis for today's rapid growth of the Internet and wireless communications. AuthenTec, a provider of security and identity management solutions, introduced a new IP security (IPsec) solution which offers compliance with the newest security standards for mobile and networking devices.

According to a press release, AuthenTec’s new QuickSec 5.2 Server and Client Toolkits offer compliance with IPsec security standards including updates to IKEv2 and the performance needed for today’s multi-core processor-based network routers, carrier-grade security gateways, and mobile VPN devices.

Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, vice president of AuthenTec’s Embedded Security Solutions said that QuickSec 5.2 toolkits further enhance the company’s broad range of security software solutions and are developed to meet the latest security and performance requirements. He added that this new architecture expands the product into multi-core systems enabling strong security in markets and applications including the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet market, cloud-based computing, advanced networking and digital video.

AuthenTec’s QuickSec 5.2 Client and Server security toolkits provide support for nearly all IPsec-related standards and offer handset makers and networking OEMs an off-the-shelf solution to enable end-to-end secure communication and are available now. It is compliant with all the latest IPsec standards, extensively used in VPN gateways, telecom networks, multi-function peripherals, and mobile devices, full support for IPV4 and IPV6 in control and data planes, carrier-grade with support for more than a million concurrent tunnels and unbeaten tunnel setup rates, seamless integration with AuthenTec SafeXcel Hardware Security Accelerators, available in ANSI C and highly portable source code, extensive documentation and Professional customer support, small runtime footprint with deterministic memory allocation ensuring linear scalability and dual mode IKE (IKEv1 and IKEv2) with wide authentication method support (PSKs, PKI, EAP, RADIUS).

QuickSec 5.2 Server Toolkit enables robust and standards-compliant authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity for routers, security gateways, and network servers.

In other company news, TMCnet reported that AuthenTec demonstrated new DRM and VPN client offerings at the recently held Mobile World Congress. 

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