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May 09, 2012

Evizone Ltd Launches Freemium Service to Enable Workgroups Protect Communications from Cyber-attacks

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Evizone Ltd recently announced that it is offering its no-files-left-behind service on a Freemium basis. Any workgroup that is interested in protecting internal communications from corporate espionage and cyber attacks can utilize this service.

The solution from Evizone protects sensitive data, confidential information, and mission-critical intellectual property (IP) with a high and unmatched level of security and leaves no information or data to be hacked. In a release, Greg Johnson, chief operating officer of Victoria, BC-based MedGenesis Therapeutix Inc., a specialty biopharmaceutical company focusing on targeted medicines, said "Cyber hackers are a very present threat in our industry. We expand our IP portfolio through strategic collaborations and partnership agreements, so the protection of all communications surrounding that exchange of information is essential. We looked hard for a solution to address the broader unsecured email conversations that inevitably occur among our workgroups, and that's why we chose Evizone."

In December 2011, Bloomberg News reported that over 700 government agencies, Internet service providers, research universities, and companies experienced cyber attack with cyber spies tapping IPs out of organizations. A number of valuable chemical formulas, blueprints, and other important materials, with an estimated value of $500 billion, were stolen from U.S. corporate computers last year.

Andrew Coutts, CEO of Evizone Ltd, said, "Using the new Evizone Freemium service, workgroups can start communicating securely within 15 minutes of registering online at They will enjoy transmission of one GB/month/account and a 1GB file size limit. Evizone's Premium service is available at $25 per month per user based on five GB/user/month and a 2GB file size limit. Enterprise-wide subscription rates with fully customizable parameters are also available. Unlike free single-user services, Evizone's Freemium service for entire workgroups provides a full feature set for multiple users. The strong customer-defined policy management capabilities of Evizone are part of the Freemium offering. Account administrators enforce and can customize security policies."

The no-files-left-behind communications solution from Evizone resides within a company's dedicated servers, thereby zeroing the possibility of copies being hacked from the user's computers or elsewhere. Actions like saving, forwarding, copying, or printing cannot be performed on Evizone’s documents and messages. When there is a requirement for files to be transferred, Evizone handles the process under a secure environment, leaving behind no trails in the history, cache or anywhere.

Edited by Brooke Neuman