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April 19, 2012

Siemens Enterprise Communications Announces Miercom Security Certifications for Several of its Products

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider of end-to-end enterprise communications, declared that many of its products have been certified secure by Miercom, a product test center. The products were awarded these certifications for their ability to perform under the pressure of malicious threats.

The products tested by Miercom are OpenScape Deployment Service, OpenScape Voice, OpenScape Branch, OpenScape Unified Communications Server, OpenScape Media Server, OpenScape Common Management Portal and OpenScape Session Border Controller.

OpenScape systems showed considerable resiliency in maintaining full functionality while being subjected to malicious exploits and attacks and also maintained integrity and functionality amid the most common threats, viruses, worms and attacks. Miercom also verified whether they were any relevant security vulnerabilities that could be leveraged to the detriment of a customer but the OpenScape solutions came out of the testing procedures as the most secure than any other similar solutions tested by Miercom.

A company’s product, when ‘Certified Secure’ by Miercom, means that its customers will know that the product is thoroughly certified and secure and its sales team will have independent and unbiased proof that the product has passed both Miercom’s performance testing and its third party validation. The Certified Secure seal of approval and award, along with Miercom’s Summary Reports, are valuable testimonials and marketing tools for a company.

“This recognition from Miercom illustrates that not only are Siemens Enterprise Communications' products innovative in terms of architecture and functionality, but are also built to withstand the growing threat of malicious cyber threats. We strive to develop our products with the highest standards of security and we are proud to be honored by Miercom with these awards,” said Rick Puskar, senior vice president of Global Portfolio Management at Siemens Enterprise Communications, in a press release.

Edited by Jennifer Russell