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March 02, 2012

GENBAND Announces New P Series P320 Traffic and Policy Management Platform

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The new P Series P320 Traffic and Policy Management platform featuring 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) capabilities has been introduced by GENBAND. This is currently one of the highest throughput TPM platforms in the market that has been designed to improve both network speed and intelligence.

The P320 platform offers service provider fast scalability of up to 10 million active subscribers and 120 million active flows. Service providers who use this platform will find it a lot easier to enforce services and to collect billing information for each of active flow within the system.

In a release, BG Kumar, president of Networking and Applications at GENBAND, said that, “Many operators continue to struggle with network capacity and performance issues and the inability to completely understand and match their service offerings to their subscribers’ usage patterns. The GENBAND P320 helps operators tackle these problems directly with dramatic simplicity through our powerful analytics, tools, and deep packet inspection (DPI) technology. TPM systems that do not scale to meet these critical requirements can result in a significant impact on profitability and lead to lost revenues and customers.”

The P320, which also functions as a policy control and enforcement platform, enables operators to take advantage of the various avenues presented by broadband applications and technology while brining in new service plans for their user base.  

The P320 platform enhances performance with 320 Gbps per system and 5 Tbps per cluster in addition to delivering support for 72 ports of 10 GE and four ports of 100 GE interfaces. Service providers can use the wide range of intuitive GENBAND tools to generate new revenue streams with customized broadband service offering and billing plan that is based on the needs and demands of the customers.  

Graham Finnie, chief analyst at Heavy Reading, said that, “As service providers compete with each other and over-the-top players, the speed of application innovation and time to market will be critical. Our research with operators shows that vendors will have to be able to scale to high transaction rates, and offer a variety of value-added tools, if they are to succeed in the marketplace. The aim is to enable service providers to much more quickly identify new service opportunities and launch them, creating customer stickiness and new revenue-generating streams.”

In other news from November 2011, GENBAND announced major enhancements to its S3 Intelligent Session Border Control (SBC) product supporting enhanced Rich Communications Suite (RCS-e) standards. The S3 SBC Release 8.0 enables service providers to securely and reliably interconnect and route RCS-e advanced communication services over IP networks.

Edited by Jennifer Russell