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May 30, 2012

Ingate's SIParator E-SBC Now Interoperable with Positron's G-Series IP-PBX

By SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Ingate Systems, a specialist in firewall technology to enable global SIP-based person-to-person communication, recently announced its SIParator Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) is now interoperable with Positron's G-Series IP-PBX solutions.

A centralized telephony solution, G-series IP PBX provides call signaling control to peripherals such as an IP phone or software phone client. The G-series also offers gateway functionality that interfaces with a diversified source of services: analog, digital or IP.

The G-series provides Ethernet-switched support of calling between IP and non-IP peripherals alike. This makes the product suitable to deploy in various environments.

Leveraging the growth of a Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure for data and voice services, the G-series IP PBX participates in an Ethernet LAN while offering PBX functionality to an IP phone.

"As our focus on mid-size business grows, we recognize the role that a session border controller plays in exerting control over signaling and media streams and the security requirements in today's IP network," said Jeff Liberman, VP of Sales and Business Development for Positron Telecom. "When positioning our G-series as a cost-effective product line, we looked to pair our product with a peer element integral to the voice-over-IP service. The Ingate SIParator provides a comprehensive IP and SIP security system that is feature-rich and suitably priced for our customers."

"Interoperability testing is a crucial part of this industry, as not all vendors adhere to the SIP standard as strictly as Ingate," said Steven Johnson, President of Ingate Systems. "Customers need solutions that work seamlessly together to ensure the highest security for their installations. Interoperability also means simpler, faster deployments. We are proud to add Positron to our network of Ingate-interoperable IP-PBXs."

Edited by Braden Becker