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May 08, 2012

Singlewire Software Releases Emergency Communications Software CallAware 2.0 for Organizational Security

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Singlewire Software recently launched the Singlewire CallAware 2.0 software for recording calls and monitoring dialed numbers. The latest version of the software detects when a number has been dialed, for instance 911, and sends an alert message to a pre-defined group of recipients through an audio InformaCast broadcast or text.

CallAware extends the notification functionality of InformaCast, and monitors and identifies numbers that are dialed within an enterprise, and sends an alert message through an InformaCast alert message. The notification can comprise of a short text message and a brief audio description of the location of the caller along with a recording of the emergency call.

In a release, Ken Bywaters, executive vice-president of product development at Singlewire Software, stated that, "It can be a real issue for large organizations when emergency first responders arrive at a building and the person at the front desk has no knowledge that an emergency is even taking place. With CallAware for InformaCast, a group of building first-responders can receive notification, listen in on the call, and begin triage almost immediately."

The software allows groups of people within the organization, including building managers and first responders, to get real-time notification of an emergency situation and act fast. In the meantime, a call is also made to the local public safety officials avoiding any unnecessary delay. 

The call logging functionality is integrated with InformaCast as a key feature together with a license of over 100 endpoints. CallAware can also be employed for monitoring and recording the location and time of 911 calls that may be placed by mistake within an organization, in order to address expensive false alarm calls.

InformaCast is an overhead paging, emergency communication and network-based mass notification system that help users to send text and audio messages to a range of endpoints including computer desktops, overhead paging systems, Cisco IP phones, IP speakers, social media sites, SMS text, digital signage etc.

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