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May 02, 2012

Mformation Partners with Bitzer Mobile to Secure Enterprise Mobility from the Cloud

By Executive Editor, Cloud Computing

With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device programs at organizations around the world, mobile security is becoming a more complex issue for CIOs charged with keeping corporate data secure while handling a variety of mobile operating systems. In addressing this trend, mobile device management (MDM) technology, Mformation Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Bitzer Mobile by integrating the company’s enterprise mobility platform into the Mformation Enterprise Manager Cloud solution.

“Mobile security has become a major requirement and challenge as employers embrace BYOD (bring your own device) programs,” explained Naeem Zafar, CEO of Bitzer Mobile. “Combining Mformation’s mobile device management capability with Bitzer’s secure container solution enables the enterprise to meet its security needs while preserving the user experience expected by consumers on their smartphones and tablets.”

The increasing proportion of iOS and Android devices, including BYOD devices, combined with more enterprise applications and data being used via mobile devices creates an increasingly complex management problem for enterprises, company officials said.

“Mobility is maturing into a business-critical part of the enterprise. Device management and security are core components of the enterprise mobility solution space. The ability to partition and secure corporate data on mobile devices is a key CIO requirement in a BYOD world,” said Charles Crouchman, senior vice president of operations at Mformation. “Integrating the Bitzer product into our enterprise Cloud MDM platform allows CIOs and employees to safely share in benefits of the BYOD trend.”

Working across all of the major mobile device platforms used in the enterprise, Mformation Enterprise Manager allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide a secure, customized mobile management environment to their enterprise customers, giving enterprise IT managers direct control of the handsets used by their employees, ranging from the latest Android and iOS devices to other smart mobile and computing devices.

In addition, the Mformation platform is intended to help enterprise customers manage all phases of the mobile device and application lifecycle as the Bitzer enterprise mobility platform allows companies to securely provide access to corporate data and applications to mobile employees.

Bitzer takes a hybrid approach, which allows the user to gain access to Intranet sites via a secure browser as well as important enterprise applications as native apps. Bitzer officials said its secure container offers the ease of virtualized business logic served with enterprise-grade security and manageability.

Edited by Brooke Neuman